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  1. Astroscot2

    Mesu 200 pier

    Good idea, a small detour....
  2. Astroscot2

    Mesu 200 pier

    Hello Olly, The pier is too heavy and bulky for me to consider packing and shipping I'm afraid. Shame as it needs a new home. Regards Mark
  3. Astroscot2

    Mesu 200 pier

    Still for sale. Regards Mark
  4. Astroscot2

    Problem Streetlight. Result!

    Well I called the lighting engineers a short time ago to thank them for their efforts, they seemed genuinely surprised on the feedback and thanks. Hopefully I wont need to call on them again. Mark
  5. Astroscot2

    Problem Streetlight. Result!

    Well I have a result on my Street Lamp issue, must say I'm impressed by the response by the East Renfrewshire council, I followed up my complaint a few weeks ago and got speaking with one of the engineers, he was very understanding and asked me to leave it with him and he would sort it out. True to his word I noticed last night the light unit had been changed . So only one month after raising the issue it now sorted, in fact better than before , no stray light across my garden at all.
  6. Astroscot2

    West of Sadr

    I always look gforward to opening you're posts Maurice, a beautiful, delicate crisp image. Mark
  7. Astroscot2

    A fantastic week at Les Granges

    You mean a sleeping selfie ;-)
  8. Astroscot2

    Anyone Imaging with TS UNC or ONTC

    I looked at these scopes a few years ago, I would not compare them to the SW Quattro newts, have a look a good focuser is included in the cost, you have a choice, also the tubes are thicker than the Quattro making them mechanically stable My only doubt were the optics however imagers are producing nice images from them.
  9. Caught an image of this one last year also, have you tried imaging Makemake, well placed too.
  10. Astroscot2

    Imaging with a 10" Refractor

    Hello Gav, very nice moon shots, would be interested in seeing pictures of the scope as it would be nice to compare it to the Thomas Cooke 10" we have at the Coast Observatory in Paisley.
  11. Astroscot2

    Problem Streetlight. Result!

    The light unit is a glass globe, not a down light and this is no shielding at all. I recon its at least magnitude -20 ;-) Mark
  12. Astroscot2

    Problem Streetlight. Result!

    Will hit them with that on their reply. ;-)
  13. Astroscot2

    Problem Streetlight. Result!

    While tucked up in bed a few nights ago I thought I had left the downstairs light on and went to investigate, to my surprise the light I was seeing was not in the house but a streetlight located a few doors down from me. It looks like the council have upgraded the light to LED. The street light is an old globe light which has not usually been too much of a problem but this is just unbelievable. Ive raised a complaint to the council as a non emergency fault. Interested to hear their point of view. Could be a nightmare for any astronomy at home now. Mark
  14. Astroscot2

    Mesu 200 pier

    Hello Sean, height is 107 cms. I believe the center bolt is M10. There are no conversation kits im aware of. Mark
  15. Astroscot2

    Mesu 200 pier

    For sale, Mesu 200 heavy duty portable pier, hardy used, 50% off new price. Easily adapted to other eq mounts Buyer collects due to size and weight. Glasgow area. Mark

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