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  1. I used Juan a good few years ago now, did a great job, but he used to say he has a full time job and on busy periods there maybe a delay as he did it as a sideline/ secondary job.. send him a email I'm sure he will reply..
  2. Think most of us have been guilty of that one...I certainly have.. Seems to me there's some drift showing in the stars, the channels don't seem to line up so maybe cut back on the exposure time, or hone the PA abit better...why not try the drift tool in phd2, takes abit longer but certainly gets those rms figures down.. Much that it's your choice to use narrowband it's not a total moon blocker, even in the narrowest of bandwidths.. I'd only even think of HA
  3. Class.. Nice widefied framing of the lens combined with low noise of the ccd gives the image a uniqueness to it.. In HA too Love it.. Must be loads of targets on the hit list, veil, North American, heart n soul maybe the spaggetti but sure it be still more than 1 pane
  4. Poor quality control? I'd not heard of that one Poor customer service, most definately..do they have a customer service?? When or IF my friend finally gets his it better be more than just superb for the amount of time he's waited, and paid in full on order I should add...seems criminal
  5. Hi NovaTJ, has your friend recieved or even had any acknowledgement from Mark in the last month? Reading through the blurb it sounds to me like Mark has taken too much on and letting too many people that have PAID IN FULL down..not only ones that have ordered mounts but scopes also.. Also in the blurb it says that the updates will be on social media? Not seen any personally myself... Is there anyone that either knows someone that has one of these mounts, or has had one delivered? Do they actually exist in the flesh or are they just a cad drawing? Sounds like things have gone rather quiet again
  6. Yes, I'm a member also but not been able to attend for the last couple of meets.. I know of a couple of Martin's but still getting familiar with members names..cracking club , well run with great bunch of members.. As for a mount to take on a plane, I've got a star adventurer which was an old member Chris , you're more than welcome to borrow it when you plan to go away, I'm sure he'd like that ..
  7. I'd measure it with callers, a 10mm spacer isn't always 10mm With my 16hr( same sensor) I used 55mm plus .66 for filters
  8. Fair enough but judging on what you're showing you're not doing too bad so far... Beginners make the sky black, clipping the data and not showing the background dust.. not so with you.. Looking at the image the star to the right of m42 looks abit odd, with a strange sort of spike, and the large star at the top of the horsehead looks like the red channel isn't aligned,got some sort of halo ...not sure what's going on there but on the whole it's a really nice image..looks like you're heading in the right direction on my taste.. Maybe shoot some very short subs for the core( trapezium) and blend it in.. Very good so far
  9. Where in Kent are you? Yes lots of cloud lately
  10. Loads of videos on u tube, pick out the ones that suit you and your taste and work with those methods..
  11. Ok, with the 383 you will need darks and that camera benefits from long exposures.. a friend showed me his single frame and then once stacked looked clean as a whistle... I'd say 10min + subs for that camera, unless you're looking for core detail on m42! Go for it, and no harm in trying
  12. I took a shot on a limited session a few years ago Shot with my sct and dslr, obviously zoomed in
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