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  1. Went to the shop years ago. Remember it well.
  2. Thats good. for windy thats excellent!
  3. Can i just say i love the images here and i really live the help that everyone gives each other. its so.. nice.
  4. Forgive a dumb reply but you have got the usb-com cable plugged in? fdti com ports only show up when the cable us plugged in. Its caught out a couple of my work colleagues.
  5. Hi. Ive got exactly that. a vixen super polaris with a sp102m ie 4 inch acro. its still my goto scope. Its now c40 years old (ex Luton) and i love it. as folk have sid its = to a eq5 roughly. in fact i obtained a skywatcher 8” f5 ota and mount that on the super polaris when i want to do planetary. For visual and short run webcam imaging its just about adequate. Wide field camera pics i take by mounting the camera on the other end of the dec axis. Not great but just about passable for short exposures if aligned exactly. All the best for your endeavours! Kev
  6. Glad you got your Gazebo back after it 's maiden flight. I am happy to report that ours is still in place, but earlier today, it required some emergency running repairs with an adjustable spanner.

    Best regards from George in Lowestoft where it is still raining.

  7. Re your gazebo. We did that whilst going on holiday once over the pond (koi & v hot).  we got a phone call in Greece to let us know the next door neighbour BUT ONE had retrieved it from their garden.  

  8. nice image Pete. ive got the first decent sky here for ages.. and late tonight that storm is supposed to come.
  9. i LOVE the detail in those images!
  10. Just where Neowise would be right now.. Really bright noccy cloud i feel like gods playing a joke on me
  11. Nice pics. im going t have t get out onto the moor to get pics. its so low down and the hedges are growing.
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