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First Light Optics (new dealer)


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After spending two decades working in photo/optical/astro retail, I have decided to set up my own online Astro store :wink:

The company is registered, the accounts with suppliers will be set up by the weekend and the website - designed and built by Grant - will go ‘live’ mid October. Advertising will then begin in the Astro mags.

Needless to say, I will be working closely with SGL - offering products for review, competition prizes and discounts for members :laugh:

You will also see me pacing SGL’s corridors more often (not as a moderator) now that I spend most of my day sat in front of a computer!

If I can be of assistance, phone 01392 420 792 or PM/email me in the usual way.

Thanks for looking,

Steve :p

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Get yourself an exercise bike, though. Sitting all day can do terrible things to the face you present to the world! :laugh:

Good advice WH,

I have a rowing machine in the office; if I seem breathless on the phone ... that'll be why :wink:

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Best of luck Steve. Post your website details when it is up and running. We will all probably just sell our Grannies to pay for any good deals you come up with.

I wonder what a Granny would sell for on E-bay??????


PS Running on a treadmill may mean you don't need to use a rowing machine. Just see what it does for hamsters. :laugh:

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Thank you very much everyone for your kind posts, PMs and phone calls :laugh:

I have been asked several times whether I supply products other than those listed in the advert. Yes, absolutely! I know from experience that the brands listed in the ad generate the most interest/sales but if there is something else that you are after, please ask.

Chances are, I will be able to supply it. (If not, I shall point you to a dealer who can).

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