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  1. Can't see what the point is, slew to the 1st star and center it, move to the 2nd and 3rd stars and repeat ( notice how the stars are getting more accurate?) I don't use a skywatcher atm but I'm doing 3 stars with 3 calibration stars, return to home and hibernate the mount..next time I setup I wake up, slew to a big bright star(vega, Arcturus etc) and if it's out I re-sync..sure this can be done with a skywatcher.. home position should be accurate on the skywatcher as it has setting circles.. really no need to release the clutches for any reason
  2. Yep, same for me.. I been chasing flex around driving myself mad.. I think mine is focuser draw tube sag... seeing my focuser has just broke im hoping that once I've replaced it , it all disappears... Fingers and toes crossed, just got to save up the funds
  3. There's no need to undo the clutch and center the star..if you do it's going to be out..the whole point of a star alignment is to tell the mount where it is..if you undo the clutch it's going to be wrong.. start from home position, star align and hey presto..it knows where it is..
  4. Yes, totally agree with you there..but He's using spacers to align the filterwheel up..if he had a rotator I'm sure he would of used it
  5. If he's not guiding which is the way I'm seeing it and just using the tracking of the mount it won't be that pixel perfect otherwise no-one would have the need to guide.. the idea of a dither is so that you don't put a green pixel on top of a green pixel on top of a green, and the same for red etc causing colour mottle ..if you dither it averages it out.. unless he's using some top of the range mount it's not going to be that accurate If you look at his image the walking noise is going in the same direction as the drift in the stars
  6. I think the important thing is to get your spacing from the reducer(If using one) and sensor correct, the filter wheel and spacers are incorperated into this measurement getting this wrong affects your stars..unless your using as hugh is above a petzval design of scope My own camera isn't symetrical
  7. Was this all within your spacing to sensor distance? Have you still got a flat field with the stars looking good at edge of the field?
  8. Are you using it with a eyepeice or a camera? The pst was made to use with a ep, so there's a few problems accociated with using with a camera..easiest way is by using a barlow
  9. If you do a 10 sec delay in the exposures you should get a natural dither, if not then a 20 sec delay..
  10. I work buntingford area most weeks but live in Kent if anyone needs a delivery service somewhere in between
  11. Spacing is there to get your distance to your camera sensor correct ..not to align it, I'd rather have a wonky camera than wonky stars
  12. Was this the 490ex that was on astrobuysell lately? From Croatia?
  13. If you have a 9x50 finder it can be converted with a adapter ( £20) it's got a fl of 180mm much preferred it to my altair 60mm
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