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Returning to Astronomy


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Hi All, 

Just introducing myself here. I'm returning to astronomy after a 20 year break. I had a 6" reflector when I was about 17 and I loved it. I have very fond memories of viewing the planets.  I was using a very adhoc point and view arrangement back then, simply looking at things that looked interesting in the sky, but I found Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. I can remember seeing a fairly blurry saturn for the 1st time. I could make out the rings with my very basic setup. 

A couple of days ago I was browsing ebay and I found a Celestron cpc 800 within my budget and local to me. So I made the decision there and then to buy it. It's now sitting at home. I've been out once with it but quickly succumbed to dew. I need to get that sorted. 

Anyways Hi and happy viewing. 

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Hi Manji, welcome to the forum, you will see a big improvement with your new telescope. The dew problem is easily overcome with an appropriate length dew heater strap and controller. It’s relatively cheap equipment that’s regularly available used. Good viewing.

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Welcome back to the hobby Manji. 

I’ve recently returned from a long break, but am fully addicted again now. It’s a cracking hobby. Enjoy yourself. 

SGL is a fountain of knowledge should you need any help. 

Clear skies. 

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