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  1. As above... Is it the 4 wee grubscrews on the helical focuser?? Release those and it screws off ..Is that correct?? The replacement Moonlight has a threaded flange that obviously screws on, hence the helical focuser screws off..? Many thanks Greg
  2. For sale my Coronado PST Solar Scope. Has served me well for solar observations for the past couple of years. Comes complete with Coronado PST hard case and a 20mm Kellner ep.. Scope is in excellent condition from a non smoking household.. I'd rather sell it on here than eBay as i'd like it to stay in the club.. Looking at £550.00 including postage or any sensible offer considered... (No tyre kickers).. Payment via BACS transfer no paypal.. Or if preferred, i'm in Mid Devon if you'd like to collect and i'll deduct the beer tokens.... For a sniff at a proper secret dark sky site.. Thanks Greg
  3. Definitely interested in two or three of these Steve... As you know my ep collection is a bit ropey!!
  4. Thanks guys .. i'll be picking your brains re some solar imaging using ep projection.... I have an attic Titan but never really used it so may give that a go as well as a dslr.. Greg
  5. So i't all my fault its going cloudy... as I bought one of these from FLO... Superbly made and sits well on my wee SW Atl/Az setup... A great grab n go setup for solar.. Greg
  6. Hello from Devon.... Greg
  7. Yep... Excellent work... Well done Greg
  8. Very nice indeed.... Greg
  9. Will be great to catch up and have a few glasses with you (Clouds permitting!!) I've also perfected a few more recipes.
  10. I'm out on the patio with the PST.. It's perfect on the Skywatcher GoTo Alt Az mount... I got the mount from FLO years ago and have never really used it.. But at the moment it's the heaviest thing I can lift due to injury, so I dug it out of the garage and put the PST on it.. Some good detail and some filaments can be seen this afternoon. Greg
  11. Yep... Typical! I'm out with my PST, filaments and some good surface granulation can be seen. I was going to get my white light set up out but you've saved me!! Greg
  12. Hi Guys, I'm returning to the hobby after a long lay off... A change of circumstances means I have to take a slower pace of life so back to the patio and the dark skies of my garden... I'm a bit rusty so will be seeking advice... I'm hoping to get to the next star party... (Anyone for chilli... Or fajitas ...!!) Greg
  13. Dunno yet ... I'm so busy with work that I havn't had chance to check out the posh accomodation... You fancy a trip up to check it out???
  14. What time do you land back in the uk......???? There's always the Saturday night.. Your point being....
  15. As for the next one ... Before I put a main thread up, how about the 12/13/14 April?? As long as I can get the site as it's the end of the school holidays... It will be family friendly again.. I hope to get my tent out of the plastic bin liner by then..
  16. Dave, The owners from the last site have contacted me and have asked at what time did the meteor hit.... Apparantly they've run out of hardcore on Exmoor to fill in the hole outside my pitch...
  17. Remote control cooled Carlsberg........ Kewl... 75p a pint.... Now that's just too much :grin: :grin: :grin: Although.... We could have trouble from the owners.... Last time I was u p there he made me drink scrumpy....
  18. I have found a luxury holiday retreat in Devon, with jacuzzi spa, exclusive lodges and kids facilities, fishing lakes etc.. The owners have invited me there for a night to check out the dark sky... It'll be hard work .... But I know you guys will appreciate it!! Wish me luck.. Greg
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