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  1. Apparently, there may be no objective reality anyway. There certainly won't be any for me after I've died, so being a bit of a nihilist, nothing really matters, no even matter itself ha ha. Louise
  2. Yeah, I appreciate space/spacetime can expand faster than light but that doesn't mean it would reach infinite size (extent?). Why would it expand to a size greater than it needs to be (to contain the matter within it) anyway? I just reckon it would be illogical (to quote Spock, ha ha). Conceptually I can't get my head around an infinite universe but can contemplate infinitely many of them i.e. a multiverse Louise
  3. Doesn't that depend on scale i.e. Planck distance Anyway, I've always thought the size of the universe must have similarities to the speed of light. So you can't accelerate up to the speed of light from a starting speed that's less than the speed of light since it would require an infinite amount of energy. Similarly, if the universe started off small (finite) and then expanded since the big bang, how could its size ever become infinite? It can become arbitrarily large else could actually have started off infinite in size. These are just my thoughts - I have not the maths to prove it! Louise
  4. Hi Have a look further down in the 'EEVA Reports' section, see what equipment other people are using. Might give you some ideas/food for thought. You can then come back and ask. It's a bit quiet on sgl now as we're into the long days and short nights. Louise
  5. Hi Hamish As mentioned previously, I had a go at printing on an inkjet last year but had similar problems. I wrote some custom software in C# but needed to overprint lines to make them more opaque but couldn't see how to do that. So put it to one side as I was busy with other things. If anyone knows of a routine that enables overprinting a line several times I might have another go. Louise
  6. Indeed! Not all usb cables are made equal. The properly shielded ones are the best and, the longer the cable i.e. >3m, the less reliable its operation. I did mention about cables in my post. Louise
  7. Hi My original post on the 'Stack O Noise' subject purely related to SharpCap which can automatically live stack a user determined number of subs calibrated with a master light and dark. So I might collect, say, a stack of 10 x 60s subs then a bit later another 10. It does appear that stacking several different stacks isn't a great idea but with small numbers of lights the practical difference doesn't seem that much, especially when my greatest source of noise is skyglow/lp. I've since defaulted to saving each sub separately in addition to the live stacking so can also stack a collection of subs later Louise
  8. Yes, 'on camera' is correct for st4 Louise
  9. I did this one a while back - converted a canon mains battery eliminator to run from a 12v LiPo battery. No actual soldering required! I still use it sometimes - problem free Can even use it for daytime photography as the battery is pretty light (300g) - you can carry the battery separately in a handbag or backpack with the long lead to the dummy battery/afapter . I think there are quite few similar diy canon psu variations about. Louise
  10. Hi I'm limited to about 20mins in total for a particular target and may not get a chance to revisit it. My Individual subs are restricted to about 60-90s at F4 because of skyglow. Louise
  11. Thanks, Alan. Yeah I've since de-dusted the camera window and also adjusted the reducer spacing which was well out. The circles didn't show up on the SharpCap flats. It was only when I (over?) stretched the final image that they became a problem. I tried ABE/DBE and even synthetic flats but didn't manage to get rid of them. Oh well. I have a 115mm/800mm APO but it has an Atik383l+ attached which is too slow for live stacking plus I can't really cope with using more than one imaging system at a time these days, and I've got 3 to choose from. Two are fairly widefield - the qhy183/80mm above and the recently acquired Pentax67 Takumar F4 300mm plus 1100d on an eq3 pro. The latter takes good images but is plagued with red halos which may be related to the lens and/or camera filter combo. I've now removed the Astronomik cls-ccd and switched to an unmodded 1100d, and I'm waiting for an opportunity to try it. If red halos are still a problem I might have to convert it to H-alpha. There is room in the P67-eos adapter to fit a 2" filter so that's an option to use it with a full-spectrum 1100d. I've toyed with the idea of getting an RC6 but I've already got too much clutter and I'm limited to ~2" resolution here (on a good day...). Weather is cold, cloudy and miserable here - no chance of any clear skies before Friday Cheers Louise
  12. I managed to get 3 nights in arrow on the 9th/10th/11th April! Not had anything much since. Equipment: TS 80mm Photoline APO triplet + Lightwave 0.8x reducer + qhy183m + SW 50mm finder guider with gpcam v1 mono. Heq5 Syntrek with belt mod. IDAS D1 lp filter. Software: Sharpcap Pro livestack with darks and flats, PHD2, Eqmod, Pixinsight, Gimp, Paint.net Bortle 9 skies + nearby lp I've had problems with the flats which show when I've (over)stretched the images. Tried lots of things to remove the artefacts but not been successful. Cropping helps... All images bin 2x2 M3 - combined 4 stacks: 2x13x30s, 9x30s, 6x30s: Resized to 50% and cropped: Cropped more: NGC6885 16 x 60s Resized to 50% Cropped: NGC6823 16x60s 50%: Crop: M27 16 x 60s 50%: Crop: Western Veil 20 x 60s, 10th April 50%: Crop: Another Western Veil crop, 30x60s from 11th April NGC6940 16x60s 50% Crop: M57 16 x 60s: 50% Crop: M56 16x60s 50% Crop: A galaxy, ha ha: NGC5958 3x16x60s stacks stacked in DSS: 50% Crop: I definitely need more focal length for some things! There you go. I used Pixinsight's ABE/DBE on them to remove gradients and try to remove artefacts. It works well with gradients... But seems to add noise? I'm slowly getting into the potential of Pixinsight processing . I'll have to try some H-alpha with the qhy183m at some point. Louise
  13. I might get around to trying Astrotoaster one of these days - but, there again, I've been saying that for years ha ha. The more I think about it, the more it seems as well to just collect individual subs since I rarely manage to image a target for more than about 20 mins anyway. My Pentax Takumar 300mm and 1100d combo is currently set up to image through a East-facing window space which is a max of 44cm wide and about 50cm high so rather restrictive! I have the same arrangement for the 80mm + qhy183m. I'll post some images taken last month in the EEVA Reports section later. Louise
  14. Maybe cloud? There is so much skyglow where I am I usually can't tell if it's actually cloudy or not! Woe is me.... Seeing your and others images tempts me to get a long focal length scope, maybe an RC6. But, there again, I already have too much stuff that I don't get the use out of! Louise
  15. Yes, shutter keeps clicking. I can set a longer exposure, or maybe use liveview, but either will cause the sensor temperature to rapidly rise. This is going to be a problem for live stacking since you really need a cooling pause between exposures with a standard dslr. Probably will be better off just using APT with DSS live. Louise
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