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  1. I think anything that helps us find our way around the huge maze which is our universe would be a great asset.
  2. banjaxed


    Hi Katie, welcome to SGL. Been to Loch Lomond a few times, lovely part of the country.
  3. Hi Chris, welcome to SGL, no head to feel isolated when you have lots of knowledgeable and friendly people on this site to talk to.
  4. If you bought it from a reputable dealer and you are not happy with it then you should send it back for replacement. Making your own repairs will nullify your guarantee.
  5. Hi and welcome to SGL.
  6. I hope you realise that you have just extended the number of cloudy nights by a fortnight
  7. Hi Craig, welcome to SGL.
  8. Hi Dave, welcome to SGL.
  9. GSO do a 30 mm 68 degree 2” eyepiece for just over £50.00. Might be worth a look.
  10. I am looking for a Celestron 32mm Plossl eyepiece. It is the older all black eyepiece I am looking for, they came with the earlier eyepiece and filter sets.
  11. I have 7 x 50 and 10 x 50 binoculars and they are both very manageable for hand held observing.
  12. I bought a laser collimator for my 200P dob and after checking the laser for accuracy I completed collimation in about 10 minutes, maybe I was just lucky.
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