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  1. Anyone know how thick the Ultra NB filters are?
  2. I have the Rigel dome rotation system and have a shelyak controller to manage the Dome position via computer. Word of advise, check the cabling to the drive motors and circuit board connections, mine had become brittle on the solder joints likely corrosion. Other than that it is working fine.
  3. You are right Prathab, the problem is getting worse. I recently noticed I am now having to bin about 10% of my frames due to Sat trails. The other night, a single 5 min frame had the most so far, 5 trails crossing at different angles. The situation will only get worse now Canada and several other countries want to put up their own Sat broadband constellations. Using Pixinsight I can still see the trails in my images, I use weighted batch preprocessing and it doesn’t fully eliminate the Sat trail. Does anyone have a specific data process that improves Sat trail removal?
  4. I would definitely consider investing in a raid storage system. I have been running a QHY600 mono with my ROR rig since end Dec and even with the limited UK opportunities and a relatively small selection of target Image sets I found my PC (i7) slowed up last week, reason found - the master drive had accumulated 1 Tb of image data in 3 months. For information: each Fits file is 29.878Kb (2x2) and 119.484Kb (1x1), each Master Pixinsight light frame is 179.234Kb and 716.876Kb respectively. I have now changed what files I keep and installed 8Tb backup drives on each PC. I can only imagine how much
  5. Hi and welcome to SGL, now the AP fun starts and looking forward to seeing some images. Martin
  6. Both Mesu’s did a brace of MFs last night using the same settings, with only one anomaly. One of the Mesu’s initiated the MF before an SGP image had finished, so SGP carried on then attempted shutdown siting the guide star was lost, I may have inadvertently configured a telescope setting wrong in SGP and will compare the 2 PCs.
  7. Hi and welcome Cosmic Monk, I used to visit the bases in San Diego and always tried to get Humphrey’s Half moon inn, the live music was great. Martin
  8. All the flat cables that came with my cameras were binned on opening, didn’t want to risk cross contamination with my collection of healthy pedigree USB stock.
  9. Thanks Dr-ju-ju, I reviewed the data on the link and as you say, was not brave enough. What is interesting is how Win 10 has removed the ability of the PC owner to check the USB bandwidth allocation for their PC. This would be vital information to determine the best port allocation for your given system. USB conflicts/disconnects and communication is the biggest fault generator in my observatories and has cost me so much imaging time. Ho Hum back to system fault finding.
  10. I also have the Asi120 mm (USB 2.0 variant) as guide camera on one of my rigs and it has been working fine for ages using SGP & PHD2 with either Atik383 or Qhy 268c or 1600mm on a dual rig setup. Following a recent camera shuffle I now have the 120 guiding and a QHY268M and 1600mm pro as imaging cameras on the dual rig arrangement. During the 2 nights I have finally managed to get some imaging done I have encountered problems with the PHD guide camera (120) image fluctuating and acting strange., this was while imaging with the QHY as the main imaging camera and while the 1600 was connected
  11. Hi and welcome, your first priority is to get to know your new scope, upgrades can wait until you’ve determined what aspects of this hobby you want to take further. Martin
  12. Hi Dave, welcome to SGL. Astrophotography with the SW150p on the EQ3-2 will be a challenge.
  13. Reference the new cap I’m more interested if it make a good seal for Dark frames, the cheap clip on that came with mine let’s in lots of light so is useless for darks. Can someone advise how the new cap performs for darks.
  14. Hi Mark, welcome back and good that you have rebuilt your setup. Martin
  15. Reading this thread it is evident that stuf1978 has his heart set on the 2600, may I offer a few points for thought. I have owned several OSC cameras SX,Atik and QHY and only the ZWO-071 remains from what I would class as my CCD and 1st gen Cmos OSC cameras. My other OSC is the QHY268C, same sensor as the 2600 in a different package. The QHY doesn’t have the built in USB hub, as already said not a problem for OSC. The QHY does offer different modes for data management and comes with a useful rotator/coupler, this does increase the camera back focus to 23.5mm, again not a problem for OSC. There
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