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  1. Xsubmariner

    Qhy9 or Atik383l+

    I have a mono Atik 383+ and a colour 383+ I am thinking of selling. I have been using them with my dual 5” Apo setup, but it is not delivering what I wanted as SGPro will not support dual camera working and I am not interested in learning yet another capture software ie APT. Looking to buy a ZWO 6200 for my other system so additional funds needed. PM me if you are interested.
  2. Hi Dafydd, Hi and welcome to SGL, enjoy your new scope and clear skies.
  3. If the seller is not playing fair, then you must decide what price you are prepared to commit to get personal satisfaction. If the value is small compared to potential legal costs, then what price for the moral principle. Don’t underestimate the frustration and anxiety any legal action will generate.
  4. Hi and have a great time searching the forum.
  5. Superb image Adam, your new kit is working well for you.
  6. Xsubmariner

    Hello All!

    Hi Tom and welcome to SGL. There’s a lot of information and support for beginners, enjoy.
  7. Hi Mike welcome. Might I suggest you acquire the best mount you can afford, it will improve your imaging and is cheaper long term.
  8. Love the can do attitude and ingenuity. Nice image, now watch your wallet closely otherwise the AP bug will take all your money.
  9. Hi and welcome. Martin
  10. I currently use, SGPro and Sky X (which I notice is not in the list). Now I have a dual imaging rig, I am disappointed SGP still hasn’t provided multiple camera synchronisation and dither. While the Inclusion has been discussed since 2006 the language now suggest it might appear in version 4, when might that be? In the mean time I plan to investigate APT. I occasionally use Artemis with my Atik cameras (another not on the list) and Nebulosity.
  11. Belay my last, just exited the observatory and sky now clouded over contrary to CO zero cloud forecast. Apologies for the confusion, NB is my term for Narrow Band imaging I was planning due to the near full moon. Due to a past life I relate my imaging to my audio back ground, where WB (Wide Band) is mono camera, BB (Broad Band) is standard colour filters and NB (Narrow Band) is Ha,SII etc.
  12. Looking good for tonight Booting up the observatory as I type and hope to get some NB.
  13. Hi and welcome, enjoy your new scope.
  14. Hi Scoobs767, Here is a picture of my redundant shed with both doors open. The door opening is 870mm maximum, and inside space is 1680mm. It isn’t the 1M you were hoping for.
  15. The site shows my location as Bortle 4, so not too bad. Unfortunately imaging does suffer from Wye valley mist on some of the scarce clear nights.
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