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  1. You could explain the situation to FLO and also ask them if it's ok to check the belt tensions without affecting the warranty. You could also try and see how it behaves with a lighter scope on the mount - eg your 72ed. Well, that's what I'd do, anyway. Louise
  2. That looks pretty awful, Knobby! Obviously you need to get calibration right in order for guiding to work properly. I assume you've input your scope focal length ok etc. And your PA is good (I always drift align using the PHD tool ) Maybe have a word with FLO to check what they adjusted in respect of the belt mod and, what if any, testing they did. Louise
  3. Hi Michael As others have said, any worm backlash is separate from the motors but I think it should be very small if adjusted correctly. Louise
  4. Hi again Knobby You shouldn't have any backlash with a belt mod - unless the belt tension is maladjusted, or you are out of balance, or have cable drag or similar. Double check that the mount still balances ok vertically. In my experience, even with a small scope the belt mod is sensitive to small amounts of imbalance. You mentioned somewhere above that you keep losing the guide star - is that because the mount is drifting away from it rather than, say, poor sky transparency? The Guiding Assistant should show how your mount+scope is behaving independent of guiding and sky conditions. What figures does it return in respect of RA and DEC behaviour? Are you sure your PA is spot on - you need good PA to get a good calibration, and sometimes you need to do several iterations. If everything checks out otherwise then the simplest explanation will be the belt tension being off. I did my own belt mod (a few years ago now) and had to make several adjustments before I got it right. It's been excellent since Hope you can sort it - it's so good when it's up and running! Louise
  5. Hi Knobby Remember that with a belt mod you want very good balancing, no East heavy! Louise
  6. Even more annoying, perhaps, is that you have to remember to copy any custom threads. As it happens I've not needed to print any T2 threads in a long time so haven't bothered to add any custom threads. But who knows what the future holds? Louise
  7. I think you have to reinstall it every time Autocad does an update... Louise
  8. I'm not sure if I'll be able to manage mine. I'll have to dig the original tripod out of the attic. If it's still too heavy for me then my astro days will be numbered and I'll just have to find a new hobby. Maybe just terrestrial photography - I'd like to do some macro photography. Also more photomicrography - I've not done any in ages. I could do with a better microscope, or at least, better objectives. Good ones are very expensive but at least I wouldn't be limited by my location or the weather! Louise
  9. But then it wouldn't be ideal...
  10. My ideal tripod has a 50kg payload, weighs 500g, and costs £20...
  11. Those tripods look quite good but nobody seems to have them and they're rather expensive. I'll try the supplied Al one - maybe it will do... Thanks
  12. Thanks, though I can't really mess about with building materials in the flat... Louise
  13. I don't see how a eq3 pro would fit to one? How much does the tripod weigh (on their own)? £200 is an awful lot to pay just for a tripod... Thanks Louise
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