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  1. Heres my last chance colour version, not really what i was trying to achieve in my head but my best shot with the time i have..really fun trying thou, many thanks for sharing the data set This was done in PS, I chose this time to keep the stars, blasted each channel with Carbonies " enhance target and reduce stars "quite early on , along with levels, curves and a little noise reduction.. I choose not to use the make stars smaller function as I found it to cause black halos around the stars, I'm sure it could have been dealt with in post but that's maybe for another day I found the d
  2. Thanks FLO for the clean data set, really enjoy doing this and amazed at the difference people produce this is my SHO version, if i get another chance i might submit another try, all processed in PS using carbonies tools, starnet++ etc FLO COMP final 1st process.tif
  3. That's pretty unbelievable... James Webb has a high standard boots to fill.. if it ever gets up there!
  4. Look at you image scale, with the 183 it will be at .39.. with the 1600 it's slightly better at .61.. this is if you're using a .63 reducer.. can the avx guide at that? I'm not so sure it can... Imaging at that scale with a sct is tough ,really tough.. do some thorough research before you jump in but as I see this morning it can be really rewarding
  5. Apt and NINA are really good.. never had an issue with APT, NINA does my head in sometimes but it's framing and autofocus are awesome
  6. Hi all, selling my qhy5 m as I've got a 290 arriving soon Works perfectly fine, just wanting something a bit more sensitive and up to date.. I've only used this for guiding.. comes with the st4 and usb lead.. £50 plus post
  7. M81, m63 etc would be a good fit, if you use a .85 reducer that would help on targets like m42.. I was using a similar sized chip on my atik 16, and now use a 460 which blows my mind everytime I use it.. excellent cameras
  8. In terms of cmos a 1600 is an old camera.. cmos moves on fast.. As in the real estate comment, I'm not up there on American slang but does that mean that you want to my a camera to use or as a investment?
  9. Atik 4 series but with the 314 sized sensor What scope are you pairing it with and what are your targets?
  10. I have a cem60, the cem 70 was about to be released but I be honest I thought it was way over priced( still do) at the time a cem 60 was £1699, the basic 70 was £2350 And the guider version £2550.. so for 10lb more payload I failed to see where the extra £650 was But, the 60 has been awesome, streets ahead of the cgem, so much that I wouldn't consider celestron again In your case, I'd look into getting your board repaired, replacement would be probably far too much money, although a quick search throws up a mother board for a cge pro for £120 on ebay https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/C
  11. Sorry for your misfortune, if its under 2 years old then send it back as its under warrenty , if not I'd unscrew it and see if you can see where it's burnt out..should be quite obvious Are you in the UK? Your local celestron dealer should be able to get one, but prepare yourself for quite a shock, David hinds were quite willing to sell me a handset for my cgem but when it was apparent that it was the board, they wanted the whole mount back, posted via their retailer, but wasn't receiving anything at the time because of covid.. they couldn't/ wouldn't give me a rough price until they had
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