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  1. Astroscot2

    Mesu 200 issue??

    My guiding has always been via the ST4 cable, I tend to stick with what works and works well rather than making changes to my set up. Ive been wanting to move over to SGP for a while purely for the centre frame function as this feature just does not work well on AstroArt. There are too few clear nights to dabble with kit but that's all I seem to do these days.. so unproductive.
  2. Astroscot2

    Mesu 200 issue??

    You know Ray, that's a good point, what I may do is send it off to SX and ask them to give it the once over, First I will give pulse guiding a turn the next clear night when ever that will be? Mark
  3. Astroscot2

    Mesu 200 issue??

    Hello Steve & Steve, I tried the spare ST4 cable that came with my SX694, faulty ST4 was my first thought also.
  4. Astroscot2

    Mesu 200 issue??

    Hello Ray, thanks for your thoughts on this issue, I agree I think a step back and look at the real issue which is the guide calibration, I'm using AA5, always have done and never had any issues with my current set up. When all was well with my set up the calibration would take the guide star 4 - 5 steps in RA , return to original staring point and take a further 2 steps in DEC, the classical "L" At the moment the guide star does not move between steps 1 - 2 moves slightly in RA steps 3 - 5 and shows no movement to return the star back to the starting point and has no movement for the last 2 steps in DEC. The calibration also does not show failed, When I attempt to guide the RA and DEC errors increase quickly, The mount is not making any corrections in RA or DEC as far as I can tell. The guide camera is on my OAG, connected to the mount by ST4 cable, which Ive also tried a replacement with no success. My original thoughts were ive ticked a box in AA5 or a setting has changed but for the life of me I can t figure out. I emailed the guys at AA (MSB) and they gave me some ideas to try, Olly also offered assistance as he also uses AA for guiding but still no luck, this is what got me thinking that possibly there is an issue with a comm link or possibly the mesu? What will do is update to V9.6, try PHD also for guiding, you never know, if that works them Its likely to be the AstroArt software, I'm also going to try and rebalance the scope on the mount and take David up on the loan of his power supply, just to rule out these as problem Any other ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Mark
  5. Astroscot2

    Mesu 200 issue??

    Hello David, Many thanks, I think I will take you up on that offer will PM you. Hello Ray, I need to check if I had both open at the same time, I can t recall, I assume you can close down Sitech.exe and the config will connect showing the current encoder positions. Thanks Stephen will have a read of the Link at lunchtime, regarding the USB cable, "If I pull the cable fro the controller or USB I receive the warning "lost communication with Sitech" so I assumed its working ok? where would the best place be to source a similar cable? Thanks Mark
  6. Astroscot2

    Mesu 200 issue??

    Ive had another look at the mount settings, When I plug in the date cable from the controller I get the recognised "bing", CDC connects fine and I can slew and track, the hand controller also works perfectly well. Looking at the device manager it is showing Com port 3 for the data cable see screen shot. When I go into the servo config it does not recognise com port 3. I don't have anyway of trying another power supply as I don't have an alternative. Could it be an issue with the data cable? The data com light flickers like it has always done? Could I be looking at a total re-install of the software, hopefully not. really not sure where to go with this.
  7. Astroscot2

    Mesu 200 issue??

    Thanks Stephen, I'm asked permission to subscribe to the Sitech Yahoo group, hopefully hear back soon. Mark
  8. Astroscot2

    Mesu 200 issue??

    Morning Louise, Martin. Thanks for the replies.. Louise I'm using Windows 8, my main camera, filter wheel and guide camera are all connected through a powered hub, Main camera and guide camera all show good images and the filter wheel works fine. That's interesting on the firmware update Martin, I'm only assuming that there may be a link between the guide camera calibration issue and the Dec encoder missing from the firmware, possibly another Mesu owner would give me their thoughts on this? Thinking about last night I did not Sync the mount to a position on CDC as I was only testing the guiding, Without doing a Sync would the mount still show encoder info? Missing this step may also have caused and issue. Mark
  9. Astroscot2

    Mesu 200 issue??

    Im wondering what could possibly go wrong next, I seem to go back and forth between hardware issues and software issues and everything in between, ive not managed to take a single image in almost a year and suspect im only one clear night of frustration before I sell up and pack all this in. A month or so ago my old lodestar stopped working, just in time for the darker evening... fair enough I knew the day would come as it had been back to SX a few times for a patch up, So I bought a newish update the X2. The last 4 clear evenings I have played with just about every setup combination in AstroArt with no success to guide calibration. Tonight while attempting guide calibration for the 10th time I began to think that it may not be the software guide settings that are the issue and maybe the mount is the problem? The mount slews fine and tracks ok. So I had a look at the ServoConfig screen and initially had issues recognising the com port, No matter what USB port I plug the controller USB cable into the device manager always shows the same com port ? Unplugging my camera and restarting the mount the com port was recognised I see the following on the attached screenshot, There is no encoder location on the DEC and I wonder if this is the culprit for my guide calibration woes? Hopefully someone can confirm or offer help, hopefully there is a quick fix.........
  10. Astroscot2

    Astroart guide setup help

    Hello, funny you should mention Olly, I had already sent him a PM which he kindly replied. the issue is not on the use of AA for guiding but the initial set up, Ive used AA for years for guiding and its worked perfectly. I'm suspecting ive not selected an option or ticked a box that I should have as calibration is not working, the mount is not seeing the commands being sent? Ive got some ideas so hopefully the next clear night wont be as frustrating as the last. Kind regards Mark Hill
  11. Astroscot2

    Astroart guide setup help

    A wee bump
  12. Im hoping a fellow Astroart user can help me. Im having issues calibrating for guiding with AA5, im currently using a SX694 camera and LoadstarX2 for guiding, both cameras connect and work fine with AA5. Guiding via ST4 cable The problem i know is with the camera set up options , ive tried various combinations of selecting guide relays but they all fail during calidration. Ive been here before when i moved to a new laptop but cant recall what i need to select for the mount to recognise the guide/calibration commands. Thanks Mark
  13. Astroscot2

    Astrophotography in Southern Africa

    I was staying at Tivoli a few years ago, best sky you will ever see, I did a short write up, you can see more images on my Flickr page.
  14. Interested in the SGP if you decide to split.
  15. Astroscot2

    Lodestar, Lodestar X2, CoStar

    Thanks Steve, i will put it to good use. Mark

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