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  1. I would be interested to know this too, currently saving hard for a large Esprit.
  2. Australian Lunar Disappointment

    Try living in the West of Scotland, a clear (ish) night once every 3 weeks if I'm lucky, but hey that's showbiz... I did see the super moon last night and again this morning, if the media had not been going on about it so much I probably would not have bothered .
  3. Dobsonian base

    Thanks Ed, will give Beacon Hill a try.
  4. Dobsonian base

    Hello all, I'm considering taking my Newtonian off my EQ mount and moving it onto a dobsonian for visual use Looking online I can only find Orion Optics that sell dobsonian mounts but they are quite expensive, I had hoped there would be kits available for those who lack the tools to make their own but ive not sourced any. Ive priced up the cost for buying the pre cut ply, buying a router and the hardware but would rather not go down that route, I just don't have the space for fabrication. Anyone know an alternative to Orion Optics ? thanks Mark
  5. Ive been thinking of buying a refractor recently so this thread is of some interest to me, Ive owned the older FSQ once upon a time and really enjoyed imaging with it. the only reason I sold it was that I wanted to image at longer local lengths and knew a better mount would make life easier, turned out my EQ8 was not up to the job. Anyway not having the funds nox for an FSQ Ive been looking at various reviews on a number of refractors, I narrowed it down to either the WO 130, Esprit 100 or 120, I do fancy the longer focal length of the WO130 & SW120. Looking at various astro images on line and Rays pelican shot above, The Esprit's FOV looks to be well corrected up to APS which would be fine for me. Would like to see is individual subs though RGB so I can determine if there is any bloat in the blue channel, narrowband only tells 1/2 the story. Mark
  6. EQ3 Synscan Pro - first light!

    Hello Louise, Wondering if you had benn able to do any futher testing of the mount? Mark
  7. SX camera connection problem

    Hello Alan, well somehow the camera seems to connect ok this morning, nothing changed or different since my last attempt? Very odd, just wish i knew the cause rather tham putting it down to gremlins. Clear skies Mark
  8. SX camera connection problem

    Hello Alan, I dont have anyway of checking the voltage unfortunately, I did check the device manager when plugging in the camera USB into the hub, im sure i was showing as Sx camera and device working, will check again in the morning and try the camera USB straight into the laptop. Thanks and have a good NY.
  9. Hello, I really hope someone can help me with the following problem that ive been unable to resolve. A few nights ago I was out with the intention to gather more data from the previous nights imaging, a rare run of three clear nights in a row, Anyway fired up my kit in the usual way and received a message "Cannot connect to Camera USB" having never seen this before I powered all my kit down and tried a restart several times, still no luck. Not wanting to start checking cables at night I decided to leave it until the next day in the hope that the problem would be obvious, 3 days later im still no further forward. The kit in question is a SXVR H694 camera & SX filter wheel, the camera and FW USB cables drop into an Orico powered USB hub and working off my windows 8.1 laptop. I run both Camera and FW on AA5. So here is what I have tried. Camera and FW have same USB cables, swapped these around and still no joy. I can run the FW on SX own software with either camera or FW USB cables so I don't believe the USB cables are faulty. Uninstalled and reinstalled SX latest camera drivers Updated newest camera interface for AA5 Uninstalled and reinstalled latest AA5 camera control drivers. Checked all USB plugs for rust, wear& tear Im unable to connect to camera with SX own camera control software, receive camera not found message. Something I had noticed over the last few months was when connecting to camera in AA5 it was taking a little longer than usual. One oddity which is making me think that there may be a problem with the powered hub or a port issue is that when I plug in the hub USB into the laptop and switch on the USB I hear the 2 confirmation pings and the LED lights next to the camera and FW ports light up, however a few seconds later the FW port LED turns off again, I can however still control the FW though the SX software? Not sure what else to try other than to try another powered hub if I can get one. I really don't want to have to take the camera off the scope as I need to take some flats for my recent date. This is the worse type of problem as there is no obvious hardwear or software issue. Any thoughts suggestions welcome. Thanks Mark.
  10. sequence generator pro.

    Have you downloaded the Ascom driver for your camera?
  11. Hello it's an sxvh694 , I'm starting to think static may be the problem but why only 1 dust mote affected?
  12. Ive have an odd isue show up time and time again when im taking flats through my Newtonian. It appears to me as a dust mote that moves around between frames and for the life of me I cant find a cause. This hasn't just started happening recently , I see this on all of my Flat frames and assume when averaged out on a master does not produce a negative effect. When I first saw the problem I thought that possibly a spider had got its self into the imaging train and cleaned all my kit, still no change. I thought my light panel had a fault and bought a new one, same problem again. I took a load of flats though different filters last night and watched the little black dot move in and out and around the image between exposures? My imaging train is solid nothing loose or moving between exposures. Below is just a few frames, the dust mote moves all over the image . This has been going on for a while and im a little embarrassed to bring it to your attention as there may be an obvious reason. Any ideas, im all out.
  13. EQ3 Synscan Pro - Eqdir?

    Thanks Louise. Mark
  14. EQ3 Synscan Pro - Eqdir?

    Hello Louise, I would be interested to know how you get on with the EQ3-2, Ive been looking at a lightweight mount for wide field imaging with some camera lenses where I can also autoguide. Ive read there are issues with backlash on the Eq3-2 so any reports would be of interest. Clear skies Mark