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  1. Id not been too impressed with the images from this camera until i see this... Fantastic image.. 0
  2. Are you using sharpcap through your 400mm fl.. They suggest a fl of no more than 205 i believe..
  3. Do you play with the saturation etc in dss then save the file ?
  4. A dob is more a visual can get motors /tracking mounts but then it costs even more money..a dobsonian is a mount..look up john dobson who was the creator..
  5. Yep save your money for a dedicated plantary camera..
  6. I only found this to find 41p gliding past..
  7. Ok thanks..i imaged catalina a couple of weeks ago..i got the fuzzy cloud around the object but no colour..from a dark sky with no moon im hoping to get some colour..
  8. yes it said too few stars on the 38 occasion,with a almost perfect fov and clear skies..and the times its done 100-171 is usual for the amount it collects at home in light polluted skies without a great fov with intermitant cloud...
  9. Ok,thanks for your response.. and your picture is fantastic..have to get something like this.. Did the green pop out when you processed?
  10. Yes..i looked it up but you get what i mean thou..same sort of star formation with blue nebulosity... Another target for me then..
  11. If you are use to the performance of a 6d then a crop framed camera might not do it for you..or.. Swap my modded 100d for your 6d..??
  12. Does anyone use any other type of fitting?
  13. Looks like m45 to me..nice thou
  14. Mine far not aligned on anything..polar or star... I can polar align good enough for over 2 min subs on a sct without starsense..and it takes me 5 mins
  15. Cant see why celestron have sold a power unit without the cigar fitting..abit pointless.. Think celestron are losing their way!!