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  1. The split fragment is along the line of motion of the comet, not in the tail, though we suspect there are smaller fragments/cloud in that area too. They were unresolved on Friday using the 2m Faulkes scopes when we made the discovery image of the fragmentation, but we're putting FTN back on it this week to monitor what's going on. Great images btw, I think you have caught a hint of it
  2. We've been doing some analysis on it, here's the results http://remanzacco.blogspot.it/2012/10/updated-data-for-comet-c2012-s1-ison.html
  3. It was...and here's our latest data and analysis.. http://remanzacco.blogspot.it/2012/09/new-comet-c2012-s1-ison.html followed by http://remanzacco.blogspot.it/2012/10/updated-data-for-comet-c2012-s1-ison.html We're now tracking it almost daily on FTN
  4. As I said, Peter found this one with the autoguider, it's the MC box and OVL will swap it over
  5. I am partially with Olly on this one. My 6yo now uses my ST80/EQ3 setup when she wants to look at the moon or planets, and likes it. I toyed with the idea of an Edmund Astroscan type product for her, but decided that supervised proper scopes would possibly be more interesting
  6. One of the finest images I think you've ever produced... so intricate, so much detail, so beautifully processed... Fantastic
  7. LS80 is very good, LS60's (new ones) also good. SM60II I have, and is excellent, and PST's as mentioned are easy to mod.
  8. Welcome to SGL. Are you a member of Wiltshire Astro then?
  9. Our team had access to the Mayhill iTelescope network today and managed to get this image using a DSLR configuration. 5x300s Nick Howes, Giovanni Sostero and Ernesto Guido
  10. Nice...I still have to sort out an adapter for the SM60II on the Vixen A80, I have it on the WO66 working fine, but it's still a bungee job for the A80
  11. All works fine now. First one I had on test worked...then the next two didn't... finally got a completely new MC and firmware build and again it's working fine.. cracking mount for the money, small scopes (mine is an ST80/WO66 parallel mounted setup) and autoguiding, it's a killer package IMHO
  12. Two £5,000,000 telescopes await your findings :-)
  13. So...we have a quite epic day planned... Our location is at the film set for two of the Harry Potter movies in the historic village of Lacock, just outside of Chippenham. Starting at 1:30 local schools will be coming along, with our guides from the BBC, STFC and National Trust to give demos of solar observing in H-Alpha, White Light, and using a Shelyak spectroscope, looking at our nearest star. We then have rocket launches, a planetarium and robotics demonstrations in the Tythe Barn, film set for the "Wolfman", before a night of stargazing and talks, again with the BBC guides, STFC, Nat Trust. An exhibition of astro photographs will be shown in the birthplace of photography, the Fox Talbot museum, which links in to Lacock Abbey (Fox Talbot's home and the Harry Potter filming location). Talks by Dr Helen Walker and me throughout the evening, and indoor demos of equipment with a "newcomers guide to telescopes" from Herschel Museum staff. It's a great dark location, so if you do "bring a torch" make sure it's a red light one :-) More info here... BBC - Things To Do: BBC Stargazing LIVE Hope to see some of you there..
  14. ‎18th January sees the NWAS collective of Astro Societies coming together with the Salisbury Plain Observing Group, The National Trust, The STFC, The Herschel Museum and the BBC to bring you an amazing day of stargazing events to coincide with the BBC Stargazing Live shows - BBC are providing on site help, and the event, which is in the historic village of Lacock, the birthplace of photography and filming location for Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice and The Wolfman amongst many , will run from around 1pm to 10pm - Talks and observing with both solar and regular telescopes + rocket displays and planetarium shows BBC - Things To Do: BBC Stargazing LIVE Faulkes Telescope will be running the national BBC Big Screen events all over the UK, broadcasting live from (weather permitting) Faulkes North in Hawaii
  15. See you there guys... I'll try to get a few hours on FT's as well so we can do some remote imaging
  16. Ah...that's nothing, check this out Comet Lovejoy (2011 W3) rising over Western Australia on Vimeo
  17. Nice report, will be there and at Gem North all being well in June
  18. Nebulosity and PHD is one way around this, or Maxim for capture/dither... I have tries the former with the SX cameras and it works..I too use the art capture software though, mainly as the sequencer works so well
  19. I use Maxim in two passes, usually median combine on the comet over several hours, and then shoot the same star field the next night or a few hours later and composite the comet back in to the starfield at the correct point..
  20. Our team managed to image the new sungrazing comet a few days back, animation, images and report on our blog Remanzacco Observatory - Comets & Neo: C/2011 W3 (LOVEJOY) - Kreutz Sungrazing Comet
  21. I sent the mum of a friend over to Steve yesterday at FLO, and she emailed me this morning, utterly delighted with the help/support etc she got. It's that level of trust, when you recommend someone that matters, and along with about 3-4 other UK dealers, Steve and James absolutely fall in to that category Thanks guys!
  22. I have an SM60II on a WO66 rig, and am in the process of configuring it for double stack with a PST mod rear etalon on an 80mm and then a 150mm setup. It's a fine bit of kit the SM60II, the SV50 Solarscope is better (flatter field, more contrast), but then it's also considerably more money. SM60II for the price is pretty hard to beat though.. I have a modded PST, SV50 and SM60II, love them all, all have different key strengths, the PST mod is superb for high mag stuff, the SV50 for full disc, and the SM60II as a nice all round/portable setup that can drop on to a scope for daytime use
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