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  1. +1 support for the MESU Mk2. It is a brilliant mount that just delivers great tracking/guiding performance with the minimum of fuss.
  2. Hi Neil, Welcome to SGL. It is a good time to get into AP, weather aside. Today there is a lot of choice with; cameras, optical equipment, mounts, capture and processing software. In fact so much choice that the first major challenge is determining what components support your individual needs. This forum will provide access to a lot of knowledgeable people who will be able to support you in your first steps and beyond. Enjoy the journey.
  3. Stuart1971 “The Pegasus one is very good, so I have heard, but it’s wwwaaaayyyyy overpriced, as all the Pegasus kit is...” A review of rotators that are available today shows the Pegasus falcon is reasonably priced. Any commercial rotator has to be a precision instrument to support the necessary accuracy and strength criteria associated with the Astro imaging demands. Ultimately any failings in these areas will degrade the final image. Currently in the process of fitting a falcon rotator in my imaging system, thinking about rip offs in this community what about threaded adapters. I h
  4. You should be pleased, a great first colour image.
  5. Given the weather we have been experiencing that is a great outcome. Let’s hope January brings some long, cold clear nights.
  6. Hi Desmond, I also have the L-Extreme filter and from my experience believe it is excellent for imaging with a colour camera when there is moon present (light noise swamps signal). I would definitely increase your exposure time when using the filter, remember you are effectively conducting narrow band imaging with a colour camera. Here is an image taken with my QHY163C with L-E filter on a 75% moon night. It is the combination of only 13 x 10 min exposures taken when clouds allowed. Remember that your mount/guiding limitations will have to be adhered to, no point having more signal if yo
  7. There is a Dedicated ZWO camera heater available that sticks to the camera faceplate and comes with a power splitter cable. Wether to fit one or not depends on your environment and camera setup. Unless you are experiencing freezing moisture on your camera window I wouldn’t bother. I doubt ZWO would sell the camera dew heater that’s available if there was the possibility of damage to the camera. If you are using a portable power arrangement it may be better to reduce the cooled temperature to -10 than add another power drain.
  8. Hi Glen A good video and great budget observatory, you must be pleased with the final outcome. May I ask if there was anything you would have done differently now that you have had time operating the system. Additionally have you fitted or considered environmental control to protect the equipment. I noticed you lined the inside with some form of insulation and how did you attach it? Martin
  9. New camera purchase necessitate I sell some equipment to balance my account. For sale is a great colour camera with a good reputation for imaging. The specs below show the quality of this camera, it is the model before the Trius, so doesn’t have the integrated USB hub. Otherwise its the same performance with regulated cooling, a search on this forum will show the capability of this camera. It’s size is also ideal for Hyperstar, RASA scopes. Withdrawn Specification: CCD type: Sony ICX453AQ SuperHAD CCD with ultra low dark current, Bayer RGB matrix and vertical anti-blooming.
  10. I would be careful about purchasing old copies of PS on eBay. Many are unlikely to be legitimate. Even if you are successful at acquiring a genuine copy you will struggle to get it registered with PS, if at all. Look on the PS forum to see the many cases where genuine original purchasers are struggling.
  11. Hi and welcome to the forum, you will find a wealth of information on all aspects of this hobby, enjoy.
  12. Wait a year or so and the reverse engineering experts will make a set available for half the price.
  13. Thanks Oldfort, I found the TS adapter but there is a long lead time for availability. Given the prices that are charged for these adapters I wonder if it is a small market, I guess only the U.K. suppliers could answer that question.
  14. Welcome to SGL, glad to hear you are enjoying this hobby.
  15. One of the most frustrating aspects of taking up amateur Astrophotography is the ever growing size of my adapter collection which is necessary to construct and rebuild imaging systems within the backspace constraint of the hardware for a given target. Only yesterday I stopped an order for an M68x1 female to M54x0.75 male adapter at the point of purchase. While the €75 cost was a bitter pill, the €45 international postage for such a small item was beyond believe. With a total cost of €120 I backed out. You might expect the item to be coming from New Zealand but no, just Germany. At th
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