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  1. Actually last time I was in south africa it was blumming brass monkey's hehe Thermal underware here!
  2. I dont have a heated one just a standard dew shield. I've used the dew heaters before and they stay at a safe temperature. They dont get very hot, bearly warm to the touch. Just enough to keep above ambient
  3. Has it turned up yet Gordon? I'm thinking about either making or buying one y'see? Hugh Yup, fits like a charm and works well. You could make one, but for the price why bother
  4. Do they? Oh right, I thought that at least the big C still made what they were famous for. It would be a shame for EVERYTHING to come out of China. Makes them a reseller I guess
  5. GordonCopestake


    Welcome to SGL Husky, a new 10" dob wont set you back too much. Take a look at these: http://www.firstlightoptics.com/proddetail.php?prod=dobsky250px http://www.firstlightoptics.com/proddetail.php?prod=swskyliner300p http://www.firstlightoptics.com/proddetail.php?prod=lb10 http://www.firstlightoptics.com/proddetail.php?prod=lb12
  6. Celestron make SCT's and nothing else. If you buy something from Celestron and it's not an SCT then Synta made it in China. Synta also makes EVERYTHING skywatcher sells. Note, Celestron is owned by Synta.
  7. Whenever I try shots like that I always get a nice orange flat
  8. For your setup I would go for the 24mm Hyperion. You can't beat it for the price. As for maximum magnification, your 'scope might be able to resolve details at x600 but the atmosphere (seeing) rarely allows you to get to 300x which is the maximum you want really. I've pushed my 6" SCT to 500x on the planets, as I like the larger image scale, but you get no more detail at anything higher than 300x except on those exceptionly clear and steady nights.
  9. I actually stood in a queue outside lidl at 8am last time! By 9am they had all gone.
  10. Berlebach probably make the best tripods for the price point in the whole world. Upgrading would be very worthwhile and only add value to your setup as well as reducing damping time, especially on the single piece legs. A cheaper alternative though would be vibration supression pads which do work. Personally I prefer the wooden tripods, they are lighter and more stable than the steel alternatives.
  11. It depends on which objects you want to observe/image. Of course the best plan would be to have a 360 degree clear view. All the most interesting objects are in the south (in my eyes) so you would be limited if you can't see that way (you'll miss the planets perhaps)
  12. For photography the HEQ5 is your best bet. The Skywatcher explorer 200 is the package you are after. good optics, great mount. If you can push the boat out get the syntrek version as you can guide it or even the pro version which has GOTO
  13. I doubt you'll beat the hyperions for the cost. The 24mm one in your newt will give great wide field views (although the edges might be a little off at f/5), and it will work well in your slow mak
  14. I look forward to your review Arthur, the only difference between the stratus and the hyperions that I can see is the coatings. I expect baader will release the 35mm one soon enough as they have added the 24mm one
  15. It looks like a cheap synta 'scope.... oh no... wait.... it IS!
  16. Amp glow is the red bit creeping over the top edge. Its caused by the camera insides not really being designed for three minute exposures. The amplifier leaks something over the sensor chip, causing the glow at the edge closest to the amplifier. Kaptain Klevtsov You can cure amp glow with the crop tool
  17. At least I would be smiling if that was my 'scope hehe. And the ladders dont have to be THAT big....
  18. For photography the ED80/HEQ5(Pro) can't be beaten at that price range.
  19. Just a word of warning to others, mercury always tends to be very close to the sun. Be careful if viewing in daylight not to point your 'scope anywhere near the sun. I need not tell you why!
  20. I would say download stellarium which is free and buy him a set of 10x50 binoculars.
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