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  1. Many thanks for the sound advice all ( Xplode - thanks especially for taking the time out to look into the FOV options for me) I was kind of expecting that tone of response, as I know I'm already a classic case of "all the gear but no idea" Lol. My main driver for the question was due to my impatience of never really getting enough time to apply to astronomy, mainly due to poor weather, but also other commitments, and hoping that investing in top level kit was the quick answer to amazing astro photographs. Tracking and stacking are definitely weak points for me, so I'll persevere with those in the first instance, and save my money. (Hmmm, maybe put it towards a faster scope.. Doh, this is such an addictive hobby!) Thanks again.
  2. Hi Xplode. Thanks for the reply - I'm guessing that the ccd equivalent for a 5DSR fov would be a bit overkill, and the larger the fov the more £££ investment required? Im looking for a fov which would accomodate imaging most of the main dso targets. Thanks.
  3. Hi All, I got into astro photography via regular terrestrial photography, (Landscape, wildlife etc) and have always solely used dslr's for both hobbies. I'm currently using a Canon 5DSR, which is fantastic for regular terrestrial use, and pretty decent for astro (See attached M42 single 10s shot) though it is not renowned for its ultra low light capabilities. I'm a complete novice when it comes to dedicated astro cameras, but am assuming that these would produce much better results than even top level dslr's? So my question is, what level of CCD (or CMOS?) camera would I need to invest in to produce decent high quality astro shots which would rival those of a top level dslr (Mainly for dso's) Any recommendations as to camera specs & likely price points, and ultimately particular camera brands/models etc greatly received Cheers.
  4. Excellent. Thanks for the quick service Yoddha!
  5. Many Thanks Ivo, but how do I get the cross hairs back again? No matter how many times I hit the target button they won't reappear so I can use them for alignment. Cheers, Drakester
  6. Hi All, The crosshairs on APT don't always seem to display when viewing the output from my 500d in liveview. If I press the "Target" button once I get the "+5x" box, if i press it again the box disappears, if I press it for a 3rd time nothing appears, then if I press it for a 4th time the "+5x" box re-appears. Has anyone else come across this? Am I doing something stupid? I'm using Windows 7 and APT v2.20 Thanks, Drakester.
  7. Hi ScubaMike. I have almost finished my roll-away shed and will be posting some progress pics on here shortly. Mine is a 7x5 mounted on 4 rails & 12 wheels intended for an automatic house driveway gate. I'm thrilled with it so far as I have zero diy skills so quite an achievement for me, and it rolls with almost zero effort Here are a few pics. More to come shortly I'll try and answer any Q's you may have. Good Luck!
  8. Sad news indeed. Sir Patrick was a unique individual and an inspiration to generations of professional & amateur astronomers alike. I have fond memories from childhood of watching S@N right up to this weeks episode, and not forgetting his amazing xylophone skills. I will be out stargazing tonight in his honour. RIP Sir Patrick.
  9. Hi Josh. I've got an ST80 as part of Orions "awesome auto guider package" which i use for guiding my main scope and whilst the optics aren't too bad, the focuser is very cheap and flimsy. I would suggest trying to find a cheap secondhand APO refractor with a decent focuser as you'll soon outgrow the ST80 for AP. Cheers.
  10. Hi All, I looking for some inspiration for bolting down my (imminent) roll-off shed when it's not in use, so that it doesn't blow away during stormy weather. It's basically going to be a pent-style shed mounted on rails, which is sat on paving stones on a lawn. I'm thinking ground screws, or weights..? a bit stuck for ideas really. Any help appreciated. Cheers.
  11. Haha. Thanks for thinking aloud Olly. Inveted wheels idea sounds great! I'm going to leave it until the shed is "Operational" to see what level of support is required, but suspect it will be a mixture of the castors/blocks/adjustable legs for supporting around the slot. I've already bought 4 of these wheels, and 2 "Humped" rails : http://www.barrier-components.co.uk/hardware_for_gates/sliding_gate/fac_components2/10116_wheel They weren't cheap, but they look like they'll support the shed and glide nicely (Hopefully!) The company delivered next day by the way. Great service Cheers.
  12. Thanks Pete/Olly. I think having a floor is the way to go for the time being for me. The amount of rain we've had up here in the last 6mths certainly is one of the main factors and the added warmth of not standing directly on paving slabs. I had an idea of maybe having a "second floor" (just osb or ply) which hinges down over the slotted floor when using it as a warm room. I'm also thinking of using adjustable legs/levelling castors to bolster the areas around the slot, or anywhere else which looks a bit strained. I really like the desk pod idea too Olly. I was thinking about something similar, but maybe hinged so it can be stored vertically when not in use? I'm no artist, so sketches are probably out of the question! but will post progress pics as I go. Planning to start work this weekend
  13. Thanks for the replies, just to clarifiy.. I've got a 7x5 pent shed, with a door in the middle of one of the 7' walls. The plan is to fix a sliding-gate wheel in each corner of the shed, and roll the entire structure backwards on 2 rails (which are to be fitted in-line with each of the 5' walls) a couple of metres away from the pier. The pier (& scope) would fit through the door of the shed. I would then use the "empty" shed as a warm room for imaging. I'm ideally hoping the shed is small enough not to sag too much between the wheels, and I can therefore get away with the orginal structure of the shed (incl floor) but with a slot cut in the floor for the pier to engage into when the shed is "closed", but I have visions of the whole structure buckling or wheels being sheared off if I stand inside it when it is in the open position..? I guess reinforcing the floor and/or adding more than 4 wheels might be an answer...? Thanks agaim.
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