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  1. Beautiful scope, unfortunately out of range financially.
  2. I measured and it will fit in mine, would love this.
  3. First light report here ..... https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/380079-binocular-fun-hawke-8x42-apo/
  4. Retuned home yesterday after 2 weeks holiday in Devon, the weather was not as good as expected however the last 3 nights were clear which was a relief. Unlike my last visit a few years back where I had to make do with an out of collimation pair of cheap binos, this time I had come prepared with a new set of Hawke 8x42 which were still to see first light. My observing site was a small cottage in a place called Sheepwash where the nearest main populations were Bude 20 miles East and Okehampton 10 miles South East, overall the skies where quite dark with only a slight light-dome to the direct south which was probably Plymouth on the other side of Dartmoor. With no moon the skies were very good, I could easily see the Milkyway directly and the Scutum star cloud was very obvious. From Scotland you dont get skies this dark at this time of the year and its a novelty to view Scorpius and the teapot of Sagittarius so clearly. So staring at Scorpius I viewed Antares and could easily see M4 close by, I attempted M80 but could not be sure I was seeing it or some faint star, moving quickly east I searched for M6 the butterfly cluster & M7 and found them low on the horizon, again Its great to view these clusters as I dont thing they even rise above the horizon back home, both were very clear in the same FOV even though the skies were a bit murky this low. Onto Sagittarius M22 very bright and always easy to find, M8 the lagoon bright and the little "W" above with the triffid M20, moving up into M24 the Saggitarius start cloud which I could see naked eye, in the binos I could also view the clusters M23 & M25 on each side, Moving up slowly both M16 & M17 the Omega and Eagle nebulas came into view and I wished I had a telescope at this point ;-), Futher North picking up M26 a faint star cluster in scutum and one of my favourite parts of the sky the Scutum star cloud and M11 the wild duck cluster. Scanning across into Ophiuchus viewed IC4665 shinning brightly and then attempted to find M10, M12 & M14 but could not recall their positions, there were so many stars it was difficult to be sure if I was looking at them. I was back onto Altair and looking for Barnards E, Im sure I can see it and quickly moved onto Sagitta, M71 easily discernible as with the coathanger cluster nearby, Onto Vulpecula and M27, neck cranked all the way up into Cygnus and staring for a few moments at the Veil nebula, Im certain I can see the brighter Eastern component NGC6992, try my luck for any nebula around Sadr but nothing obvious. On further up onto Deneb and across the the North American nebula, again I stare for a while and im certain I can see it with direct vision ;-). Also had a look at a few favourites, M31 Andromeda, M81 & M82, M51, M39, M13 which I could see naked eye, a first for me. So onto the HAWKE 8x42 APO binos, to be honest im not that impressed by them, I had expected to have been blown away by the views but there was something missing when viewing through them, using then during the day the views were suffering from blackouts, I adjusted them as best I could and the backouts were less of a problem at night, the pincushion effect is very apparent during daytime viewing but less so at night, there is some astigmatism evident and focus seems soft 15-20% from the edge, for me I just did not get the feeling of being immersed in the views and felt I was looking down a tube? So unfortunately Im sending them back and im back on the look out for a decent pair of widefield binoculars. I also too a few snap shots with the DSLR, brought the wrong intervalometer so only a few images taken, Wish I had a travker but hey ho maybe next time. Mark. My Video.mp4
  5. The 150p seems like a bargain.
  6. Good luck to them, it's taken a while to get to this point.
  7. This is my second week in Devon and I have still to see the stars excluding the Sun that shone today.
  8. Just has to revisit this post after standing on the very same beach earlier today, wish the weather was as good
  9. Still awaiting first light for these binoculars, I have spent some time on them during the day getting used to setting them up as I was finding I was experiencing the dreaded blackout effect looking around the FOV. I was reading the blackouts are less of an issue when viewing at night as the pupil is dilated which makes sense. Mark
  10. A few photos attached, can wait to try these on the sky, I do need to set them up each time I use them, stunning contrast and clarity, donr see any sign of CA yet.
  11. An early birthday gift just in time for my trip to Devon... Can't wait
  12. Nice image, taken through which scope
  13. Hello following with interest, I've been looking at the Quark and concidered it a good option for my esprit 120, are daystar still having quality issues with the Quark? I had thought the issues were in the past?
  14. Stu, Im sure I read in one of Steve O'meara's books he split the double double naked eye
  15. Would you say the Viper would be as good as the hawke Apo?
  16. Hello Kemal, still looking, yes please send me some photos and details of the upgrade.
  17. Hello all. Due to head South on holiday but unlike last year I intend taking a decent pair of binos other than the mis-aligned pair of Meade 10x50s that were in my car book. I currently own a pair of Zeiss 7 x 50 Jenoptem which are enjoyable to use however the image does degrade after about 70 % from the centre FOV, I started looking for a possible upgrade around a budget of £500 and stumbled across the Hawke 8x42 Apo which seem to be a better grade of glass than the Hawke 8x42 ED? I only assume this from the price difference Ive not found any reviews of the Hawke APO but have seem some reviews of the ED version that mentions fairly obvious CA when viewing? My questions are really whether I would see much improvement of image quality between the Zeiss and Hawke ED & Hawke APO ? Or could I be looking at other brands / options? Appreciate any thoughts. Mark
  18. Wanted ONTC Newtonian, not UNC 8" F4 or 10" F4 Let me know Mark.
  19. Working in the industry I dont see the cost of shipping dropping anytime soon, the backlog of shipments and equipment shortages i.e container availability & shipping line space is not good at the moment. Its going to be a difficult situation for some time to come, possibly looking at the end of the year before we see some improvement by some forecasts!
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