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    I’m interested in all aspects of Astronomy and also have several other pursuits including Ufology, Numismatics, Ornithology, History and flying dual-line sport kites, of which I’m currently flying a Benson DeepSpace.
    I enjoy all sports (watching nowadays), especially Football, Rugby and Baseball.
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    Hertfordshire UK

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  1. Hi John, welcome to SGL fantastic picture! Bryan
  2. Hi Bluestinger and welcome to SGL Congratulations on your binoculars and I’m sure you will get loads of enjoyment from them. As Neil suggested, turn left at Orion would be a good book to get hold of. It’s designed to let you know what you’re likely to see with bins or scopes. I'm new to Astronomy too and only just recently got one. It’s in its 5th edition now, but you could always see if someone has an earlier one they’re wanting to sell on the wanted forum. I’ve done a lot of armchair Astronomy lately as the weathers been so rubbish. But the learning will stand you in good stead when you do actually find a patch of clear sky! have fun and enjoy! Bryan
  3. Hi Syn, welcome to SGL I also live in a Bortle 5 area. But, as I am a beginner, everything is new so there is plenty for me to see even in that. I hope you enjoy the forum, I’ve found plenty of helpful folk on here to help me along on my journey. I hope to see some of your pictures. clear skies... Bryan.
  4. Hi cupton, welcome to SGL I hope you enjoy the forum. I learn more from its members everyday! Bryan
  5. Hi Tutting, welcome to the SGL you’ll find plenty of Astro photographers on the forum who will offer you loads of advice and guidance. Hope you enjoy it! Bryan.
  6. Hi Rob, I had exactly the same issue last night observing in Hertford, so not too far from you. conditions were far from ideal and the wind was very high, but with all the poor weather and continuous cloud cover we’ve had recently, just seeing a few points of light in the sky was enough to give it a go. Your video was a good representation of what I was seeing as well. Clear skies, Bryan
  7. Hi Geoff, welcome to SGL there’s volumes of info on the forum with plenty of people willing to help you on your way. If I have any questions, I always try look it up first using the search function as chances are, somebody’s asked the same question before. If you don’t find an answer directly, just put your question out and you’ll find somebody will soon give you the answer you’re looking for. good luck and clear skies! Bryan.
  8. Bryan_D


    Hi and welcome to SGL
  9. Cheers Marv, thanks for the advice and help. I may need to sign up for Yoga classes!
  10. I’m very happy to say that I have it figured out now. The penny dropped for me when I realised that the mount remains stationary whilst the telescope moves. Seems so simple now. One thing I have now noticed though, is that the eyepiece can end up in some difficult positions and the RA and Dec slow controls can end up In the way when you’re moving the scope into some positions. I guess it’s simply a case of having to unscrew them temporarily and then screwing them back once they’re in the clear again?
  11. Thanks Cornelius, your video link really helped the penny drop for me. I had been struggling to understand the concept of PA and then observing to the south. Cheers!
  12. Thanks for the info Marvin. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on it. You’re right, the forum is a gold mine of information. Really appreciate your help and advice!
  13. Thanks jag32266, your explanation was very helpful and it makes a lot more sense to me now. I’ll let you know how I get on.
  14. Bryan_D


    Hi Katie, welcome to SGL
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