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  1. David, did you get your 6d modified or purchased ready modified?
  2. Three crackers Dave, Particularly the composition of the second image. took me a while to work out the bright star at the top of the image is Kochab, seemed brighter than I expected for some reason, im out of practice will I see you at Keilder in a few weeks? Mark
  3. Hello William. M62 F 1x on the flattner side and M48 on the camera end. For my set up I needed and adapter 15.5 mm, Jtech made me one for 14mm and I made up the rest with spacers so I could make small adjustments as I needed to. Kind regards Mark
  4. I've not had issues with focus drift before, yes the scope was pointing almost straight up , the focuser is not overloaded. The small locking lever seems a little loose when in lock position also I can adjust the focus slightly when the focus is locked so I'm suspecting an adjustment is needed somewhere.
  5. Hello, I have one of the newer esprit scopes where the focuser is locked down by a little lever, last night was a shake down of the kit and a good test for me as to whether I remember how to take an image, all went well and on return to the observatory subs had fallen way out of focus over a few hours, I can't find any guides on how to adjust the tension on the lock lever, it seems tight but obviously not tight enough, appreciate any assistance. Thanks Mark
  6. I can just make out the soap bubble, very nice image. Mark
  7. In a round about way Lighting started the beginnings of my interest in Astronomy, when I was primary school there seemed to be plenty of storms approaching the summer, I recall running home one day during a Thunderstorm after school and seeing a lighting strike that resembled a row of beads, I found a book in the school library called "Lightning and Thunder" and there listed and described was bead lighting just as I had seen, I continually borrowed that book as I was fascinated by weather, However I was asked to return it and picked up another book by Leslie Peltier called Guidepost to the Stars and there began another fascination that has lasted 40 years. Out of interest - I remember seeing a short video on Spaceweather a few years ago that was taken by pilot in the cockpit prior to take off, The video was of the top of a thunderhead that had a vortex spinning and shifting very rapidly, apparently this phenomena had never been seen before, Ive searched for the video without success. Mark
  8. Well done Space X with the successful test of the starhopper - loving the progress Space X are making …, Regards Mark
  9. Thanks for the photos Kev, I like that configuration, looks like a good lightweight option
  10. Hello Kev, very nice images, any change of seeing your SGP mount auto guider set up Thanks Mark
  11. I recall sitting around the table of the astro club I attended and mentioned the comets outburst, We all headed out into the light pollution and there it was clearly visible to the naked eye in the middle of Paisley, I followed it for months as it slowly moved through Perseus, I remember as it faded it seemed to grow. Mark Edit - just found the image I took back then.
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