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  1. To many cables, 3 Dew straps, plus the power cable, 1 for the DSI, USB and Power for the DSLR, 1 Power for the focuser, Power and Comms for the mount, USB ST4 Guiders, looks like an explosion in a Spagetti Factory, also a GPS, TemperHum, and SQM-L meter. TBH, I have only just got this setup off the ground in the last couple of month's, so still playing around with it and tweeking things up, no help from the weather, only had a few nights out in the last 2 months.
  2. My new Setup, first post on SGL in a few years, Hello Again everyone.
  3. I got a Canon 1100D. well made up, I know have a Decent camera for Astro imaging with the scope and piggybacking on the scope as well, but also I can use it for other non Astro stuff, holidays etc.
  4. I hope to be using my new camera and watching stars, but I suspect thats a bit to much to ask for , new kit and clear skies.....
  5. Hi All I have just been wondering, what Astro presents do you think, wish for, or know your getting this Christmas off Santa, with the amount of rain we are getting there must be loads of cloud vouchers knocking about with the presents people are getting . Simon
  6. +1. I agree, looks like what I cleaned off mine this summer, when the dew drops there's enough crud in the air to dirty any mirror/lens.
  7. IMHO, I dont think Brian Cox would do it even if he got the first offer, he's already got other stuff going on, plus I don't think he would give up his full time job as a particle physicist, he enjoys the work to much, you can tell, science would take a back seat to production if it was the case, he's done some really good programs as well as writing a number of books, I think doing SN would be a bridge to far. I also think Manchester University would'nt be happy if they lost him either, as to who will present it I hav'nt got a clue, Brian May or who ever named in this thread, and TBH I don't
  8. I hate Clouds

    1. kris h

      kris h

      Same here buddy.

  9. Want to use my new Canon 1100D

    1. Astro_king


      What made you move to DSLR? I thought the Atik and DSI you had were better :S

  10. Want to use my new Canon 1100D

  11. What to Use my new Canon 1100D

  12. There's going to be a shed load more after Stargazing live, plus unwanted Christmas presents as well, I suspect silly season will peak ant the end of January
  13. One does have a shed with Sky within the grounds, and a rather comfortable chair to, also one has a Koi pond next to the Observatory as well .
  14. Got myself a new Canon 1100D today, its a kind of early Christmas present to myself, but more of a pick me up after getting out of Hospital. Cant wait to get to grips with it.
  15. Hopefully I will be back up there soon, had an op on Monday that went a bit pear shaped at Bury , but Im now back on the mend, not done any astronomy for a week (docs orders stay out of the cold), and with all these clear skies we have been having im chomping at the bit .
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