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  1. kev

    No 1 prom of 2019

    Nice. Probably the first and only clear sky v the year here.
  2. kev

    Night vision in Yorkshire Dales

    It can be real nice on the dales without a moon and with a clear sky when it happens (rarely- usually the other way around).
  3. kev

    Strange Sight in Lincolnshire

    Scarborough now clear!
  4. kev

    Winter solstice !

    Weve had truely appaling weather for adtro in. Scarborough. Cloud cloud n more cloud. Thoroughly fed up. This year due that and work ive done 1 solar session and seen venus with the st80 from the bedroom recently.
  5. It was one of those rare morning where it was so pretty it almost made you late for work.
  6. Is Stan waterman stilldoing his stuff?
  7. kev

    Tiny Mars last night,3/12/18

    Small but cute
  8. This morning Bilborough Top services at York. C6:30 am. -2c. Bit foggy.
  9. kev

    Your four-legged star-gazing companion

    I can relate to that. Plus the rubbing of the mount at the most inopportune time.
  10. kev

    Venus - huge!

    Its great from the bedroom window with a ST80. Luckilythe glass in that window is really really good.
  11. kev

    On this day in 1974.........

    Should have sent the following warning: Windows is updating - please wait.
  12. Wishing u the best. Recently shipped 7 scanners scales for supermarket. 2 arrived unbroken.
  13. The red is tack sharp.
  14. kev

    need some imperial bolts in metric land

    Accu.co.uk is where i get stuff - metricand imprrial for work.
  15. kev


    Have none of you guys got a rabbit as a pet? Rule one. Protect all cables. Rule 2. That wasnt good enough. Lol

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