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  1. Wonder if it might be worth me getting a cheap laptop at some point to use purely for imaging
  2. It's a HP pavilion, I should have had a good look at the error message or taken a picture, completely forgot exactly what it said now... I'll have a look in eventvwr as you suggest later and have a look what it says
  3. Plastic container sounds like a good option, I shall try and get hold of one
  4. Not sure it's the most appropriate section for this post, so admins feel free to most to the most appropriate section... Decided to take advantage of clear skies tonight, first in months for me. Was going well imaging M33, until I checked my laptop just now and it had shut down!!! It's plugged in so it didn't lose charge, but I wonder if it was the cold that caused this? When I turned it back on there was a message about battery issue but seems to be working OK now (will check again shortly). Has anyone else had this while imaging? If it was caused by the cold what's the be
  5. Hi all, I found this interesting PowerPoint presentation made by Jordi Gallego in 2010 - 'Image Integration Techniques: Increasing SNR and outlier rejection using Pixinsight' (http://www.astrosurf.com/jordigallego/articles.html) In the presentation he describes how to use the 'Average SNR Increments' statistic in the Process Console to fine tune the rejection process to maximise SNR while keeping the desired outlier rejection level when integrating. However it seems that this term is no longer being used, what statistic should I be looking at instead, either from t
  6. +1 for Sky Safari on mobile. I have Sky Safari 6 Plus and think it's great! I have stellarium on the mobile as well, but I prefer Sky Safari on the mobile and Stellarium for PC
  7. Do you have any telegraph poles near you? I have seen the same effect on some of my subs when the lines get in the way of my view.
  8. Thanks, I've started using a combination of MaskedStretch and HT rather than relying on STF
  9. Hi, I would personally keep all of your light frames from the previous sessions and stack them all together with new light frames from your next session (s). It is possible to stack frames from each session, and then stack the resulting images (I've no idea if the result would be the same or worse than stacking all frames together, someone else may be able to answer that). The reason I would suggest keeping all your light frames regardless is that as your processing skills improve you may wish to revisit old data, and it certainly helps if you have the originals files, especially if
  10. Great image, well done! At least someone managed to capture the conjuction! It was wall to wall cloud here in the UK, I was rather (highly) disappointed but can't say I was surprised.
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