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  1. Astroscot2

    Canon 1100d + lens

    I'm selling my Canon 1100d which has seen little use, my plan was to astro modify which I never got around to doing, camera body is mint condition, no marks or scratches, camera has been kept in camera bag, I would say I've taken less than 3k shots. Nice pearl red colour body. Comes with stock lens 18-55mm, charger, neck strap and battery. Looking for £125.00 plus £5.00 postage.
  2. Astroscot2

    Under Rated Images

    The post to my reading seemed to about how people respond to your images which I must say Rodd are very good, you seem to be blessed with frequent clear skies and lucky to image with some very nice equipment. For me personally I don’t left click "like" on every image that looks good, for me it comes down to personal taste, Im seldom captured by images taken with a focal length of around 400mm - 500mm, why? well I think its down to the fact that it’s a popular focal length and ive likely seen similar images before. I get a buzz seeing detailed close-ups of deep sky and wide field shots with camera lenses, skyscapes, timelapse. Its all down to personal taste, keep imaging and forget the “likes” Clear skies Mark.
  3. The Samyang is fine if you want to image at 135mm, I'd be interested to know if there is a 250mm lens out there with the specs and comparison to the redcat?
  4. Thanks for the link, had a look, 1 corner had very slight elongation bit otherwise I could live with an image like that, I'm down in Devon early July.. may have a visit to FLO
  5. Hello, can you share the image? I've just invested in a Canon 6d just as this wee scope comes to light, I assumed a perfect combo, if not will stick to my MF lenses.
  6. Looks to be trackng well at the celestial equator, out of interest wht tripod are you mountin your SWA on? im looking at purchasing a SWA this year and ideally a sturdy portable tripod. Mark
  7. Astroscot2

    Flat issues .. again

    Thanks Olly. Im going to re-shoot the Lum and see what happens. FYI , I still have the following link, that I refer to occasionally. I do wonder if there is an issue wth the CLS filter, loose with in its cell? I dunno, Its causing problems.
  8. It was beautiful view this morning, my kids enjoyed the view too. Mark
  9. Astroscot2

    Flat issues .. again

    Well ive calibrated last nights short test image Light - Dark / Flat-Bias and it seems to be acceptable. Ive re-done the original image with the same process but no luck. The images below are using flats taken straight after the lights and flats taken after the filter was spun a few times on the wheel, I don't think the issue is mechanical? The original image was taken through a CLS filter, could there be an issue with the filter itself? Mark
  10. Astroscot2

    Flat issues .. again

    Ive taken some additional lights last night via the red filter, I followed this up with a set of flats immediately after the lights and another set of flats after spinning the filters a few times, will process and confirm the outcome tonight. Mark
  11. Astroscot2

    Flat issues .. again

    I have a permanent set up so would rather work from a library of flats than take new flats for every filter, I may have to experiment with this by taking a set of flats straight after some lights then reset the wheel and take another set, compare both, may be the only way to rule out the filter not being placed correctly by the wheel. Mark
  12. Astroscot2

    Flat issues .. again

    Hello and thanks for your replies. The calibrated light frame is light - dark / flat - dark flat if I recall, I will check again tonight and confirm, You are right in saying that I took my flats the following day, The filter wheel spins on start up so I also suspected the wheel was not placing the filter in the correct position, the only slight doubt I have with this theory is the small dust spots at the edge of the frame, these spots I suspect are on the chip its self and not the filter and should calibrate out ? I will check and post new calibrated light frame as mentioned above, really want to get to the bottom of this, I'm hoping the issue is mechanical. Thanks Mark
  13. New set up and I continue to have issues with flat frames. Ive attached most recent image taken through Esprit 120, SXV694 camera and CLS filter. 140 mins, Darks, Flats, Bias, Dark flat calibrated. AA5 used to gather frames and calibrate, Ive also tried DSS for calibration with same results. Ive tried various calibration frame combinations . lights - Darks / (flats / bias) lights - darks / (flats / flat darks) lights - bias / (flats) Ive attached a copy of the light calibrated showing the dust bunny issue and also a copy of the flat frame both stretched. Any thought?
  14. Dave, hope all is well with you, brilliant images, I really do love these wide field astro landscape shots, would love to try this type of photography sometime. I recently stumbled across Alyn Wallaces you tube videos which I really enjoyed. All the best Mark
  15. Astroscot2

    Mesu 200 issue??

    Just as a quick follow up, Ive only had a few opportunities to work on the guiding issue with the weather being as bad as its been. Last night we had hazy skies which allowed me to do some further tests but no real imaging. I'm still unable to make any guiding corrections via the ST4 cable and AA5, I was able to guide with good round stars with PHD via Ascom and good guiding was also achieved with AA5 and Ascom. At some point I will try guiding with ST4 and PHD just to help pinpoint where the initial issue occurred but I'm glad to be in a position now to do some imaging. Also thanks to David, aka Skipper Billy for dropping off and loaning me his PSU, to rule power issues. Mark

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