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  1. I was comparing how dim the bat was to the Elephant.. but you can see where the squid is in HA without actually seeing it..
  2. Nina has this function so say you wanted to do a 6 pane mosaic you could do a imaging plan and do all 6 panes in one night or 1 pane with all channels per night, whatever you wanted, it's so flexible
  3. Question 1.. no, never found the need So at a guess as the worm cycle of 7 mins you're saying there's 28 arc secs of error per cycle.. wow never knew that..
  4. My favourite part of the heart.. the heart of the heart... Wonderful image, I like it alot
  5. Periodic error comes from the worm, its usually about 7 mins to do a full cycle, so unless there's a really bad thread on the spindle or something stuck in there I'd doubt it..
  6. The eq6r pro is certainly a mount that can guide very accurately .. 30 seconds don't sound that good unguided.. if you can eliminate PA, tracking speed , balance etc and still not get more than 30 seconds then maybe look to send it back.. more likely to be user error thou.. First thing id do is make sure that it's tracking at sidereal rate, and eq north.. Then I'd look at PA.. you can tell which direction the trails are going to see which directional axis you have errors in.. You mentioned that you use the ipolar system, not familiar with that one myself but things like sharpcap, polemaster etc are really great for speed you can't say that they're 100% accurate..personally I get better accuracy using Sharpcap but with my polemaster camera than I do using the polemaster software, and if I use the drift align tool in phd2 I get even better results( but it takes far longer).. all 3 conflict each other's results but we're aligning to the same point in the sky ..just as a hunch check that the ipolar is seated correctly in the housing and is secure, what power supply are you using? These mounts like slightly more than 12v.. If you're confident that these aren't causing the issues then contact your supplier and maybe send it back, as with all mass produced items you get the odd rouge one.. Are you guiding?
  7. Did you get this sorted Dave?
  8. Fantastic image Carrole... I went from the Elephant trunk over to the bat and was shocked how dim it is, and that was in HA..
  9. You need a prerequisite , if you contact Robin he can send you the link
  10. I'm not sure on the cg5 but had you said cgem the central hole is the same diameter @65mm ..but think the post is in a different position on the skywatcher
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-25-5-Position-Manual-Filter-Wheel-For-Telescope-Astrophotography-w-T2-Adapter/114154556389?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item1a94244be5:g:hPcAAOSw-AFedHm2
  12. What celestron mount are you using atm?
  13. Oh wow.. they say you learn something new every day...thanks all for sharing the info
  14. I'd get guiding first, a 80ed punches above it price tag in performace.. you can adapt the finder into a guider with an adapter, so all you would need is a guide camera, and adapter.. a rs232 cable to usb or a st4 cable..and downloaded phd2.. What mount are you using?
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