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  1. NEQ6 Pro and guiding........help.

    Looks to me that your PA needs to be a bit better..near on 25 arc mins rms.. . How do you polar align,you could use sharpcap,or drift align in phd..did you run the guiding assistant after calibrating? And where in the sky did you do your calibration...are you balanced in both axis with the scope.. sorry for all the questions..
  2. M42 SWED80 unguided

    I'm not really totally sure ..the only way I can do it is to have the camera to the laptop and the laptop to the bottom of the handset as my camera hasn't got a separate guideport..not too sure if that's pulse guiding or not,but with my camera I have no other choice..works well thou..
  3. Horsehead HA + rgb

    Nice job..i like it...the dust behind the horse is my favourite bit
  4. M42 SWED80 unguided

    I'm in buntingford next week..i see your not too far away if you want a hand with phd..let me know I'm not an expert but I have my cgem guiding ok...
  5. LDN1622 - The Bogeyman mosaic in mono

    Fantastic Sara..another target I didn't even realise was there
  6. What is a better choice?

    Can't comment on the 130 but a 80ed is a awesome scope
  7. Meade Lx90

    I'm about to do this with my lx50 and for sir it will have a losmandy plate..i have one on my 8sct and as said it's solid..
  8. Looks like a power issue to me If I was to have a guess
  9. CGEM II vs. EQ6-R

    I loved my AVX...not feeling it with my cgem thou
  10. As I've said that I've done this and worn the t shirt..amazing how a hot pixel or noise looks like a star..the only way I've found is to make sure your guide camera is focused..i use sharpcap as it's quicker to adjust the exposure/gain and then focus.When I used a skywatcher finder/guider I needed more inward focus so I just jammed the adapter in,obviously other cameras might be different focal point..you're quite correct that the focal length of a 9x50 skywatcher is 180mm but don't think it would be enough to cause many problems..
  11. Me too Billy..thought my guiding was awesome..
  12. Astrodon vs... The rest.

    There's threads on here showing exactly that..3nm bandwidth shows smaller stars and higher contrast..
  13. M42 HaRGB with 100D and two scopes...

    I like the dramatic dust..gives it a 3d look..didnt look at the core but you can add some short subs just for the core at a later stage..superb
  14. Sharpcap Polar Alignment

    Sharpcap is pretty good..in my view more accurate than polemaster...ive not tried drift aligning in phd2 yet but I'm hoping it's more accurate than sharpcap..i have a feeling it is..
  15. PHD Calibration Data Question

    Looking better..