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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I have Bresser EXOS II EQ5 mount with dual motor drive. Want to upgrade to GOTO + guiding support. Read many negative reviews about GOTO Upgrade kit given by Bresser. So wanted to know are there really such issues like incorrect GOTO, loud noise while slewing etc. If yes, then as an alternative can we use Sky-watcher Synscan GOTO upgrade kit with Bresser EXOS II EQ5 mount? Will it work? Thanks! - Abhijit Juvekar
  2. Can someone identify which model of Bresser telescope is this one ???
  3. I've been considering a short focal length frac to get solar full disk images for a while now and when one came up on ABS the other week I took the plunge and picked up a Bresser AR102xs. It's focal length meant that I could potentially get a solar full disk with my ASI178 in one frame, great for grabbing a disk quick when the weather's not so great (when isn't it). I've also got half an eye on an upgrade to my H Alpha setup which might include a Quark bolted to a short focus frac, so this fits the bill again. I managed a quick and dirty first light the day after I collected it but didn't really draw any conclusions due to the rushed nature of the session. Today I had a longer session and managed to explore both white light and Ca-K with this scope. After that initial look with the scope I did not think I could get focus with the Herschel wedge but I managed fine today! It is kind of tough to judge the results with no detail to be seen though. The Ca-k is more worrying to be honest, the concern with Ca-K is spherical aberration which limits sharpness in the final image and results here don't look great to me. The advantage of doing a full disk in one shot is that I can combine surface and prom layers like this. Not sure if I am just expecting too much from the little scope after being spoilt by my Evostar 120 for so long, or whether there is actually an issue. Jury's out until I get a session in with a nice AR to look at and in the meatime I wil try some night-time wide field viewing.
  4. Hello folks, for long I have been browsing the internet to find a suitable 10in dob and despite lack of reviews, I have decided to take the plunge with the Bresser Messier 10in Dobsonian. There was some doubt at first, especially when considering the popularity of similar scopes from Skywatcher, Meade and GSO. Even though Bresser is relatively new to the market, it has some clever features: 1. The massive 2.5in hexagonal rack and pinion focuser is very solid and the movement is smooth. Despite being only single speed, Bresser sells an a dual speed 10:1 extension. However, I find the movement precise enough and do not need the extension at the moment. 2. Optical finder scope feels a bit cheap but it is a nice upgrade over the red dot finder I had on my previous scope. 3. Rocker box style base allows disassembling the scope into two pieces (OTA and base). 4. Tube rings allows the scope to be easily balanced when adding weight + after adding a suitable dovetail plate, the OTA can be used on an equatorial mount (if you plan to upgrade to an eq mount, I would consider the 8in model, as an eq mount for the 10in would be expensive). The only negative comments I can give about the scope is the production process. There were some minor issues with the assembly with the scope as parts did not fit properly. First problem was with one hole drilled deeper (loosening the particular screw fixed the issue). Another problem was with the altitude wheel as it made the OTA to pop out from the rocker box. (A loose screw on one of the plastic pads between the box and altitude wheels was causing this. Make sure all these screws are tightened and below the surface of the pads). Lastly, I assume there must have been a mistake in the quantity of items included (I got twice as many screws for the rockerbox and 2 eyepieces instead of one, both were 25mm super plossl but the standard was a 1.25in advertised on the bresser webpage, while the other was a 2in wide angle) I did not have the opportunity to test the scope outside properly due to clouds. Update: 01.06.2017 Had the chance to try it out on the moon and jupiter to a max magnification of around 160x. The results were very sharp and detailed views. Unfortunately, clouds rolled in before it got dark enough to observe DSO's. I am waiting for clouds to clear and a package with a 42mm wide angle eyepiece and a 2in GSO 2x ED barlow to arrive next week.
  5. Hi I'm trying to choose a new scope. I started with a Skywatcher Explorer 130P on the Synscan AZ GoTo mount years ago. I then bought an Orion XT10i dob, which I love, for the aperture and faint fuzzy abilities. Sessions with it are few and far between though but when it gets out to dark skies it's a treat. But now I want to own a frac as well, something a bit more portable for 'everyday' use. I already have an eyepiece collection, telrad, dew heaters etc built up over the years. But I will need a mount for the new frac, it'll be too heavy for that AZ GoTo. The budget for both OTA and mount is around £500, hopefully. i have a dob tent/observing tent that I hope to use with the frac's focuser/eyepiece actually being just inside the tent (not like the dob where the eyepieces are at the other end of the OTA so invariably you end up just outside not inside the thing! ). Inescapable invasive street lighting is a major problem at home, where most observing will be done, so I'm looking forward to setting up just inside the obsy tent so that the eyepiece end at least be in total darkness. Dew shields will help for the other end! Point is, I'm thinking a longer rather than shorter OTA would be better. If there were push-to mounts like the XT10i for a frac I'd get one right away. it's great being able to just manually swing the scope round to any part of the sky so quickly, no set up to speak of. Although the AZ GoTo mount worked perfectly well I didn't really care for the noise it made, waiting for it to slew and the faff sometimes involved getting star alignments done. The XT10i though meant I could either use that as a simple dob mount or do a quick alignment then use it as PushTo, with the mount handset indicating by arrows where to point the scope. No motors involved. As I'm not aware of such a mount for a frac I'm thinking of getting a simple EQ mount that can later be fitted with motors, handset etc to make it GoTo for those times I need or want computer assistance locating things. The frac will be used mostly for visual observing, but I have an astro-adapted Philips webcam and a basic DSLR so may well try very simple AP. I actually have an EQ platform for the big dob so that might get some more use if I can set the frac up on it. With all of the above in mind I'm considering the Bresser Refractor AR102/1000 on EXOS 2 mount. Scope not too big so will get more use (can be a pain hauling the big dob around the kitchen and garden). Mount fine for now and could be motorised and made GoTo if I wanted. Does anyone have any advice, ideas, alternatives? Thanks in advance. Tot
  6. Hi guys, I have a chance to buy Lidl style Bresser refractor on this particular EQ mount. Does anybody here know exactly what mount it is? Do any of you any experience attaching a simple EQ2 motor drive to it? See below. It seems very sturdy compared to EQ2 so I'm tempted. I know there are probably not the same mounting holes on the Bresser EQ as there are on EQ2, but my hope is that the R/A gear and worm might be of similar size (and ratio) to EQ2, so that the speed of EQ2 motor drive rotation could accomodate it. If so, a little bit of DIYing might be enough. Any thoughts? Thank you very much.
