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  1. Nice image, taken through which scope
  2. Hello following with interest, I've been looking at the Quark and concidered it a good option for my esprit 120, are daystar still having quality issues with the Quark? I had thought the issues were in the past?
  3. Stu, Im sure I read in one of Steve O'meara's books he split the double double naked eye
  4. Would you say the Viper would be as good as the hawke Apo?
  5. Hello Kemal, still looking, yes please send me some photos and details of the upgrade.
  6. Hello all. Due to head South on holiday but unlike last year I intend taking a decent pair of binos other than the mis-aligned pair of Meade 10x50s that were in my car book. I currently own a pair of Zeiss 7 x 50 Jenoptem which are enjoyable to use however the image does degrade after about 70 % from the centre FOV, I started looking for a possible upgrade around a budget of £500 and stumbled across the Hawke 8x42 Apo which seem to be a better grade of glass than the Hawke 8x42 ED? I only assume this from the price difference Ive not found any reviews of the Hawke APO but have seem some reviews of the ED version that mentions fairly obvious CA when viewing? My questions are really whether I would see much improvement of image quality between the Zeiss and Hawke ED & Hawke APO ? Or could I be looking at other brands / options? Appreciate any thoughts. Mark
  7. Wanted ONTC Newtonian, not UNC 8" F4 or 10" F4 Let me know Mark.
  8. Working in the industry I dont see the cost of shipping dropping anytime soon, the backlog of shipments and equipment shortages i.e container availability & shipping line space is not good at the moment. Its going to be a difficult situation for some time to come, possibly looking at the end of the year before we see some improvement by some forecasts!
  9. Both very nice images, did you modify the 6d yourself? Considering having mine done.
  10. Looking for a Altair astro 2" image ready Herschel wedge Mark
  11. Im considering a OSC camera in the near future , I cant recall the last time I finished a project with my mono CCD, I think it will be up for sale soon, Im have the 533MC or the 2600MC in mind, It makes complete sense with the weather we get in the UK , seasons change between the clear skies I get . A nice image for only a few hours integration. Mark
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