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  1. Julian Shaw's sombrero - with a surprise!

    Good luck! Do post about how you get on Louise
  2. Julian Shaw's sombrero - with a surprise!

    Yeah, probably a waste of time for me to try with my equipment and skies. Just a dream... Sigh Louise
  3. Julian Shaw's sombrero - with a surprise!

    That's a smashing image, Olly. Probably a testament to having lovely dark skies as much as anything! That barlow is pricey... I've toyed with the idea of trying out a much more modest 2" ED barlow on my 115mm APO just to see if I can pick up some of the smaller targets. Louise
  4. Celestron Advanced VX mount

    Hi Saiph Sorry - I should have read your previous posts! I can't help with PEC advice but hope you can get somewhere with it. Do you have a focal reducer/flattener? I think that would help. Regards Louise
  5. Celestron Advanced VX mount

    Hi Saiph Um, to the best of my knowledge there's no real advantage in PEC training if you are guiding. Periodic error takes place quite slowly but guiding corrections happen every few seconds. It's probably worth doing if you're not guiding and you're imaging at longish focal lengths. Louise
  6. PixInsight v1.8.5 released

    Hi It probably doesn't make any difference but you can update Pixinsight from within the current version. Just click on Resources tab and check for updates Louise
  7. Ah, ok - R+P focuser you have! You'll probably need an extension tube to get focus with a camera and you'll likely want a flattener or a reducer for best results. Louise
  8. Hi I use an ankle weight taped to the dew shield to counterbalance mine. It looks ugly - but works fine Louise
  9. Hi Relpet I have one of those! Though mine looks slightly different - has a black rear section/focuser (2" Crayford). I got mine direct from TS together with a M48 flattener/adapter kit and it came with a case (which just gathers dust!). Mine was bought 2 1/2 years ago - maybe details have changed a bit? Anyway, it's a great imaging scope - which is what it's for really (though wish I had your location!) Hope you get much enjoyment from yours! Louise
  10. Sharpest ever view of Betelgeuse

    I think a Japanese team are monitoring it - apparently a burst of neutrinos is expected a couple of hours ahead of the supernova explosion. But... It may not happen for 000's of years. Still, you never know. Louise
  11. Artificial occultation?

    Hi Thanks for the input! The specialised Hubble camera uses a rotating bar - obviously not something an amateur can easily replicate. A faint object nearby will need a relatively long exposure which would normally result in star bloat. I was thinking of maybe some sort of reticule next to/on the sensor so that it had a dot(s) the same size the star would be without bloat. On the other hand, it's probably much too much trouble for something that's not likely to crop up very often. It'll probably have to remain a thought experiment! Louise
  12. Just read this interesting piece by Phil Plait. He's using the Hubble ST but wondered whether anyone knew of a way amateurs could occult a bright star in order to image fainter stuff that might be close by? It doesn't sound an easy thing to do but thought I'd ask just in case! Louise
  13. Hi Is that one of the 'guidescopes' AA say you shouldn't use as a guidescope? Louise
  14. Imaging with the 130pds

    Hi You might need to service the Crayford and try and see why it's slipping. I didn't have that problem with mine but later on I did attach a SW motorfocuser and they are very good at holding the focus and make it easy to make very small focus adjustments with changing conditions -plus you don't need to use the lock screw Louise
  15. Absolute Beginner with Altair GPCAM AR0130

    Hi Two things: 1 - the cam won't be in focus. You'll have to adjust it manually and it will be quite critical. 2. You will have a very small fov and you will have to adjust the mount to be on target within that small fov. It's worth putting the scope and camera dimensions into a fov calculator like 12dstring. Louise