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  1. Its not a bad shot John..... Alan
  2. Brilliant programme, watched it twice now!! Alan
  3. I've tried it in my mates 17.5" at kelling last autumn in excellent conditions and failed, and we used a h beta filter.... Alan
  4. Its a hard objct to get right, you`ve even got the propellor!!!! Alan:D
  5. I wish my unguided images were this good!!!!! Alan:D
  6. moocher


    Autoguidings a wonderful thing (when you can get it to work!!). Another corker Mike!!! Alan:D
  7. Mike thats a stunner!!! Alan:D
  8. Thats a great looking pic!!!!! Alan:D
  9. Havn`t even seen a star here for the last week or so John nevermind Saturn! Alan:D
  10. Movement would be barely noticeable at sideral rate...if its tracking the object should stay in the fov for sometime... Alan:D Telrads rock btw!!!
  11. I was surprised how easy M101 was to see at Kellling, of course this is a "dark sky" site. Too much magnification and you look straight through it. A nice low power eyepiece in say a 12" dob and its a wonderful object. I don`t stand a cat in hells at home.... Alan:D
  12. Hi, I had a 24mm pan and still wish I had it!! I love my naglers. Great eyepieces really do make a difference... Alan
  13. Looks like a winning combo Olly... Alan:D
  14. Amazingly even my missus is looking forward to this!!! Alan
  15. Tele vue are doing a 20% off promotion atm. Maybe worth paying the extra and buying new? Alan
  16. I must admit even though I have the 13 and 16 a 12mm and 17mm type 4s wouldn't go a miss in my collection. Alan
  17. I've got the 13mm type 6 it is without doubt my most used eyepiece!! Having never looked through a 12mm type 4 I can't compare them. I don't think you'd be disapointed with the 13mm. Alan
  18. The extra 3.5 hours have made a big difference Olly!!!! Alan:D
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