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  1. For planets I'd totally disagree with that..even a full frame DSLR that costs thousands couldn't produce what a planetary camera can.. for dso yes I'd agree but not on planets.. If DSLR were the way forward then all the top imagers would use them..but they don't..
  2. You need stable air for Jupiter.. this coming week looks good on paper..only once you set up an look at it on the comp screen you will know how good it is
  3. Newbie alert: thank you very much! but when i change the eyepice the object not in the new eyepiece. I dont even see it. Im told, that from the biggining i need to do alignment with the eyepiece that magnify, and then in the observation when i change the eyepiece from small field of view to wide field of view it ahould work! If it's not in the fov then look throu the the finder to see how far out you are..the finder and scope should be looking in the same direction.. If you jump from say a 40mm down to a 7mm the the change will be quite drastic..gradually step down in the mm to step up the magnication Not sure on what sky align alignment I can understand as goto..polar align is aligning on the ncp assuming you are north of the equator..Doesnt the cpc have a auto align where it aligns it's self to the passing satellites? Or am I thinking of something else? Another thing is to check that you are on sidereal rate..check in utilities again I think.. With the drift,once you recenter on something it with track from that moment on..if I was to use a 25mm on Jupiter it will keep it in the ep all night..if I use say a 7mm it will drift as it's a narrower fov..
  4. When you change the eyepiece you need to adjust the focus need to realign..just use the controller to recenter... When switching off I go to utilities and choose home position on goto on my Avx... might be different on your cpc
  5. Great job for the exposure times you had..
  6. Is it secrete deep base from wickes or Travis Perkins? It looks like it's made from ball..itsreal name is 600 base and don't think it's designed for external use... id suggest either ardex na or balls green bag as both have a pedigree for external use..but above 9mm it should be a filled mix with granite chipping for the compression strength.. I made a ramp in a neighbours garage as it had rainwater creeping in...its been there for about 8 years so far!
  7. and then will put some self levelling compound on top to give a nice smooth and flat surface for the pier. Ray,go carefull on what "self levelling" you use as most you wont be able to use in a outbuilding or under a dpm..and then make sure it has a decent compression strength to it..then use it in the correct manner..theres only 1 type that id use in that situation..take it's for the pier?
  8. Sorry Olly,yes I'm a newbie so making a few schoolboy errors on the way.. but I never said that you would get more photons.. So if the f ratio is dismissive why do imagers use the fastest f number scopes they can? It's all a bit confusing in the newbie world
  9. Thanks for that..looks like it's universal..can I take it please..can you pm me your payment details please
  10. Hi Jessen..can you tell me the spacing of the bolt holes on the Normandy or which scope it came off please..
  11. Yes I agree but the reason to stack the image is to make it brighter..if it was just about aperture then everyone would just use sct's.. but unfortunately they're all native f10 and to get it to perform a bit better on dso you need to make it faster using a reducer at f6.3.. also a lot of imagers use fast ratio frac/newts etc for that very reason
  12. It's great so far...heres a u tube link..
  13. I have a goto but I manually align..then I use a polemaster to get it perfectly aligned as poss
  14. Now all a person has to do is hit a alignment button and sit back and wait a few minutes for the scope to self align all by itself not quite...and on the scopes that have that feature who's to say it's accurate? I bought a starsense to enable me to do just that..didnt work 100% of the time..
  15. Goto is star alignment..not the same as polar alignment.. And I've read the same thing but don't fully understand it really..but think tracking is done throu RA..