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  1. Hey guess what. since that post a mo ago its clouded, gusty gale and chucked it down!
  2. its clear here too - scarborough - with a light breeze but every so often a gust of gale!
  3. according to bbc weather. fri AM is rain showers n clear down hertfordshire. i may arrange to be that way thursday night for work.
  4. forecast at home scarbro not great. Todmorden however looks passable with showers according to bbc weather.
  5. i walked into 10kg of counterweight once. That took me out for a while.
  6. i have nightmares with posting IT kit and paperwork. some of it is legal stuff. even when i do it special delivery i worry.
  7. im having to dual boot ur work laptops. The utilities we use for flashing only work on up to inc w7 32bit. so im reating a cut down w7 32 boot for flashing and a w10 64 bit for normal. note i find it easiest to clear the drive and create the w7 boot first, then afterwards when fully built put w10 on it.
  8. i e. ow had my vixen sp102m since i was 19. still going strong. Love it. It was From Luton too!!
  9. another upvote for softwaregeeks! been using them for myself snd work cheap, reliable, and legal they do versions if office too.
  10. All i say is keep enjoying it. as we really enjoy it through your fantastic posts.
  11. ive been missing your images! Thanks for posting a great one! unfortunately jupiter n saturn are lost im the leylandie trees fir me
  12. Looks like youve a good Fullerscope there. Niceimage.
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