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  1. Celestron AVX Servicing

    Hi I think it was improved - a bit! Trouble is cloud and other things conspire to prevent me from using it very much Louise
  2. Why I'm Not Online Much Anymore :(

    Good luck with your studies, John! I''m sure there'll be plenty of future time for you to do astro stuff. I'm not much on here either these days as I've gone back to uni to study Physics and Astronomy full time. Glasgow weather has been terrible anyway. It seems to just get worse Louise
  3. Celestron AVX Servicing

    Hi I did mine - there is info and pics here (not mine!) Louise
  4. PEC for AVX --- total failure

    If we could all get decent images at 600mm on our budget mounts without guiding then surely we wouldn't bother with fiddling about with the complications and expense of guiding! Louise
  5. star adventurer

    Hi I think it should move faster than the normal tracking speed but won't 'slew' as such. The user guide explains. Louise
  6. Drift Alignment Frustration

    Hi Crowmium You need to sort out your balance issues first. You can counterbalance with a small ankle weight wrapped around and taped in place (what I use on my 80mm ). A little 'east heavy' is recommended for imaging. Good PA is only part of the equation. Also, you are trying to image at 600mm - not a huge fl but longer than it would be with a reducer, and at f7.5 rather than f6.4. Plus without a flattener means your images will have a lot of distortion... Of course, a reducer + guiding will make your life much easier! Best wishes Louise
  7. Julian Shaw's sombrero - with a surprise!

    Good luck! Do post about how you get on Louise
  8. Julian Shaw's sombrero - with a surprise!

    Yeah, probably a waste of time for me to try with my equipment and skies. Just a dream... Sigh Louise
  9. Julian Shaw's sombrero - with a surprise!

    That's a smashing image, Olly. Probably a testament to having lovely dark skies as much as anything! That barlow is pricey... I've toyed with the idea of trying out a much more modest 2" ED barlow on my 115mm APO just to see if I can pick up some of the smaller targets. Louise
  10. Celestron Advanced VX mount

    Hi Saiph Sorry - I should have read your previous posts! I can't help with PEC advice but hope you can get somewhere with it. Do you have a focal reducer/flattener? I think that would help. Regards Louise
  11. Celestron Advanced VX mount

    Hi Saiph Um, to the best of my knowledge there's no real advantage in PEC training if you are guiding. Periodic error takes place quite slowly but guiding corrections happen every few seconds. It's probably worth doing if you're not guiding and you're imaging at longish focal lengths. Louise
  12. PixInsight v1.8.5 released

    Hi It probably doesn't make any difference but you can update Pixinsight from within the current version. Just click on Resources tab and check for updates Louise
  13. Ah, ok - R+P focuser you have! You'll probably need an extension tube to get focus with a camera and you'll likely want a flattener or a reducer for best results. Louise
  14. Hi I use an ankle weight taped to the dew shield to counterbalance mine. It looks ugly - but works fine Louise
  15. Hi Relpet I have one of those! Though mine looks slightly different - has a black rear section/focuser (2" Crayford). I got mine direct from TS together with a M48 flattener/adapter kit and it came with a case (which just gathers dust!). Mine was bought 2 1/2 years ago - maybe details have changed a bit? Anyway, it's a great imaging scope - which is what it's for really (though wish I had your location!) Hope you get much enjoyment from yours! Louise