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  1. Grease Options

    So did it need a new DEC head? The second pic down the thread looks a bit rough..
  2. Celestron Avx

    Sorry Peter,I missed this.. I haven't got a mains adapter no I power it with 12v ,and the issue isn't there all the time..its a bit erratic..
  3. Celestron Avx

    The wires for the power supply have been tested for breaks and also the switch..
  4. Celestron Avx

  5. Celestron Avx

    As in this
  6. Celestron AVX Servicing

    Dave wood from darkframe ltd was interested in doing my avx a while back..i hesitated in getting it done as there was a issue with someone else's eq6 and I wasn't that happy the way he dealt with it so holding onto my £469 for the time being..yes you get stiction with all mounts but thinking how slow the gears turn it don't need to swing around like a sail.. but if you have £469 for a hypertune or £560 for the stellerdrive burning a hole in your back pocket..
  7. Annoying "bloom'" spoils a rare clear sky!

    I think that cls type filters cause more issues than they solve
  8. Celestron Avx

    I was using a celestron power tank but found it rubbish..ok to start off with but then lost it's power really quickly even though keeping it topped up..so I got a 12v 17ah jump starter from Halfords.. had it about a year without issues.. I have had probs with the connection between the mount and lead for a while now but I've had those components tested for breaks etc..its all fine
  9. Celestron Avx

    17ah jump starter
  10. A 50mm lense you're going to get roughly the whole Orion constellation in the frame...how wide you want yo go is dependant on what you want to image but on a static mount if you go too narrow then the exposures will be very short.as a e.g... if you had a 14mm lense on a crop camera you get about 20 seconds without star trails..on a 200mm you get 1-2 seconds
  11. Samyang is so much better than a kit lense..
  12. Starsense is a star alignment aid.. yes it has ASPA on it but you already have that in the handset of your AVX.. Not really going to help you with imaging
  13. Hi all..not sure if it's in the right section but I'm looking to update the latest firmware on my AVX but can't find it anywhere on the celestron website..any ideas please?
  14. Celestron Avx

    I've eliminated the power issue I think..the connector inside I've had issues within the past but there's no breaks in the wires or switch..see original post
  15. Celestron Avx

    I'm looking at updating the firmware now as I dont know anyone with a handset close by.. Any idea on where to find the latest updates..is it me or do celestron intentionally make it hard to find things..needlw in a haystack spring to mind