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newbie alert

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  1. newbie alert

    Asking too much of a Sensor??

    What iso are you using, maybe drop the iso down
  2. newbie alert

    good news ... bad news

    Looks like amp glow( although it's called something else) on a 183??
  3. newbie alert

    Mount grease

    To my mind it needs to be a grease that's not too sticky in the winter and not run like a river in the summer, or in doors..think geoptik do 2 types for different applications..on a side note how difficult was it to disassemble..did you make a Teflon washer for the DEC gear..I've heard it don't have a bearing..is this true?
  4. Always set you gain/exposure on the brightest part of the moon..once done leave it and do all your frames the same.. Once it's all stitched and you have a slight difference in tone then it can be adjusted in levels in Photoshop Are you in Kent yourself?
  5. newbie alert

    La Palma report

    Did you get some images of it Steve? I've not been to La Palma yet but it's high on the list
  6. newbie alert

    Orion nebula with Quattro and 1000D

    By red cast do you mean the red in the background? To my eyes that's how it should but with the dust..jet black to my mind isn't quite right, and they say clipping the blackpoint destroys quite alot of your hard earned data.. A job well done I'd say..
  7. newbie alert

    What do I need for PA with sharp cap?

    Sharpcap is really good, quick method of PA... You can buy an adapter for converting your finder into a guider..I used this method with my 80ed and preferred it over what I have now.. Take it you can see Polaris? If not you will have to drift align so will need a decent view to the south and either the east or west
  8. newbie alert

    OIII, Neodymium and UHC-S filters

    What bandwidth is the astronomik O111 please?
  9. newbie alert

    NEQ6 Alignment Issues

    Can I ask why youre unlocking the clutch to center the star in number 2 of your list..
  10. newbie alert

    Looking for an AS to join

    I'm sure that it be too far for you but there's several in Kent.. Mid Kent in bredhurst Ashford astronomical association SEKAS ,near Alkham valley Dover
  11. newbie alert

    1.25" H-Alpha Filter

    While I'd never point it in the same direction of the moon and always choose a target opposite side of the moon it's ok..I'm using a 6nm now and it's far better Issue with this filter is it causes star bloat on bright stars with my setup, it might not for you..I'm happy to post it onto you foc if you're in the UK.. you got nothing to lose trying.. Pm your address and I post it on
  12. newbie alert

    Upgraded to an OOUK

    So that's the beast then Paul..looks great,hope it serves you well
  13. newbie alert

    1.25" H-Alpha Filter

    How small the bandwidth? I've got a 12nm ha astronomik spare..1.25..
  14. newbie alert

    Anyone using an OGEM mount??

    This just popped up on my Facebook.. sounds like my old drill motor got recycled
  15. newbie alert

    FOV and Pixel Scale Calculator

    Not too sure or straight in my head about dawes limit myself yet..I undersample myself at 3 (arc secs per pixel, I think it is?) I don't get blocky stars as they say I should, maybe if I printed a image on a 50x40 print I may see it..but on a laptop or my phone I don't see it..know plenty that undersample but don't take any notice of sampling rate..not sure if it's a true representation of digital photography but like I say it's not straight in my mind yet

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