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  1. Nicely done Stuart, hopefully u'll get rewarded with some decent seeing soon, main thing is to keep at it as u said so well, and eventually u'll get a whopper lol James
  2. Excellent results and nice process Jim, some great details there, and done remotely aswell, well done James
  3. Excellent result and process there Martin and great start James
  4. another top Quality collection there Freddy excellent
  5. nicely timed capture there, and good result for aperture nice blob and speck too try stacking more frames maybe 50%-75% of 1000+ u got ? James
  6. Very nice result and process Ralph, like them both, nice moon capture aswell James
  7. Very Nice capture and process Freddy James
  8. another comparison using Winjupos derotate images function, 1st time i have tried this pics 1 (2.25UT) and 3 (2.35UT) were added to winjupos correct times added etc then saved as ims files then opened both ims files in derotate images section and got combined derotated pic (pic2, 2.30UT) (the 2nd pic (middle pic) is Winjupos derotated combined pics 1 and 3, which i never really took, amazing or what? LOL) i added 3.0/0.30 unsharp mask after to all 3 pics to check noise levels, but winjupos looks good i think compared to other 2 ? opinions welcomed James
  9. did another drizzle comparison, more frames than above so less noise i think
  10. http://farm9.staticf...50266bc06_b.jpg http://farm9.staticf...a043811a7_b.jpg did few more today thought i'd post them up
  11. Yep good results in poor seeing Stuart, well done on being out there, all good practise as u say small dark spot between GRS and Junior looks interesting James
  12. Excellent as always Neil, great collection loads of detail there animations look good and work in windows media player James
  13. thx again, and thx Stuart and Neil, i agree they dont look as good as 1st drizzle i did, bit of a mess actually and your opinons help alot try'd another few similar to 1st drizzle i done but hope fully less noise aswell
  14. theres prob more recent ones around on here and google and u tube but this one covers everything u need to know , theres also how to's link on left hand side of page with more tips for planetary images http://www.iceinspace.com.au/index.php?id=63,468,0,0,1,0 James
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