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  1. I did suspect that would be the case. Oh well, maybe I'll try the well known auction site.
  2. I've been uninvolved with astronomy for a while and have a couple of these that I intend to sell but have been unable to find any others being sold to gauge price/interest. My question is, do people still use these cameras or have they been superceded? TIA Paul
  3. Try Winguru, normally pretty good.
  4. This is, to me and no doubt most other sane individuals, a nightmare scenario. I wouldn't rely on the astronomy card as a valid objection, it probably wouldn't carry any weight in any negotiations. I would, as a group with any potentialy affected parties, enlist a good lawyer. Don't rely on any cooperation from the council. They will be getting big fat back handers of some sort to ensure this happens. Usually the developer will build a big car park or some such thing that will provide a stream of revenue. Definitely get any willing environmental groups roped in, and I for one would be pinging
  5. Well here's an idea. If young Ganymede designs a t-shirt and the admins approve of it, could it not be produced in sufficient quantity for sale to SGL members? Profits to charity perhaps?
  6. Hi Robert. For explanations on the various types of scope you could do worse than Wikipedia. You should find entries that will show you how the types of scope are constructed, and how the various terms relate to them.
  7. Hi Paul, welcome aboard. I'm in RH13, just across the A23. I'd be interested in some observing, as soon as we get some decent conditions.
  8. Loved it, precisely my kind of humor. Even if some people claim sarcasm to be the lowest form of wit, most times it's pretty damn funny.
  9. Agreed, Independence day was as cheesy as they come. Quite liked Contact with Jody Foster, the latest Star Trek movie and Firefly series was entertaining.
  10. You let your cleaner touch your stuff? Mine's not even allowed in the same room. Besides, if I sacked her who would do the cooking? I'd waste away.
  11. Last time I visited my local Waterstones there were no Astro books in the shop, not one, not even a pamphlet!
  12. ...how much dust has accumulated on my gear since it was last outside in the dark. And still no sign of a clear night on the forecast. Cloud and rain till the middle of next week is the current prognosis. However, throwing a dust cover over it seems somehow to be admitting defeat, that it will be parked long enough for dust to be a consideration. Damn you clouds. We need a smilie, angrily shaking a fist at the sky.
  13. Hi Rokkerz from yet another West Sussexean (poached again, eh WTT?). There must be quite a few of us in the county now.
  14. I must agree with Paul, the 32mm is the best piece in the set. The rest are fairly mediocre and the filters not much help apart from the moon one. My set came included with a scope purchase, but I wouldn't have bought it on its own. The case is handy though.
  15. Hmmm, sounds like a plan. I wonder how expensive they'll get before Phillips resurrect them.
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