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  1. Daz, that's great, if you could send details that would be excellent and much appreciated. I have used Sky 6 for years and am pretty used to its strengths and weaknesses
  2. Watching this thread with interest as I want to run a second setup in my observatory with an EQ-6 Pro. My main scope is on an AWR equipped Alter D6 controlled by the Sky 6, but that won't talk to to the EQ-6 I believe?
  3. New member

    Welcome Alex and congratulations on your published image
  4. The Sun in Ha, 13 April, 2018

    Very nice images, might be relatively quiet, but still engaging.
  5. Geoff, That's a really neat mod. I have a mirror on my TV Starbeam but your mod is simple and very cost effective, nice work!
  6. Skywatcher green livery

    Looks cool. I can't say for the mounts but the Saddle Bars have been green for more than a year. I haven't seen a mount with a green collar by the polar scope cover though so suspect it might be quite new? I am sure someone more knowledgeable on SW products will be along soon though.
  7. Greetings from Denmark

    Georg, welcome. It sounds like you have the same weather challenges in Denmark that we have here in the UK. Hopefully you will get some clear skies to use your Skywatcher 127mm.
  8. M33, LHaRGB

    Ajay, Many thanks for the information. I am hoping to make several visits, so this is invaluable local knowledge. Best wishes Adrian
  9. NGC 4631 - Whale and companion.

    Many thanks for sharing your technique, it is. very pragmatic and effective approach yielding lovely results.
  10. NGC 4631 - Whale and companion.

    Very nice sketch. Can I ask about your technique. Are you using pencil and then inverting a scan?
  11. Jupiter 4:22 am C-11 - asi 178mm

    Lovely image, lots of detail and nice colours too.
  12. M106- and friends

    A very nice image of some faint and distant objects, particularly good given the conditions you describe, nice work.
  13. Tour of Moon in 4K

    Excellent, thanks for posting, I need to see this o the big screen now!
  14. Less haste and more speed on my part, nice image @tooth_dr and nice image of Jupiter showing the GRS @dundun92. In reality I am just having withdrawal from not getting any time at the eyepiece given the weather in the Lands of the Angles, the last few days have been like living on the set of "The Others"