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  1. Thalestris24

    Narrow Band - Art or Nature

    I think that at least since the advent of digital image technology science has used different techniques to help make visible things that would otherwise be impossible to see. In astronomy we have the Hubble palette (amongst other things) and in bioscience/microscopy there is the use of laser fluorescence and contrasting antibody stains to reveal subcellular structures and proteins. All just tools of the trade really. If we didn't use false colour with deep space infra red images we wouldn't get to see half so much! Louise
  2. Thalestris24

    My DEC is running away from me

    Yeah. I was thinking - had you maybe just done a meridian flip?
  3. Thalestris24

    My DEC is running away from me

    You didn't mention PA? Either your PA is off or you're unbalanced - Have you balanced your scope in RA, DEC and vertically? What happens when you run unguided e.g. using the guiding assistant? Louise
  4. The flat sided brass bolts on my eq3 are 6mm diameter and 1.5cm in length. So the one I linked to should do the job. The actual steel part on the slomo control is only 12mm in dia, about 27mm in length (permanently fixed to the flexible part), and the screw is 5mm from the end. So the motor coupler is a bit larger in diameter but should be fine if you have something suitable to attach to the other end. Louise
  5. Something similar to this should do it :)
  6. They appear to be M6 (6mm) in size Not much to them - just a coupling at one end and a knob at the other! Louise
  7. Thalestris24

    Help! 550d disassembly problem

    The drill did the job - yay! Managed to snap one 1.5mm drill bit but put it down to collateral damage... Made holes in the screws so I could get a small flat-bladed driver in. Lost the screwhead from one but managed to undo the other complete. Result! Louise
  8. Yeah, the slomo mechanism is just a brass rod with a gear wheel on the end that meshes with a motor gear wheel that meshes with the worm gear. So anything you can attach to the rod that facilitates rotation will do the job. Sure, a good quality 12V deep cycle battery will do fine to power the mount. Louise
  9. Those blue made-in-China '9800mAh' batteries have a 'standard' 2.1mm tip/centre positive connector and will work fine. As I say, I don't know the current drawn by an eq5 but the battery will work for a few hours with an eq3 pro and also can work with an AVX but doesn't deliver enough to power an heq5. They come with a basic dc charger. They are probably only half the quoted mAh and I think they only deliver a few amps. But they are cheap compared to a Tracer. Of course you get what you pay for, to some extent. By the way, I think the slo-mo controls should only be used if the mount is unpowered i.e. switched off. Louise
  10. Thalestris24

    Platesolving works best

    Wow! Never knew you could do that with the grating installed! I normally use platesolving but it won't work with my minicam5s which seems to be too noisy even at -15 deg. I've updated the driver so will try again next time I get some clear skies. If no go, it will be back to fiddling to get the target on the wee sensor... Louise
  11. Thalestris24

    EQ3 Pro Backlash

  12. oops! sorry for duplicate post - not sure how that happened! Shame I can't delete it. Maybe Mods can?
  13. Hi One of those will power my eq3 synscan pro for a number of hours ok. They are slightly dodgy batteries and you have to keep an eye on them. I imagine the eq5 may need slightly more power - see what the spec says. My eq3 pro came with slomo controls. I've attached one just to the dec axis and it allows movement with no power. They wouldn't supply them if they didn't work! Louise
  14. Thalestris24

    Help! 550d disassembly problem

    I'm far too doddery and clumsy to risk that! Drilling seems safer...

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