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Mars, Feb 19th, good seeing


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Super image Pete, very nice. I myself were out between 10 and 12.30 here in Warsash.. super seeing even more so with the new Skywatcher 200P DS, that over sized secondary is a god send. Very nice details which were nice and bright. Your image reinforces what I viewed thanks.



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That is super Pete. I agree with Russ that is the best image of Mars I've seen this season. I was out that evening too and saw a fair amount of the detail you've got there. The shape of the NPC and the 'gap' in the dark material at the eastern limb, plus the bright area on the northeast limb really fascinated me that night.

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Hi Neil,

I'm on the south coast of the UK a few metres above sea level or, as is the way with Selsey, sometimes in the sea!

I give up!!! I can't believe that your so close to me, as the bird flies but are getting much better seeing conditions! Saturday 20/02/2010 was my best night so far this year but I couldn't push my Mewlon past F18 and that was at approx 01:30, so technically already Sunday.

I'm using a cheap and cheerful Philips SPC900 web-cam, but still I cant get anywhere near F67!!!:eek: So how do you do it? Or what is it I'm doing wrong..!


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Thanks again for the comments - this image in particular seems to have been well received across the board. Just shows what good seeing can do for you. It even got a mention on this weeks Picture of the Week announcement :evil6:

Daz is right - Selsey has it's own micro-climate due to the fact that it's rapidly disappearing under the sea :eek:

Actually that's not true but bits are subject to rapid erosion. The seeing becomes steady for me if the prevailing air flow is from the south-west, i.e. over the sea. If there's a northerly component (as was the case for many of the preceding images I've posted) the air has to travel over land and Selsey Town. This leads to turbulence and the view often goes to mush.

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