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  1. Hi Dave, welcome to SGL.
  2. I agree, even if your mount is not very stable the motor focuser makes a world of difference to stability.
  3. https://in-the-sky.org/indexes This app is excellent for planet info plus lots more.
  4. I converted my Skywatcher motor focuser to run off a 12v battery but it was a bit slow for me and not being able to use manual focus was a bit frustrating. My solution was to build my own motor focuser that uses a toothed drive belt that you can slide on and off the drive cog in a couple of seconds giving the advantage of both manual and motor focus.
  5. The person who has never made a mistake has not yet been born
  6. banjaxed


    Hi Paul, welcome to SGL.
  7. Hi Phil, welcome to SGL. I think it must me in astronomers blood to tinker with our gear.
  8. Hi Elena, welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy.
  9. Hi Malcolm, welcome to SGL.
  10. Hi Steve, welcome to SGL.
  11. John is absolutely correct about the AZ5 with the stainless steel tripod, I tried it with a scope weighing about 6 kg and it did not perform very well. I would suggest that 5 kg would be the maximum load.
  12. I have only ever cleaned one that I accidentally touched with my finger, the rest are fine as I make sure to replace the caps every time after using.
  13. As Mark said, every time you buy new kit it guarantees at least 2 weeks of cloudy skies
  14. Hi Tim, welcome to SGL.
  15. Hi and welcome to SGL.
  16. Why not dream about all the dark skies that are coming your way
  17. Glad you found a satisfactory solution, the old saying “where there is a will there is a way comes to mind”
  18. Yes it is obvious now that you have removed the bracket, there is no practical way to fit the focuser any other way. I have built a few of my own design motor focusers but they all use the focuser cover screws for attaching. I understand your reluctance to drill holes in a £1200 scope but it doesn’t look like you have much choice if you want a firmly fixed motor.
  19. I have never seen a bracket fitted with only one screw before as they are meant to be fitted with two of the focuser plate cover screws. The Skywatcher usually comes with two brackets to enable it to be attached with two screws. Your scope looks like it has a different plate but without taking the focuser bracket off it is not possible to see.
  20. banjaxed

    Howdy Folks!

    Welcome to SGL.
  21. banjaxed

    Hi all!

    Hi and welcome to SGL.
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