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  1. Dss problems

    I just said it's a .rar file - you have to save it to a folder first. Depending on your version of Windows you may need WinRAR to unpack it Louise
  2. Dss problems

    Via Peter's link above (Cornelius) v3.3.4 and 3.3.6 are compressed as .rar so need to be saved and then extracted Louise
  3. Stellarium 0.17.0

    Oh well. I actually have my Nvidia graphics disabled to save power. I think it's only really used for 3d graphics anyway? You might be able to do the opposite and disable onboard graphics with Nvidia as the default but I don't know how that would work. There's obviously something odd going on with your system! Louise
  4. Stellarium 0.17.0

    Power/performance settings related? What is lid set to do in power settings? This problem you have bugs me! I had a Win 10 update on my Lenovo today and had to go through and check various settings - reminded me! Louise
  5. Stellarium 0.17.0

    Hi Dave Did you sort this problem out? It might depend on whether you are plugged in or running from battery and the details of your power settings. Obviously graphics cards use a lot more power. Louise
  6. Fits to tiff files

    Hi DSS will let you save in various tiff formats. You just do a 'dummy' registration and stacking. I'm sure there are plenty of file converters around if you Google. Um, I'm not an Atik user but are you sure the Dawn s/w doesn't give you the option to save in different formats? Louise
  7. Eq3 pro stiff in both axes

    You could always just run PHD1 to start. It does the same thing without all the bells and whistles Louise
  8. I think it's quite a good idea for dslrs or oscs to do narrowband more efficiently Louise
  9. Eq3 pro stiff in both axes

    Yeah, I've seen that thread. Astrobaby's version for the heq5 pro is a bit of a maintenance bible . The heq5 is so much better made - but a lot heavier and more expensive, of course! I only bought the eq3-pro for it's portability. I have a guided 1100d with 300mm lens on it and probably won't use it with anything else/more demanding. I've been setting up a RPi 3 with Linux and PHD2 for guide control. When it gets a bit warmer I'll even try it outside Louise
  10. Eq3 pro stiff in both axes

    Ah, ok, of course - silly me. I've done it before on the heq5 but I forget things... Thanks Louise
  11. It isn't!!! I keep asking myself why I ever started! I'm sure the skies were a bit darker then (2014) though I didn't really appreciate what skyglow really was when I started. Uni actually has an observatory about 3 miles away. If I could only get an imaging setup on a bus... Less than 10 mins journey time - so near, so far! I suppose narrowband is still an option. I might try imaging through a combo of 7nm Ha and 3.5nm Ha - I don't know if putting two filters together would help but it might be worth a try. Louise
  12. Eq3 pro stiff in both axes

    Just to check - this little ring with the single screw? I came across this on youtube - might be useful. Louise
  13. Hi Jim Thanks for the empathy! Did you see my topic in the Astro Lounge re the rollout of LED lighting in Glasgow? I'm a UofG PG alumna - I only moved here in 2009. I wish I could move or be able to go somewhere better for imaging but I'm stuck in my 2nd floor flat with no car - it's frustrating to think that Galloway dark site would potentially be in reach if I had my own transport. Still, I get to have a go from home - occasionally. Weather has been pretty dreadful virtually all year so far. I'm slowly working on getting an eq3-pro ready to actually take outside! I might at least be able to point away from the city glare, though can't escape the skyglow. Earth hour is next Saturday but it's always cloudy! Louise
  14. I don't think it necessarily gives the values for your precise location e.g. for me it shows Glasgow City whereas I'm ever so slightly outside the city centre. It probably doesn't make much difference for most people. Louise
  15. Can i face another frustrating night guiding....

    Oh dear, sorry to hear that Gina I've not been able to do much at all so far this year and it's nearly April already. All my otherwise working gear has been lying idle and gathering dust cos of the weather Louise