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  1. Markarians Chain testing out my new rig

    Fantastic,where in La Palma are you going? What about a mount,are you taking one with you or hiring one out? Good luck on your journey..hope the skies are as good as they say they are..ive been thinking of going
  2. Alignment should start in the West and end up in the east and the first alignment star will be out the most so I'd use a big bright star such as Capella ..alignment should also be away from the pole and meridian....id choose the biggest brightest stars and accuracy to centre them in the ep is better done with a illuminated crosshair one..not sure on the mount you'e using but on my celestron I can park in home position and hibernate, meaning all my star alignment is saved..just a case of waking up and then sync on a star near my target for the night..only ever need to re-do if the calibration is too far..which is normally 2-3 weeks
  3. PHD Losing the Guide Star

    I'd suggest cranking up the gain or exposure to get a higher snr on the guidestar
  4. First Sun Spots seen today

    I was out looking at our very own nuclear fusion producer..white lights fun and for the price of some baader film cheap too
  5. How to fix guiding error for my EQ5

    What did you send down with wet and dry?
  6. Fireball meteor ?

    It could be anything..such as internal reflections ..but if it was a single frame of say even 10 secs it didn't move much.. On a different note,why are you using a cls light pollution filter at what looks like a dark sky location?
  7. WTD: Skywatcher Star Adventurer Kit

    They pop up on ABS quite frequently
  8. The one with the smallest bandwidth should give you higher contrast ,smaller stars and better in light pollution..its only if you're getting down to the 3nm bandwidh that you could use in all the moon phase.. I use a 6nm astronomik and had the 12nm one beforehand and both have been excellent in performance..Ha requires fairly long exposures to really see the details..i have a soft spot for a HA image..love that contrast..
  9. the Plough

    Terrific image..never seen it done like that before..dust,star colour. Simply brilliant,will give that a go myself..thanks for the inspiration
  10. Am I on the right track?

    A second-hand ed80 frames m45 perfectly and they pop up fairly frequently at about that figure too..try and get the reducer also
  11. PHD2 logs eq3 pro

    Woah... you say it' stiff in both axis but DEC don' look too bad..hows your balance in RA?
  12. Achieving “0” is at the exact vertical position

    This might help with the setting circles..
  13. Kelling Heath Spring 2018?

    Anyone there comment on the weather (cloud) I had a mini drama today and have just finished sorting it out..will keep an eye on the weather and hopefully it be clear tomorrow night
  14. Canon 1100D or 100D for Astro imaging?

    Sorry just read the thread on here..responded via your message
  15. CLOUD... You not missed much!