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  1. Nicely done Stuart, hopefully u'll get rewarded with some decent seeing soon, main thing is to keep at it as u said so well, and eventually u'll get a whopper lol James
  2. Excellent results and nice process Jim, some great details there, and done remotely aswell, well done James
  3. Excellent result and process there Martin and great start James
  4. another top Quality collection there Freddy excellent
  5. nicely timed capture there, and good result for aperture nice blob and speck too try stacking more frames maybe 50%-75% of 1000+ u got ? James
  6. Very nice result and process Ralph, like them both, nice moon capture aswell James
  7. Very Nice capture and process Freddy James
  8. another comparison using Winjupos derotate images function, 1st time i have tried this pics 1 (2.25UT) and 3 (2.35UT) were added to winjupos correct times added etc then saved as ims files then opened both ims files in derotate images section and got combined derotated pic (pic2, 2.30UT) (the 2nd pic (middle pic) is Winjupos derotated combined pics 1 and 3, which i never really took, amazing or what? LOL) i added 3.0/0.30 unsharp mask after to all 3 pics to check noise levels, but winjupos looks good i think compared to other 2 ? opinions welcomed James
  9. did another drizzle comparison, more frames than above so less noise i think
  10. http://farm9.staticf...50266bc06_b.jpg http://farm9.staticf...a043811a7_b.jpg did few more today thought i'd post them up
  11. Yep good results in poor seeing Stuart, well done on being out there, all good practise as u say small dark spot between GRS and Junior looks interesting James
  12. Excellent as always Neil, great collection loads of detail there animations look good and work in windows media player James
  13. thx again, and thx Stuart and Neil, i agree they dont look as good as 1st drizzle i did, bit of a mess actually and your opinons help alot try'd another few similar to 1st drizzle i done but hope fully less noise aswell
  14. theres prob more recent ones around on here and google and u tube but this one covers everything u need to know , theres also how to's link on left hand side of page with more tips for planetary images http://www.iceinspace.com.au/index.php?id=63,468,0,0,1,0 James
  15. cheers Neil, did few tweaks on last tifs i uploaded , prob gone bit ott tho as pushed wavelets more than last drizzle i did was trying to get bit more contrast/colour and enhance detail a bit, prob not as natural, so not sure i like, def prefer drizzle versions tho as prefer larger scale
  16. thx again for comments and feedback, still processing away here i thought 2,5 and 7 were best so will prob redo driz them at some point, might try drizzle animation aswell while 150% isn't as sharp as 100% i like larger scale for closer look at some of features think these 100% ones are lacking bit contast/colour aswell, but maybe look more natural that washed out way lol learnt few things while doing this the 10fps v's 20fps in my eyes was very close but 20fps just wins imho comparing pics 1 and 2 which were 10/20fps , both had same wavelets applied, the 20fps needed less denoise for same result the 20fps needed bit less gain aswell at capture stacks were 1000/1800 (3min) v's 1800/3200 (2m40), the other benefit of 20fps is easier focus as framerate improves steadiness making details easier to see although as already said there wasn't much in it at all, just thought i'd mention uploaded raw avi of 20fps capture so you can see live view and seeing i had
  17. So spent this morning and most of afternoon processing these, good to see them together to compare different details etc and see which are better ones let us know which ones u prefer thx all are at 100% capture size when clicked on also put together 1st 4 pics for 27min animation between 3.20-3.47am (click on last pic) the 3.25am and 3.35am captures (2nd and 3rd pics) were 160 sec @ 20fps and i stacked 1800 and 1600 frames from 3200 frames rest were all at 160-180sec @ 10fps and stacked 1000 - 1200 from 1600/1800frames the 5th and 6th pics are at slightly longer focal length, just ext cam a bit all others are with 2.5x barlow C11 and SPC cam James
  18. many thx for all input and tips advice again Neil, appreciated heres couple of raw tifs for you and anyone else who fancy's process, think these are bit better than one above going to start new post with results i have, but would be great to see what you or others can come up with 1st is at slightly longer focal length than above @100% 2nd is drizzle 1.5 on different capture so 150% size James Cratlerlet_Capture_0007_g3_b3_ap24.tif Drizzle15_Cratlerlet_Capture_0009_g3_b3_ap24.tif
  19. thx again Stuart and thx for process, still pretty pleased with these today mmmm, friend/contact on flickr who posts on CN has some very impressive results with SPC and C8 http://www.flickr.com/photos/zamb0ni/8040001454/in/photostream
  20. ok few more pics done added some saturation to pic2 above and unsharp mask then did new 1100 drizzle stack using 36 AP'S so @150%size last is driz reduced to 135% with same sat and unsharp mask applied also driz tif Drizzle15_Cratlerlet_Capture_0003_g3_b3_ap36.tif
  21. cheers Stuart thx for comments will give drizzle a try, and thx for info on AP's, will try adding some more yep im pleased for now, i knew with avi live feed these were much better, could see good details in both N and S belts hopefully get few more posted up later James
  22. thx Nick, Karlo, Neil for comments Neil, other than obvious better collimation and seeing, the extra smoothness may be settings i used when capturing ? was using less gain with brighter exp, 1/33 exp with 50% gain rather than 1/50 and 70% gain i used linked wavelets in reg6 sliders 1 and 6 and used some denoise (0.20) on them aswell cheers James
  23. So clear sky's here in Glasgow last night, had scope out to cool for 2hrs and did collimation tweak for 1hr, the corrector dews very quickly without dew shield or strap so i got collimation better but prob not perfect i did collimation using SPC webcam without barlow, then added 2.5x barlow and did another tweak then got hairdryer out on full blast for 5-10m got corrector clear again, then finally got few Jupiter captures just processed this one so far but definetly big improvement on last effort i forgot to crop 1st stack, and used different colour balance and more AP'S on 2nd stack, and stacked 200 less frames, but used same wavelets reg 6 think 2nd pic looks better ? craterlet>as!2>reg6 more details on pics C11,2.5x Barlow, SPC900 uploaded tif aswell if anyone fancy's a process i used 10 and 18 AP's in AS!2, is this about right or should i be using more or less ? James Cratlerlet_Capture_0003_g3_b3_ap18.tif
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