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  1. Ok..i have a choice..a 50mm finder/ guider..or a 80mm altair maxi f4.1..thinking of weight as its on a avx mount 8inch sct
  2. What size guider are you using in your 8? as im about to do the same thing and what size rings did you get as i asume you need abit of movement to pick up the guide star in the fov
  3. My AVX id awesome..and like whats been said above,i dont own a polar scope..i use the align mount feature on the handset..
  4. If you remove the scope you will need to align it again...i know what your thinking but a knatts hair out and its out..
  5. Nice well done..damien peach better watch out!
  6. Great pic..about 15 secs with a 14mm is about right on my lense..nice
  7. Great link Ben,thanks
  8. Try some low iso and some really short exposures for the core..a 6d is a full frame and can do very well at higher iso and low iso..i use a 100d and shoot at 400 and 800 on m42.. at 400 the trapezium is still highly visable..are you stacking in dss?
  9. If your camera and software has a ROI(region of interest) that will help to keep the file size down and as in some cameras the frames per second up..of yours has a 30fps then just do a min of video..windupos has a de-rotate feature A motorised mount is a must as you need to keep the target in the frame without cant touch the scope
  10. I did the Gary palmer one..and booked on the Damien Peach one...fantastic..
  11. Finder arrived today..thanks Ben
  12. About £682 but a lot of scope for that price
  13. Pm sent for the finder please..thankyou
  14. Wow..looks amazing..
  15. Fantastic venus image