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  1. carastro - windows moviemaker will stitch multiple photographs into a movie. madjohn - awesome video!
  2. Overlooking the fields behind my house in Southern UK (apologies if incorrect fourm - please move!)
  3. Martyn_Bannister


    Some of my moon and other sky photos
  4. Whenever and however I visit this thread, I can't now see the images in the first post. Took the obvious route of looking them up in OP's album and think I got the right ones. They are truly awesome! Richly deserved accolade for POW!
  5. Hi and welcome. They would almost certainly make reasonable camera lenses If you want to take astro photographs, invest money in your tripod and mount is my advice. A cheap scope is OK for visual work but in my limited experience, they are cheap for a reason. And part of that reason is usually a less than rigid tripod and a mount which has more clearances than heathrow airport. I have found in the past that there is nothing more annoying than having the object under observation disappear entirely from view every time I touched the focusing knob! If you are in the UK and are observing from your back garden, I found a very respectable tripod on ebay which is discussed here Top gear Clear skies!
  6. These things are cheap enough.......... But how would this work? Can one use flat mirrors to make curved ones?
  7. Martyn_Bannister

    Tracked Astro

    Astro shots using tracking CG5 mount and surveyors tripod
  8. Hi Rik, thanks a bunch, I think that proves my case, my subs are truly pants. No wonder they don't turn out the way I expect. You can't make something out of nothing I think I have to get less LP, either by moving site (not really feasible with my 10 yr old daughter in bed) or a light pollution filter. Also I think I need to decrease the ISO and close the aperture slightly. Many thanks for your input.
  9. What I am hoping to achieve in the end is something like your album shot of M42 M43 NGC1977. I am assuming that the subs for this pretty much looked something like the final result? I am thinking that either you have MUCH darker skies and can get the longer exposures, or I am doing something basically worng. My 4 minute subs are just a sea of yellow!
  10. HERE are some. Unfortunately, they are not currently living up to my expectations. I put this down to 1) Inexperience, 2) light pollution, 3) Unfamiliarity with DSS. As far as the mount and tripod goes, I am very pleased. The tripod is the most rigid I have ever used (and pretty much the cheapest ) and the mount and drive are enabling me to get 4 minute subs at 500mm and I am only throwing < 25% away due to periodic error. i.e. one in four or less will have elongated stars in the centre of the frame, the rest will have nice circles. To address the points above, I need more practice, I have a light pollution filter in the post, I need more practice PS - just seen the images in your sig - WOW - nice stuff! What rig are you using? Is the DSLR prime focus/eyepiece projection? Are you using filters?
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