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  1. newbie alert

    Orion Nebula

    I personally prefer the image on the right..im not a big fan of vivid nebulas.. Did you loop around the nebula to bring the colours out keep the black sky..theres alot of nebulosity going on in that part of the sky and it's certainly not black.. Saying that thou,it's your image and you process it how you like..
  2. Thankyou James for the info..any ideas on say Oct/Nov conditions..thinking of early winter targets..or is it best during the summer
  3. Superb James..i just got back from Gran Canaria and did a astro tour a couple of times..yes the calima was evident as you looked at the volcanic mountains..the only day it looked really clear was the day we flew home..La Palma is very much on my hit list as a dedicated astro holiday,so any info you have please can you send either as a pm if you don't want to clog up your thread.. Did you take your own equipment,you mentioned scope so assumed you did or did you hire it..I took my S.A. and camera but would love to take a scope..if you could hire a mount out there that be awesome..i did the milky way myself
  4. newbie alert

    What should i buy????

    Depends on the terrain I suppose..i did a astro tour in Gran Canaria (AstrotoursGC) and they use 16 inch dobsonians....a flat ish area is useful..if you know the area and you don't have to carry it far then the aperture combined with dark skies is a awesome combo, but if you want to take images then a equatorial mount will be far better
  5. newbie alert

    Andromeda 2 panels mosaic, city backyard

    Beautiful image, as a technical question does the whispy cloud part come from the luminance?
  6. newbie alert

    CMOS camera recomendations

    Qhy version has the Tec cooling too.. Obviously the sensor is the same but are they all the same camera spec wise..cooled version obviously
  7. newbie alert

    CGX updates

    Not on a cgx but on my old avx I had to change my cable adapter.. Had the same message and someone on here I think suggested it maybe the adapter,so I purchased one on ebay,run the driver for it and it worked first time.. My old adapter worked with phd so couldn't understand why not with updating the firmware..so I ditched it
  8. newbie alert

    AzEQ6 fails star cross test

    First thing id look at is the power source.. battery,cables ..connections..
  9. newbie alert

    ASI 184 Pro or non Pro

    Thought amp glow was from the heating from the circuits during the exposure?
  10. newbie alert

    Damaged or incomplete EQ5 mount parts

    Yep..same for me with my AZ bolts on my cgem...latitide ones are fine..
  11. newbie alert

    RGB like NB images

    Very nice..quality..
  12. newbie alert

    My DEC is running away from me

    Clutches done up tight?
  13. Thanks for that..never heard of that one before..might try it in the future... For ease to find the right collimation screw I use a 90 degree piece of card held in place with a clothes peg.. My scope holds its collimation very well but I'm very careful to handling it
  14. newbie alert

    Damaged or incomplete EQ5 mount parts

    You can buy upgraded latitude bolts separately...
  15. newbie alert

    Teleskop Service Sale

    I see a lunt 50 for sale at F1 telescopes for £899 .heres the link ..is it the same one?

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