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  1. Hi What mount do you have? Are you intending to do imaging? If so, you'll also need an autoguider. Certainly you need to balance properly, polar align (assuming you have an eq mount) and then star align. Louise ps sorry, see you have an heq5. You might consider a Rowen belt mod to improve the mount's performance
  2. See my post above, Ken. It's not the e-finder fov that is itself the problem, it's really my guide scope fov that's difficult. Maybe I should look at changing it but anything with bigger pixels and the same qe will be expensive, I think. Cheers Louise
  3. Yep, yours is bigger than mine, Ken! Ha ha That's the window I image through... It's not very big... Louise
  4. Oh, the finder has a much bigger fov at full resolution (1.06 deg x 0.7 deg) but I did the final comparison/alignment at a similar roi to what's seen by the guide cam since both then show a very similar fov. Also, you have to remember my scope is in the living room which means I can't go anywhere near it when I'm normally guiding/imaging. If I just stand up it messes up the guiding! Louise
  5. Well, it also has to be identifiable, so ideally needs to be seen (by me) as part of a pattern. The images I took of the Coma Berenices cluster above are quite thin on the ground in terms of stars with a small fov. I calculated the e-finder fov to be 26.4 x 21.2' and the guide cam was 20.5' x 15.37. Quite a small area of sky (for someone used to imaging dso's). I guess the side-by-side pylon pics show the reducing effect of the Lowspec guide lens. Louise
  6. Hi Ken It may not be difficult if the target star is visible in the guide camera. If it isn't, it will be impossible!. It took quite a lot of effort to get the e-finder and imaging scope aligned well enough to get the Coma Berenices stars in the two fields of view. If I happen to lose that alignment after dark then that will be end of session... Louise
  7. Hi Ken I was looking at it from the point of view of being able to plate solve a view and so get the star on or near the slit. The side-by-side pylon pics show the actual comparison. It won't be that easy in practice unless my e-finder is accurately lined up with the Lowspec guide image - even quite a small deviation will make it difficult, if not impossible, to find the target star. It also won't be that easy to maintain the alignment. Louise
  8. FWIW, my lens was 13mm diameter so I just made a new lens holder Louise
  9. Ok - so that gets a particular star close to the slit?
  10. Similar to my qhy5l-iim then - same sensor. How to do you get a particular star on the slit? I'm using an e-finder - a 70/400mm scope with a 178m camera plus plate solving. Maybe you have a much better mount and alignment than I have? Louise
  11. Just did a quick align: Close enough, I hope! I suppose I'll have to keep doing the alignment... Louise
  12. Well, I just attached the Lowspec to the imaging scope and got it more or less focused. I think it still is quite a small fov. I took some pics of a pylon: Using qhy5l-ii: nb - slit across the middle! I will align it along RA (or maybe DEC) at some point. 178 on Travelscope: Look pretty similar in scale to the Coma Berenices comparison. Of course, substituting the Lowspec for the qhy5l-ii means the two images are no longer aligned as before. So I'll have to do that all over again... It doesn't look like there will be any clear sky tonight Louise
  13. Hi Marius Welcome to the fold! Your Lowspec looks very neat! What guide scope are you using? Your guiding doesn't look too bad - much better than I'll be able to achieve. Looks like you just need to collimate? But I know nothing! I've not done a star spectrum yet but am getting there... Louise
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