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  1. ok thanks for the advice- its already on its way anyways - ive been doing astronomy for long enough with nothing but the cheap budget bear minimum that im sure ill work something out with it- if not ill perservere till i can upgrade rich
  2. how do you align it then? SW site gives it as capable of polar allignment- infact they have a pdf on it, ive also checked the internets and other people seem to be managing it
  3. the scope already comes with it- its a 102 refractor and i believe with that its fine, it not like im putting a bucket on the thing besides- recommendations are relative to budget- with my budget im lucky im not putting it on a stick
  4. whats the eq1 like for being high enough- i read 119cm full out - whats this like in use? im 6ft....will there be alot of bending my back involved? when i measured it out it seems rather short....... just asking as ive never had any other scopes apart from dobs so my new scope coming will have an eq1 rich
  5. not sure really....guess as i already have a 130 reflector scope it would feel as if i am buying the heritage all over again (which im intending to keep using) so i wanted to take a walk into refractor country im still thinking on the CA issue though...pretty sure i want a refractor
  6. cool- i thought so......about CA- ive read about that but never experienced it (never having a refractor before).....i reckon i could live with it
  7. i suffer from back problems and long story short ive been having troubles with my heritage so ive decided upon keeping the heritage for my better days and getting a ST102 as a main use scope with a eq1 now my question is - i know that the 102 has less light gathering and a slightly shorter length, but ive heard nothing but praise for this scope- so i am correct in this? or will i recieve it, take it out and think 'argh what have i done'....and never use it again and just end up using the heritage? i know some peopel mount their dobs, but id rather not go down this road im going to be using it for moon, planets, dsos - no astrohphotgraphy though.....im on a tight budget and the 102 suits my needs perfectly- im an astrophysics student and live and breath astronomy, so i know what to expect from scopes and how to use them.....just need some particulars and want some secondary opinions so long story short- is the 102 a close enough partner to the heritage to not be dissapointed? rich
  8. if i had a head bang emoticon it would go here.....still i do wish i could- some people arent designed to just go with it though....anyways...theres alot of talk about back up systems/grid protectors....anyone have any definate insights on these..are they developed? no?
  9. i envy those with faith.....for my medical needs, i think i shall start planning now...not that that's feasible given that you cant exactly walk up to the nhs and say....'er yeah...just incase of a major power outage...can i have a store of those highly powerful drugs........'
  10. ok the first two replies sort of were exactly what i was talking about- all people seem to want to say is 'chill its gonna happen' or 'we can see the lights' ....... just because theres nowt you can do doesnt mean you should just chill..... i mean if you were told that you were going to get shot sometime in the next few years but you couldnt escape it- what are you gonna do? chill?
  11. the ever increasing solar activity as it peaks this or next year....media giving it alot of attention- im always wary of whats in the media as they are full of mistakes however the point still stands- a major cme could knock out all power.....ive been looking around..there seems to be alot of 'oh well if it happens it happens' and 'at least we can see the borealis' but seriously....no one else worried...i mean from my health (relying on medication) to my studies- everything. ive also seen alot of 'we shouldnt rely on technology' - this is ridiculous!!! civilisations grow and develop through technology- and im not just talking about ipads here- health advances, communication, warning, safety...all core to our age of living people panicked just when they though a fuel strike was about to happen a few weeks ago....no one seems to give a..about this so yeah...just wanted to throw this one out there
  12. yes, alot, i now just smile and nod...no wait...thats not true- what i really do is give them a lecture on the differences between the two
  13. i would get that one right there-the 300 flextube looks awesome....
  14. richbyers


    hello and welcome rich
  15. yes its bad- in usual cumbria style whenever a decent astro event shows up its cloudy
  16. yes- lyra is east-a late-ish riser as its a summer constellation- look for vega- its a major star and forms the top of the 'diamond' on the constellation also while your there and if its a particularly good night you may want to try and find the ring nebula which is m57 and is sort of along the bottom and in the middle of the right side of the diamond (sorry that probably makes no sense)
  17. well you will want to look towards the constellation lyra around 12 on the night of 21st/22nd same applies as viewing- give your eyes time to adapt
  18. yes...i would say so- youll need to apply some sweet averted vision though rich
  19. this is just cruel man....shame on you for dangling kit in front on this poor mans nose!!
  20. start with 8 then go to 6....see if that works
  21. as stated these things come in time, when viewing planets i usually go for the lowest mm my scope can take, for my 130mm its a 6mm, so i would try the 6mm for yours- either way just play around with your kit see what works for you and also already stated by hugely important- letting your scope cool, you will notice a considerable difference in quality in a well cooled scope
  22. yep, my trick is a black and red pen- the core equation is in black, then the working is in red.- i guess this is bascially the same as what teachers do in marking.....i have had alot of success with this is figuring them out this way oh and to add to my post above- you may want to try some extra curricular reading, i know i have a pile of text books, and at least 70% are of my own choice- backgrounding in your chosen field is a precious thing
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