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  1. My focal length is 762mm I believe. I would be more than happy if I can get decent 60s subs. Even if I had guiding I don't think I could go much above 60s in my garden anyway as I've got 3 street lights causing me grief. I did try a 2min sub and (ignoring the field rotation) it was totally washed out! Hopefully will be buying a new house in the next few years, one of my criteria will be a back garden with no nearby street lights, and a decent view north. Hopefully by then my skills will have improved and I'll be into guiding.
  2. Until I'm ready to get into guiding, what do you reckon is the longest exposure I could get without the use of guiding?
  3. Thank you! I probably spend most of my waking hours, except when I'm at work (and actually even when I'm at work) researching astronomy/astrophotography I think it's becoming an obsession. Are there any support groups?
  4. Haha I wish it was a permanent setup! Maybe one day when we buy a house I'll get a dome in the garden! So yeah at the moment I disassemble after each session. I've been using just the polar scope for the last couple sessions, but I'm determined to try out the drift alignment and see how long it takes. If it let's me get 60s exposures with no star trails I would be ecstatic
  5. I had a look in the instruction manual and it does mention about one star and two star polar alignment. It doesn't actually describe how to do it or mention the altitude and azimuth adjustments, but I imagine the polar alignment function will give me an offset from the NCP, so then I can adjust the altitude/azimuth, redo the alignment and check what effect it had on the offset and repeat until it says I'm aligned?
  6. Sounds counterintuitive at first, but I think it would make sense - depending on the source of the light pollution perhaps. For a given size of aperture I wouldn't have thought any more light would enter the scope regardless of whether you used a 50 or 100 degree apparent FOV. That might be different if the source of light pollution was a street lamp next to your house though, as the wider fov might then bring the lamp into the fov.
  7. Thanks for the comments I've got the Meade LXD75. It's got a built in polar scope which I used to get a rough polar alignment. When you say a function, do you mean within the hand controller? I do recall it did say something about the NCP after I did a 3 star alignment actually, I'll have to look and see how to interpret that info.
  8. Hi all, I present my first proper image taken on Sunday with the EQ mount that I bought over Christmas (Meade LXD75 with 6 inch Newtonian reflector) - M42 the Orion Nebula. I attempted to take some images of the Blue Snowbell Nebula and Crab Nebula as well, but I haven't processed them yet so don't know how they will turn out, if I don't post anything on them - then they didn't turn out so well I'm still practicing the polar alignment so haven't got it spot on yet, and only polar aligned using the polar scope so I was still getting slight star trails at 30s, but I'm pleased with this result. The image is a stack of about 66 x 30s lights, 30 darks and 15 bias, taken with Canon 2000d. Stacked in DSS with levels/curves adjustments in photoshop. I had to crop the image a bit to get rid of some of the light from the 3 street lamps outside my garden. Next steps - 1) Improve polar alignment using the drift alignment method and see what results I get 2) Improve on focusing with the bahtinov mask I've got being delivered. Hope you guys like the image, comments welcome :) Adam
  9. Great image, well done for capturing such a small object
  10. Incredible image and lovely colours, well done
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