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  1. newbie alert

    Polemaster problem

    Deffo the seeing conditions.. everything you have described happens with high cloud..
  2. With narrowband and ccd expose for as long as you can guide for..10 min subs are quite normal with ccd, cmos might only require 5 mins or less...look at your histogram and judge what's needed..you don't want to clip any data in processing so allow for that.. Your rosette is really nice, hope you have plenty of subs and look forward to a final image..rosette is mainly emitting HA so it has very strong signal in that wavelength..what camera are you using by the way?
  3. newbie alert

    M45- The Pleiades (again)

    Thanks..I found that it was great data..very smooth for a DSLR..
  4. newbie alert

    M45- The Pleiades (again)

    My version, as done my back in and I must say I enjoyed doing it Thanks for sharing the data..
  5. newbie alert

    Heart and Soul with widefield set up

    I'd suggest to everyone to click and zoom in...it's really fantastic..well done
  6. newbie alert

    AVX - Is that Normal??!!

    Don't think I'd see that as play as there's no way it would pull like that in real life..there's plenty of things on u tube to show how's it's best to make sure the gears knit together as best you can
  7. newbie alert

    NEQ6/EQ6 guiding graphs.

    That's interesting... your dec trend only touching base once..
  8. Looks like horizontal bands in the first image
  9. newbie alert

    Polemaster - Accuracy

    I shall try it but..as I see it you're trying to align to a point of rotation on the sky..so you align on that point and get it as good as you can ..sky refraction is the only thing that changes..then you do it again?? Does that point in the sky change? It's almost like celestrons ASPA that people do that multiple times..makes no sense..
  10. newbie alert

    Polemaster - Accuracy

    Cheap..still bought the polemaster for £260! I use sharpcap as it's agrees with phd the most..polemaster and sharpcap doesn't agree with each other 100%.. Can't see how running something twice would make it any better.. but agree with you, just want to get imaging rather than messing about with PA..but a decent PA to start with sure does make phd run a whole lot better..
  11. newbie alert

    Polemaster - Accuracy

    I more or less did you what you do except the second star routine..I just used the previous axis point I use mainly sharpcap now for polar alignment but use the polemaster camera..if I have time I drift align in phd2 afterwards..
  12. newbie alert

    Undecided but Hi.

    Bit of advice..sct's aren't the easiest to use for astrophotography..fine for planetary but it's long focal length isn't the easiest thing to try..beginner or seasoned astrophographer
  13. newbie alert

    Adobe Photoshop

    I think it's good value at £10 a month..
  14. newbie alert

    Hello from Maidstone, UK

    I'm in Ashford myself.. Nice to hear of a fellow Kentish man
  15. newbie alert

    HoH Melotte 15 - first light on second rig at e-Eye

    Simply just gorgeous...

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