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  1. You think I'm Lucas! Are you paranoid Look up my profile, not even in the same country, I'd love a mesu but that's a long way off, I've got other things to prioritise way before that... I've only ever had 1 dealing with him, I'm not one of his customers but i found him polite, genuine. . Like I said I've only heard positive things, and that's not going to change my opinion of him.. Good luck to him
  2. Most comments about mesu and lucas are all very positive...I don't really need to ask , but how's yours doing Adam?
  3. Problem is not everyone is in agreement with you.. customer service...Lucas went way above and beyond the norm went he found out that a component on the mount was faulty, so he traced the owners of the faulty batch, travelled to the owners houses and installed the new one... sorry but that's above what most would do, by a long chalk.. Won't be catching any photons in 2 years, how long did you say you had it on order, thought you said Jan but Lucas told you that they was all sold so with delays it might be May.. Your other reply I've no idea what you're talking about as don't make an
  4. We're 12 days into june, from his own words he said there was a delay right from the start, so he anticipated the delay.. from what cause isn't said but he only said it could be may.. He's obviously annoyed Lucas that much much for him not to respond to his emails( we all don't know what has been said, but obviously pushes a few buttons) I deal with supplying materials and this year hasn't been worth trying to trade..so I'm only fitting...we should have had a new price book in Sept and another in March to keep up with increases but so far it's June and still no pricebook.. So i
  5. We're 12 days into June.. Maybe because of your deadlines and general attitude as you come across on here you've been put at the back of the que We have no astro darkness only twilight, those photons won't stop travelling and still be there when you finally get a mount.. If you're that impatient maybe you picked the wrong hobbie... venting your anger on here has solved what? I've got 3 working mounts thankyou and yes I work hard for my money.. what is it a peeing up the wall contest Could buy a Trident, or keep it local a Gemini... but none will work as well as a mesu..
  6. Whatever the reason is it won't solve anything by venting on a social platform... And why do you think you need to give Lucas a deadline? Opening up a case with a lawyer just put his back up, harrasing him with emails certainly did as he's now refused to contact you back.. The controllers aren't made in his home country, they need to be imported and cost a fortune You're painting a very ugly picture of yourself.. do you think you're the only customer in the world Hope he does refund you as I don't think you're the type of customer he needs.. Buy a Trident.. then
  7. So with regards to the skywatcher mounts I doubt that there was a realistic delivery date ever set... there was a flood of deliveries from Celestron, ioptron, skywatcher etc lately to all outlets but I'm sure that most of it was sold so won't be much left if any for stock.. Regarding the JTW, yeah fully agree..and he's terrible with any updates on a fully upfront paid product But this is getting away from the subject of the mesu.. Lucus said that he needed to make 25 units and it will take longer than his normal 10 week turnaround( so a delay was anticipated) and possibly in May an
  8. So if the supplier misses his delivery date then how he ment to achieve his deadline? With regards to the Trident mount, a friend ordered one and was told about a month.. that was over 2 years ago now.. With regards to the skywatcher eq6 which is a massed produced product.. is 6 months unreasonable in your eyes.. Atm everything is a nightmare to get hold of, demand exceeds production Not everything is off the shelf like B&Q
  9. Ok, put it into perspective.. people ordering a eq6 r pro have had to wait 6 months plus for their mounts, or any astro products... Covid, brexit have added to the normal related issues.. Think it's quite reasonable to have a custom made product within a few months.. that's pretty fast I think
  10. Sorry to hear of your frustration but... at the time being it's a totally different world out there now.. gaining materials is a massive problem in every aspect, not just astro... in the construction industry there's massive issues getting stock..as a e.g I got told that timber has gone up in price, trying to get stock is a massive problem which he blamed on trump buying supplies and paying double.. concrete supplies are limited because they can't get the polymers to make the bags, can't make paving slabs, or concrete blocks, can't get get wheelbarrow or shovels because they can't get the met
  11. What are you using for capture? Only thing I can think of is a screen stretch
  12. I use the astronomik lrgb and 6nm narrowband set... I've been more than happy with them so far... used with my esprit 80 and sct
  13. Here you go, I name him toothless Baht
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