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  1. Hello, yes I would accept 200.00. I'm located in Neilston, let me know when suits. Kind regards Mark
  2. Hello Iapa, pier height is approximately 107 CMS ,. Pier top plate 20 CMS ,. Distance across feet approx 70 CMS. Regards Mark
  3. In unable to download the full image , the CLS filter is causing some issues here by the look of it, ignoring the colour cast the dark corners could be the filter holder in the light path, There are also strange fan tails on a few of the stars which point in different directions , not sure that that's about, again could be the filter. Overall I would say the stars looks quite good to me. Id like to see a a single frame without the CLS in place and go from there. Mark
  4. I personally think we are looking at processing artifacts and slight trailing across the image and not lens aberrations . The image to me has been grossly over sharpened and dark point clipped in this representation, Or It could just be the image compression? Difficult to evaluate optical quality with this image in my opinion. Mark
  5. Wonderful wide angle shot James, I assumed the image was taken from a small secluded beach and was surprised to see the image was taken from the door step of Exeter and Exmouth! Skies must be excellent. Im heading down to Devon for our summer holidays in July and this was the image I had im my head that I would like to come away with. Ive visited Devon before during the first 2 weeks in July and thought the skies were dark enough for some imaging? If you have any recommendations for other dark sites that would be of interest, im staying just North of Exeter and happy to travel. Anyway , both images are superb, I can see myself sitting on the beach with a pair of binoculars while the camera clicks away Mark
  6. Steve take the Mesu, ive got a nice Mesu pier in the for sale section
  7. For sale, Mesu 200 heavy duty portable pier £220 hardy used, 50% off new price. Easily adapted to fit other EQ mounts. Buyer collects due to size and weight. Glasgow area. Mark
  8. Thanks for the heads up, ideal but too far for collection unfortunately. Mark
  9. Nice set up, im looking at something similar and torn between something truly portable like the Ioptron Skyguider pro or going down the route of a small EQ mount with the option of guiding both axis ? The EMQ35 seems to be an upgrade of the EQ32 pro but ive not seen any reviews. By the time you upgrade the EQ3-2 tripod your not far off the price of an EQM35. Look forward to seeing some more of your photos with this set up. Mark
  10. Lovely image Emil, The Eq3-2 seems to cope very well with widefield imaging, do you have any issues with guiding it? do you have a picture of your setup you could share. Thanks Mark
  11. If the satellite was passing through the field very slowly, the oscillation effect could be your guiding rocking back and forth ??
  12. The backlash issue I had with my EQ8 was DEC only, The issue manifested its self when I tried to calibrate the guiding, the software struggled to adjust the mount take up the backlash., calibration would often fail. When calibration worked, guiding was smooth. I was not for tinkering with the mechanics on a 2.5k mount. Mark
  13. With my CT10 I had to add longer dovetails top and bottom of the rings, added an internal carbon fibre ring at the focuser end to strengthen the tube, new focuser to handle weight of the corrector, camera, OAG, and replaced the spider which was twisted and i could not fix flocked the tube also. An additional £1000 to make my CT10 usable, when you see the image train you will see the importance of a well fixed focuser Mark
  14. A Newtonian which is well made mechanically and with premium optics will cost, buying cheap you will end up fixing problems costing more in the long run, I've been there, for astrophotography there are so many parts on a Newtonian that flex or need precise adjustment to get the best out of it. When it comes to newtonians I firmly believe you get what you pay for. Mark
  15. Rich, If I was in the market for a new scope I would buy from Peter without any hesitation, Peter is well known in the Astronomy community, takes wonderful astro images and no doubt knows a bit about astrographs. Mark
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