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  1. I love your paintings of mars as all have said you have a talent there. Hope your friend makes a quick recovery and i;m sure they liked the paintings
  2. Just to add to cap's excellant description you need to enter No to daylight saving aswell as time and date
  3. It is possible to do it that way, but for less than a tenner is it really worth it?
  4. Havent been doing it long but finding it relaxing peace and quite when I can get out. I also wonder how it was all made and how far we will ever get on understanding how the universe got here.
  5. I would say some kind of camera movement. If you look at the similar photo that someone gave us a link to if you look at the top left you can see a very faint exact same movement on one of the stars
  6. I got this one and its perfect recieved it the following day grat service Luke you can get a battery grip which uses two batterys
  7. and that is the circle of creation after 20 pints
  8. For those that missed it it is now on i player BBC iPlayer - Horizon: 2009-2010: Is Everything We Know About The Universe Wrong?
  9. excellent heres another graphics not as good though
  10. If dark matter exists and it is invisable and can pass through solid matter such as planets and us how can we ever produce something to detect it? What ever we produce will be made of matter and the dark matter we pass through undetected.
  11. Sgazer your making sense not to sure if the programme made sense. When they came up with something they could not explain they seem to just call it dark something and then say so thats that our equation works now. I think the programme jumped from one unexplained theory to the next without explanation. There are just too many unknowns in the creation of the universe for us or anyone to answer
  12. Guess thats the best way to look at it John who cares how it got there lets just enjoy the view and the ride
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