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  1. A very engaging read indeed. Many thanks for sharing this. The instrument sounds like a serendipitous find and its clearly in a good home. As you say, JO made a small number of these triplets, I am aware of a couple of others, but I wonder where the other instruments now reside?
  2. I have looked over several nights with my observatory telescope, but have been unsuccessful. It is still faint and the magnitude estimate is of course integrated rather than point source. Let's hope it brightens over the next months. Lovely image by Nick too, thanks for sharing @JeremyS
  3. Martin, Many thanks for sharing, these are quite excellent. As a visual observer I am continually impressed with the capabilities of video astronomy. I really must look more into this and give it a go. I agree about the weather, this year has been poor. I am only averaging 10-12 hours a month at the eyepiece. I am wondering about how video might perform on nights when it is clear but the moon prevents visual, but video might still reveal some detail in DSOs?
  4. I have the older Pulsar 2.7m dome which runs on a set of rubber wheels set into the base ring. I won't work with the new drive system. I think the new Pulsar dome design was created around a drive system. I think you would be best talking to Gary at Pulsar about your options.
  5. Very nice read. I had one many years ago, a lovely instrument and of an LF achromat class not readily available today.
  6. Very helpful, straight and to the point review, many thanks for sharing. I'm looking for this sort of kit for a remote control setup.
  7. Very sad indeed to hear this news, Kieron was such a fixture at events such as Astrofest going back years. Always knowledgable, quietly understated and always very helpful. Please pass on heartfelt condolences to his family and RIP Kieron, a gentleman who will be missed.
  8. Used Protect A-1 Roofing underlay, which is available from Screwfix (https://www.screwfix.com/p/protect-protect-a1-roofing-underlay-1-x-45m/31795). Ten years on its has lasted very well. Observatory is very dry and damp hasn't been an issue. Indeed it has faired better than some of the Shiplap, which I have had to replace.
  9. Thanks for the information, very helpful and timely. One of my spring tidy up jobs is to repaint the inside of my observatory. I last did it about 5 years ago and used a matt black exterior paint, which was good but took an age to dry. I'll give this stuff a go for the repaint.
  10. Not my thread but I must say they are two beautifully made Altaz mounts Doc, beating a lot of Pro Kit to my eye
  11. I'm not that familiar with driven Altaz, but the Bray Tablet Mount had a very high capacity, I saw them with C14 OTAs attached. Although not made anymore they occasionally come up second hand. I use a Tele Optic Giro II, I mount a Mirage STF 7" Maksutov Cassegrain on one side and a Televue NP101 on the other. The Giro mount sits on top of a Berlbach Tripod. With a finder, eyepieces and diagonals the total load is around 30lb. Like you I'm happy to find stuff with a chart and finder. Skywatcher AZ EQ mounts are driven, but also have Goto so probably are not what you are looking for. There was a mount I saw a few years ago called the Kokusai Kohki T-REX, not driven and fitted with DSCs, but it had a big capacity, so could take a C11 OTA. Hope this helps
  12. Well that looks pretty good, I particularly like the view of Sinus Iridum coming out of the shadows.
  13. Very nice image and excellent write up about the process of capture too. Love the colours , particularly in the HII regions of the galaxy.
  14. Very nice image many thanks for posting, was it taken using a scope at New Mexico Skies?
  15. The local Astro Society has one of these to assist members move equipment around the site. It isn't covered but a tarp of some sort might suffice?
  16. I use one of these to cart stuff from the car to my observing locations, usually making a few trips! Th cycle cart looks a great way to move kit in one go
  17. and this about Will Hay
  18. Alvin, has produced some excellent resources, available through the Webb Society, with a discount for Webb members.
  19. I spent many years finding very faint objects wit a Telrad and chart. Eventually I began to use JMI NGC Max 'push to' systems, principally to increase productivity in the vagaries of the British weather. I have in recent years owned and used three different Goto Systems. Meade LX200, AWR Goto and Skywatcher Synscan. All have preformed well with minimal tweaking, adjusting and maintenance, mainly the mechanical side rather than the electronics. All systems have also lived outside in observatory. Modern systems are pretty reliable in my experience and in real terms very cheap compared to when Goto first emerged.
  20. Thanks for the alert, from here though I can only ask when will this cloud ever clear?
  21. Edward Emerson Barnard In my humble opinion the greatest visual observer since William Herschel and with none of Herschel's advantages. Born into unimaginable poverty he rose to become a remarkable astronomer, discovering 15 comets, the 5th moon of Jupiter, almost certainly the first recorded observations of the spokes in Saturns rings, catalogued 119 dark nebulae, independently researched the Gegenschein and produced countless planetary and deep sky observations. He politely, but firmly challenged Lowell about the canal on Mars and is probably the best early practitioner of wide field astro photography. Sadly only remembered because of the high proper motion star named after him. An absolute giant who I don't believe has had the fame and notoriety his contribution to astronomy warranted. William Sheehan's 'The immortal Fire Within' tells the simultaneously sad and remarkable story of this overlooked giant. My hero Eddy! Great idea by the way @barkis !
  22. Daz, that's great, if you could send details that would be excellent and much appreciated. I have used Sky 6 for years and am pretty used to its strengths and weaknesses
  23. Watching this thread with interest as I want to run a second setup in my observatory with an EQ-6 Pro. My main scope is on an AWR equipped Alter D6 controlled by the Sky 6, but that won't talk to to the EQ-6 I believe?
  24. JAO

    New member

    Welcome Alex and congratulations on your published image
  25. Very nice images, might be relatively quiet, but still engaging.
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