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I have recently bought a Orion Starshoot Autoguider. I downloaded phd 2, eqmod and ascom stuff. After a small research I found out my mount (exos 2 gt) doesn't support computer acces without firmware upgrade and fancy cables but I have the st4 port so it shouldn't be a problem. In phd I choose camera as Starshoot Autoguider and mount On-Camera. Aux mount and AO are both none. My wiring is one cable to pc from camera and another to st4 port from camera. When I started looping I selected the star with no problem. I choosed the one star alignment option from my hand controller and after centering the Archturus in the middle of view I pressed ok and it was successfull. I started guiding and after a while I get the error: RA calibration failed star didn't move enough.

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You need to guide on a small star something to do with the centroid which I don't udnerstand.   Check in settings that RA is actually switched on.  

Normally you get that notification when the calibration fails, so are you sure you had actually started guiding.

Guiding is a minefield, probably needs some-one more technical than me to give better advice.


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You didn't mention entering your guidescope focal length and guidecam pixel size  into PHD2.? 

Everything else you said is correct. 

If you have entered focal length and pixel size:

The cable from the camera to the mount is called a ST-4 cable, and they are notoriously unreliable. 

In the PHD2 Tools menu, go to Manual Guide. 

Set the size to 5000 and then try moving the mount with the NSEW buttons in Manual Guide while watching the selected star in the guidescope display. 

You may find it doesn't move in one or all directions, or moves in the wrong direction ! 


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Are you trying to guide or do a star alignment as seems from the text you're trying to do both at the same time..1st thing to do is polar align, then star align..then guide.. I take it you're on the calibration step in phd2..it's best to take the slack out of the gears just beforehand so pressing north on the manual guide until the star moves, then calibrate..


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Thank you for all the responses I sent my mount to someone who mastered at astrophotpgraphy and he adjusted the backlash and I'm good now.

Clear skies.

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