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  1. Astroscot2

    Skywatcher EQM35-Pro Mount 3 Star Alignment Help

    Is this mount not an EQ3-2 Pro with detachable Dec?
  2. Astroscot2

    4.5 hours on NGC 7023 (The Iris Nebula)

    That will be nice , look forward to seeing that.
  3. Astroscot2

    4.5 hours on NGC 7023 (The Iris Nebula)

    Nice tight stars to the corners and plenty of dust, If you had framed slightly different you may have also caught the gouls. Mark
  4. Astroscot2

    4.5 hours on NGC 7023 (The Iris Nebula)

    I do like that, that did you take the images through? Mark
  5. Astroscot2

    Nelly the Elephant in Ha

    Very nice detail, is this taken through the PDS ? Mark
  6. Astroscot2

    Bits and Bobs for Sale

    Pm sent on guidescope
  7. Astroscot2

    MESU 200 PIER

    For sale, Mesu 200 heavy duty portable pier £220 hardy used, 50% off new price. Easily adapted to fit other EQ mounts. Buyer collects due to size and weight. Glasgow area. Mark
  8. Astroscot2

    COMPLETED - Bank holiday weekend sale. SOLD.

    PM sent regarging SGPro
  9. Astroscot2

    TS 72mm first light

    Now that's how I want to have my future first lights! enjoy the new scope. Mark
  10. Astroscot2

    Orion Optics dobsonian mount 300mm version

    I ve seen this advert before , the seller confirmed that the CT 10 wont sit in the rocker as its too wide, I confirmed this with OO, I would need the 300 mm version for the CT10, how annoying. At nearly £500 new Its not a purchase I can make which is a shame as I'm desperate to use it for visual. Mark
  11. Astroscot2

    AstroParts UK

    I'm really sorry to hear this Owen, Brian has made various adapters and a number of different machined parts for me over the years, he always seemed to understand exactly what I needed even from my poor drawings. Sad news indeed. Mark
  12. Astroscot2

    AstroParts UK

    Thanks all, I will give John a try, thanks for the link. Thanks for all your help Mark
  13. Astroscot2

    AstroParts UK

    Does anyone know if Astro Parts UK are still in business? both number of the website are unobtainable plus no replies to emails. Are there any other manufacturers of custom adapters in the UK that anyone knows of ? thanks Mark
  14. Astroscot2

    Camera adapter help

    Thanks William for the information, I've dealt with TS quite a bit in the past so will contact them, I thought M48 adaptors were expensive but it looks like I need to spend quite a bit for a solution. The SW adapter which comes with the scope has 2 parts, there is an M62 female ring that I wonder if I could have 5 mm machined off, not sure if that would leave enough thread to securely hold the imaging train. I need to have a think about this. Mark
  15. I've started installing my Esprit In the observatory today in preparation for the darker evenings, Ive come across an issue with my imaging train, the M62 female to M48 male adapter that attaches the Esprit flattener to my OAG adds to much to the back focus, I've searched on line but can find no other M62 adapter options. I could remove the OAG and guide via a guidescope but I'd rather stick with the OAG. Anyone know where I can source such adaptors? The skywatcher manual mentions a custom ring to suit your imaging train so I suspect a few other esprit imagers may have had the same issue? Thanks Mark

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