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  1. Nice one - I've just bought a polar scope and had noticed the crick in my neck developing at pace! This looks like a great solution d
  2. Looks like you've also captured the HIP 95582 binary as well - very nice! d
  3. Very nice image. Can I ask what the advantage is of using the lens set to f4.5 if it can actually go faster? Does it perform better at that ratio in some way? d
  4. I agree with you, I think it's an improvement. Interesting technique, too. Very nice version of the Cocoon... d
  5. I tried this method and found it worked really well. What, however, is "cone error" - not heard of that before... d
  6. Amazing stuff - nicely done! d
  7. Fantastic detail - very nice
  8. Very nice image - and, yes, this is a great hobby, when you can create images like this! d
  9. dc509


    The colours are coming out really nicely - great image! d
  10. Lovely image, and great processing - the colours come out beautifully d
  11. Hi Anyone use a polar scope with their CGEM mount? Any recommendations? Many thanks d
  12. That's a beast you've got there. Have the same set up myself - you'll love it d
  13. Wow, what an image - was not sure what you meant at first, but a good long look reveals some very interesting detail! d
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