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  1. Thanks for this, something for me to practice on until I get some decent skies to take some images myself.
  2. Or just get jealous looking at other people astrophotos
  3. Well that's reassuring - I emailed FLO late last night and got a reply this morning, they have had a few others email with the same issue so it seems to be a batch issue and have informed Sky-Watcher. They are going to replace it when the next batch arrives towards the end of the month. At least I can use this time to have a practice with the ASI1600mm pro and refine my exposure times, assuming I get at least a couple clear skies If no clear skies I'll just go fishing instead
  4. @geeklee has very kindly offered to lend me his actually so I may take up that offer
  5. Just checked, it can't be put on back to front (that would have been embarrassing), nor does it rattle. Next things I'm going to try are decrease the spacing to below 55mm/56mm by replacing the 11mm extender with an 8mm extender to give 53mm, then maybe add some thin spacers to get close just under 55mm, then maybe try it with my dslr. Maybe also try at 57mm. Failing that, contact FLO I guess
  6. Is there anything else I can try before I speak to FLO about a replacement? Just in case there's something I'm missing
  7. Thanks David, I bought it from FLO so I'll speak to those guys. One other thing I will try is see what images with my DSLR come out like
  8. I don't think it's the wrong one as it's the one optimised for the SW Evostar ED80 Pro, which I have. I sure hope it's not a duff, I was waiting 3 months for this to arrive . Is there anything I could be overlooking?
  9. I was going to take shots of the crescent nebula same as the first image, but it wasn't quite above the hedge in my garden yet tonight
  10. This is without the FF/FR (taken previously before I got the FF/FR) It actually looks better without
  11. Hi, I've tried it without the filter wheel and used the 16.5 + 21 + 11 + camera to make 55mm, it doesn't look much better
  12. Ok so I've added in an 8mm spacer, bringing my backfocus to around 64mm and it still looks like the stars are pointed towards the centre (i.e. more distance needed). hmmm....
  13. Hi Lee, here's my set up & measurements
  14. Ok thanks, I've got an 8mm spacer, so I'll try that and then go from there
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