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  1. Hi Caine and welcome to SGL. I'm on Tyneside and try and get up to take advantage of your Kielder skies whenever possible. Steve
  2. Paxo

    Hello all

    Hi Graeme, a very warm welcome to SGL, lots of very experienced imagers here so ask away if you need any advice. Steve
  3. Hi Craig, a very warm welcome to SGL. Steve
  4. now that's a proper star party
  5. Paxo


    Astro-Imaging from home and the occasional star party
  6. Paxo


    Stunning shot Alan, loving the detail. Steve
  7. Paxo

    NGC1499 Ha

    That's why I like the monochrome image.......that and too much light pollution for RGB. Steve
  8. Not done any deep sky imaging for over 3 years. A few changes in personal circumstances have meant a new lease of life back into the hobby. So here's 80 minutes worth of 10 minute unguided Ha subs using an SX H36 camera through a Tak FSQ106 mounted on a Paramount MX+. Taken on Friday evening when I had to be up early on Saturday to get the train down to London to attend Astrofest. Calibrated the image with some flats, bias and darks taken on Sunday Morning. Minimal processing (trying to remember how to use Pixinsight) so stacked in DSS, some basic stretching in PS. I'm happy I'm back in the saddle again. I think I'll try and add some more data to this one before the winters out. Thanks for looking Steve
  9. High Jim, A very warm welcome to the forum from just up the A1. Steve
  10. Hi Peter, a very warm welcome to SGL from just up the road in Hebburn. Please don't hesitate to ask if there's anything you need to know. Steve
  11. The SkyX Pro Point Grey FlyCap2 on USB 3.0 Maxim DL6 All working so far Steve
  12. Paxo

    SXVR H36

    Images taken with SXVR H36 Camera
  13. Paxo

    Solar Images

    Images of the sun in white, Ca k and Ha
  14. Just going through some of the more cloudy video sequences shot on Friday either end of a 20 minutes of clear skies and came across a sequence where we missed an airplane flying directly across the field of by just a couple of seconds, but we did catch the con-trail. The image below is a stack of 13 frames (which represents 0.5 seconds of AVI, any more and the detail is lost in the con-trail), so I'm left wondering how spectacular that shot could have been if only we have been a couple of seconds earlier (it would have been a pig to process anyway. Thanks for looking, Steve
  15. I thought we were going to get totally clouded out, then the skies partially cleared for a few minutes enough to get a couple of images. Thankfully we had exxcellent skies the day before so I did all the focussing then. Steve
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