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  1. Christian Bull compares a cmos ASI183m and an Atik460 ccc here I have a qhy183m but not sure if there is any difference in response. Both the tested cameras give a reasonable UV response (183 better - I'll check it out one of these days with a UV LED light). There seems to be a rapid rolloff due to the ASI cover glass. Again, not sure if QHY different. He talks about the effects of fringing in other cameras apparently caused by not having anti-reflective cover glass. (Is that the reason for the 'microlense' artifacts reported in the ASI1600mm?) Louise
  2. Um, dare I ask about the converse i.e. adding a Barlow vs imaging small targets with an equivalent longer focal length scope? I have a feeling that using even a high quality Barlow for imaging is never a good idea... Louise ps Think I've raised this before but I've forgotten the answer, d'uh
  3. Delivered today - yay! Won't have time to unpack/build it before Friday, though. Filament due later today Louise
  4. It's not to do with focus - the flattener is to correct for a flat field, especially in the corners. If it's not flat you'll see distorted rather than round .stars. Louise
  5. Not sure, but the above zwo scheme should give you 56mm which is ok because you subtract 1mm for the filter. Caliper measures are a guide. I would just test it to see what your subs are like. Fwiw I think using an oag with an 80mm frac is likely more trouble than it's worth. An ordinary guidescope should be fine but that's up to you. Louise
  6. Distance from reducer to camera sensor is normally 55mm but can need some tweaking ~+/-1mm. A check with a digital caliper is useful. Louise
  7. I was wondering about that - do you just select a file to print from the card and leave it to it? No advantage in printing from a PC? Louise
  8. Um, are you still running Win 7, then? I thought it was no longer supported? I can't remember Win 7 doing auto updates and reboots like Win 10 does? I may have just forgotten - it was so long ago! Louise
  9. That must have been annoying! Can you not temporarily disable updates or disconnect from the net? Hope everything goes well today! Louise
  10. I've had a quick glance at the Fusion 360 Beginner Videos on YouTube - there will be a learning curve! I probably won't be trying to design anything for quite a while. Hope you're design works as expected Louise
  11. I've actually no experience of CAD - yet! Got to start somewhere! Good luck with your design and printing it! Louise
  12. I'll start another thread
  13. Ok, thanks for the tip! What does 'Home All' do that I wouldn't want it to? I won't get it before Friday and may not have time to assemble it until the following Friday. Still, something to look forward to - early Christmas ha ha Louise
  14. Oh well, I ordered an Ender 3 Pro earlier and via Amazon I did glance at the slightly more expensive CR-20 Pro but wasn't sure if it was worth the extra plus the search for ideal devices can become never ending! Also ordered some Sunlo (Korean) filament - hope that's ok... Will see how I get on with it all. What's the worst that can happen?? I think my main problem will be finding the time! Plus, I registered with Autodesk for their Fusion360 software but not downloaded it yet. I said I was a student for the next 3 years . Louise
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