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  1. A widefield shot of Orion The Hunter.. Canon 300D and Slandered Lens set too 55mm 7x 2.00mins Iso 1600,400,200,100 So many stars :shock: James PS:Going to bed
  2. Looks a nice setup that i wonder if you can do DSO imaging with it? James
  3. Amazing Image Rog i look at these images your getting and think to myself geez wish i could get en like that hehe.. Well Done, James
  4. Excellent Images Mate, some processing on those and they will really start to shine
  5. The wind was that strong here, it was blowing the scope around on the dob base Yeah Dob with Tracking hehe. Lovely pics Kain
  6. I want my 8"Skywatcher hehe, lovely image Steve and Not too bad processing :) Nice one Steve first of many i hope? James
  7. OXO

    Spooks Moon.

    3 Cheesie pics well last one is ok done with the Toucam and 2xBarlow.. Seeing 3/10
  8. 8) Nice one Rog the resize worked well mate
  9. As i said Simone these are fantastic first images esp at the eyepiece, hope to see more of them very soon. Regards James
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