  7. Hi guys and girls, i am completely new to astronomy and could do with some advice on what would be best to get for my first scope. What do you think of this scope: http://www.bristolcameras.co.uk/p-sky-watcher-star-discovery-150p-computerised-go-to-reflector.htm#accessory Seems to be good value for the money, but i honestly dont know what i'm really looking at?! give me your opinions and any reccomendations on brands and specific scopes, this would be great thank you!
  8. Hey, I recently started with astrophotography. I used a Canon EOS 80D with a 200mm telephoto lens. Now I got a Bresser 96-18760 - Skylux 70-700 telescope. I have already seen some beautiful nebulae. Now I want to attach my camera to the telescope. On the internet I have already found something of what I could use, but before I buy something I want to be sure that it will work. I have read that you can attach the camera to the telescope via a T2 ring and a special lens. For the T2 ring I found this: https://goo.gl/1GN4Zi. To attach the T2 ring to the telescope I found this: https://goo.gl/wgVBfX the only problem with this part is, that it isn't the correct size. It say's 1,25 inch, but my ocular is 1,6 inch. I can't find the correct part to attach my Canon 80D on my Bresser telescope.
  9. Hello SGL'ers I have long considered different options for a capable yet affordable combo that will enable problem-free train and air travel, as well as comfortable bicycle and backpacking tours. I recently saw that this new scope has become available and got interested. As it is a new product there is not much information around, with the exception of a lengthy thread in a German forum and one in CN (where I also posted more or less the same content shown below, except for the photos, that are only posted here - hope you do not mind). I received the scope yesterday. The telescope is indeed small (43 cm without diagonal, compare with normal keyboard below) and relatively light (~2.8 kg). It came well packaged. The important parts (focuser, dovetail, lens?) are of good quality, with the exception of the diagonal which obviously needs upgrading to something more serious. Other parts are less qualitative (finder scope, the finder scope plastic holder, the included 26 mm plössl eyepiece) but I do not worry about these since I will not be using a finder scope and have other, better eyepieces. The package included two extensions as well, I assume for photographic use. Tests made during daylight using the supplied 26 mm plössl (giving 17.7 x) showed very nice images without any striking problems. The combination of scope, diagonal and EP apparently inverts horizontally but not vertically, so the system works well for terrestrial targets as birds. I also setup up at "night" to do some tests but these results are possibly not very representative since it does not get dark here in this time of the year (only civil dark with the Sun reaching a minimum elevation of 8 degrees below the horizon). A street lamp about 50 m away showed a clear blue rim on one side. Not terribly annoying, but it was there. Same with Arcturus, which showed a red tint, or flare that shouldn't be there. Dimmer stars looked OK, but as said above, the sky was too bright and I could barely detect stars of mag 7, even with this scope. I could not test with Moon or Jupiter, as these were hidden behind the trees. I used the ES 82/8.8 mm eyepiece for these tests. I also acquired a Vixen Porta II Altaz mount on an APP-TL130 tripod for use with it. The mount is simply excellent, and the tripod is sturdy and very light, a highly recommendable pair! My first impression is that this telescope is great value for the money and that the system will work perfectly for my intended purpose. The fact that bright stars, and surely Moon and planets, show obvious chromatic aberration is not a problem for me. As a visual observer, mostly interested in variable stars and DSO's, I believe this scope and mount will provide a good combo for me. For all other things I can always use my 200 f/5 Newtonian. I will write a longer review when I do some serious night testing. That will be when it actually gets dark again, namely in two months
  10. Somewhat by chance I discovered a rather unusual advert in my local free ads for a rather solid looking 8" Newtonian on a pretty chunky equatorial pillar mount. The item was listed as a Bresser Optik Reflektor 200/1000 Art No 48-4000, which turned up a blank through the normal search engines. The telescope was being cleared as part of the estate of the late Douglas White who was a keen local photographer and amateur astronomer. Although I already own a 200mm F5 Newtonian, there was something about the picture that drew me in and seemed to hint at quality: After posting a quick thread to see if anyone could help identify it, I got some excellent pointers and advice from John who directed me along the rebadged Vixen route. Acting on impulse I've now brought myself another 8" Newt - and it seems quite a restoration project. Having spent a good part of the weekend browsing the internet I've been able to identify the mount, a Vixen Sensor (load capacity of 15+ kg) c/w the Vixen DD-1 dual axis drive and steel pillar. The scope, mount and all accessories appear to be straight out of the 1985 Vixen catalogue, though rebadged as Bresser Optik. Here's the project (currently located in my office): There's currently 18 images of the scope & mount in my Gallery:
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