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  1. Hello. Looking for a SW Nirvana 7mm UWA eyepiece. Mark
  2. Hello , Im looking for an Explore Scientific 6.7mm 82 degrees FOV series eyepiece. Thanks Mark
  3. I bought an OO CT10 a number of years ago with the intention of astrophotography, after a few years and many upgrades to get a decent image out of it I finally went back to imaging with a frac ond the CT10 went into storage, I knew from the few times I viewed through it that it was a very capable scope and decided I would one day mount it on a dob. So recently I decided to get my finger out and sort out a mount, having little time, space or tools I started looking for an off the shelf solution, OO sell dobs which are very expensive, I decided to get in contact with David Lukhurst and asked if he could help me. For some reason I thought he probably would not get involved in small projects like mine but David got straight back to me and offered to make the mount for what I concidered an excellent price. After 3 weeks the mound was delivered, the quality is superb and is silky smooth, I'm greatful of David's assistance and looking forward to looking at the sky and not a guide graph for a change. Mark.
  4. These two arrived this morning courtesy of a fellow Sgl member, can't wait to try them out.
  5. The wobble on the eyepiece does not seem to cause any issues with PA. At least I know its not a common issue will try some ptfe tape.
  6. Hello, the polar scope is secure its the eyepiece that you rotate to focus that's loose on mine. The reticle is fixed so that is not a problem.
  7. I wanted to ask those owners of the Skyguider Pro a question regarding the eyepiece of the internal polar scope, the eyepiece on my mount is very loose, I've not seen any mention online of any owners with a similar issue and whether it can be a problem? Mark.
  8. I managed to get my first views of this comet despite the bright skies, I actually spotted the tail first sticking up through clouds. A nice little NLC display popped into view a little later when I tok these images. Canon 6d 400 iso, Mamiya 645 150mm & lens F2.8 on skytrak pro. Mark
  9. I recall comet Pannstars a few years back, it was bright when it emerged from the sun's glare but not that spectacular in the twilight glow
  10. Clouds are a bigger worry for astrophotography
  11. Ive been thinking of buying the 130 for a while now this turns up ;-), Im assuming the primary can be collimated on these and I would be interested on seeing the focuser, is it the same as the 130? Mark
  12. Hello all. Bit of a long shot but thought I would ask anyway. Im looking for a dobsoinan mount that I could use with my 10" CT F4.8 OO Newtonian, tube Dia is 300mm. Ive considered the off the shelf OO dobsonian mount that they sell which would be ideal however at £500 its a bit steep, also tried contacting Beacon Hill telescopes as suggested by other members a few times but no reply from them. I don't have the time, space nor the tools to make my own unfortunately. Let me know what you have or any suggestions appreciated. thanks Mark.
  13. First light by Richard Preston, excellent read.
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