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  1. Thalestris24

    Weird Tartan pattern on ZWO ASI 120MC

    Ahh I see now... - Probably as Neil says above.
  2. Thalestris24

    Weird Tartan pattern on ZWO ASI 120MC

    Yeah, probably Bayer matrix - can you post an example? Can't see anything on the above image... Louise
  3. Thalestris24

    Bloated Stars

    Spacing is probably not an issue as it's such a small chip. But focussing could change with temperature or simply as a consequence of tightening the focus knob... Certainly my ts triplet can take a long time to temperature stabilise and I've fitted an electronic motor focuser which is a boon You can also get dots in stars from dss stacking with hot pixel detection and removal but if individual subs have the problem then it must be a focus issue. The sensor is also very sensitive so would probably benefit from shorter exposures though the op says has tried very short exposures. Louise
  4. Thalestris24

    night vision as you get older

    I guess, as well as a dark sky, you probably need good atmospheric transparency too, in order to see M31 naked eye. Living in Glasgow, I never will see M31 unaided from here. I also have developing cataracts and floaters. The cataracts mainly cause problems seeing in the shadow when it's bright roundabout. Night time hasn't been problematic - yet! I'm not sure how having cataract surgery affects seeing objects at long distance/infinity? Perhaps glasses are needed for that as well as for reading? Louise
  5. Thalestris24

    Atik Ascom & Windows 10

    Hi again I was thinking... That in APT when you load the program it should automatically connect/be connected to your camera - assuming the Atik is already powered up and the usb cable is in place. So, normally, there should be no need to tell APT to connect. If the camera isn't coming up connected in APT then that suggests a usb-related problem - which would fit to the apparently erratic behaviour you described (or else possibly a camera power related problem). With my Atik 383 if I run APT with the camera connected via usb but with no power to the camera then it doesn't auto connect in APT. hth Louise
  6. Thalestris24

    Atik Ascom & Windows 10

    APT should work too - it's what I use
  7. Thalestris24

    Atik Ascom & Windows 10

    Hi - you shouldn't have a problem.... Make sure you power on the camera before connecting the usb. You could also try connecting it via the Atik software rather than APT though the latter works ok with my 383. Louise
  8. Thalestris24

    Ascom & PHD2

    In that case I don't know what the problem is??
  9. Thalestris24

    Ascom & PHD2

    For pulse guiding you want just one computer. For ST4 you could use two but since pulse guiding is much better you should use that. Louise
  10. Thalestris24

    Ascom & PHD2

    Um, that doesn't make much sense to me - why a second system for guiding? How can that work?? I think you should use just one system for everything. Guiding involves controlling the mount based on corrections from the autoguider/phd2 and yes, you should use pulse guiding via ascom/eqmod/phd2. Louise
  11. Thalestris24

    Ascom & PHD2

    Hi I'm confused... Can you say exactly what hardware and software you have and what's connected to what using what cables. Louise
  12. Thalestris24

    Ascom & PHD2

    Hi If you're using st4 then you need to select 'on camera' for the mount. However, pulse guiding is much better. Have you tried using the ascom diagnostics? You obviously have to have the correct com port number for it to work. Louise ps I take it you are running eqmod?
  13. Thalestris24

    Master Dark subtracts too much noise?

    Also maybe check your darks/master darks are what you expect. If not, check for light leaks. Louse
  14. Thalestris24

    How's your weather.

    Hope no members in Wales got flooded
  15. Thalestris24

    How's your weather.

    It's not fair! I was just thinking about putting the heating on But I'll settle for the lentil curry I'm making instead Louise

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