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  1. HEQ5 Pro and PHD2 Movements

    I'm sure he means the controller for the callibration steps..you get a very small glimpse of it here at about 5 seconds in..on the right handside 20171112_212824.mp4
  2. Dead Meade Fork Mount for 10" Schmidt-Cassigrain

    Sent a pm Phil
  3. No Ha was harmed during this shot

    Very nice indeed
  4. exceedingly cheap refractor

    Refractors use lenses..thats a newtionion reflector..worth $40 I'd say..
  5. A good Ha filter for a modified Canon.

    Oh yeah..the clue is in the title...
  6. CGX-L alignment problems

    There's your issue i think..Your mount is a german equatorial mount ..compass north isn't really that accurate..you need to polar align it to the north celestial pole which is a few arc mins off the star Polaris.. compass north is ok for such things like the sun as it's a big target to hit..a star is a very small target...you say you're northern hemisphere? Are you in the UK? Have you got a polar scope?
  7. A good Ha filter for a modified Canon.

    If the camera isn't modded the IR filter will still block the ha signal..i think
  8. Arrrgh.... Left Bhatinov on!

    Been there,done that..got the t-shirt too
  9. CGX-L alignment problems

    What about starting position?
  10. CGX-L alignment problems

    Are you northern hemisphere?. Where are you getting the long/lat ,are you putting in the date in American format? What's your starting point? The point of doing the star alignment is to tell the mount where it is,then the goto function will be more accurate..
  11. Customer setup tested, AZ6 & TS 100Q

    Not sure what's better looking the mount or the image.. Ok it's the image!!
  12. How safe is buying from FLO?

    Because they're the sponsors on here I thought I'd better support them so ordered a few bits..email back within a hour to say it was dispatched and arrived the next day..wow...so then placed another order which I thought I'd messed it up so emailed them to change the order...Martin dealt with the order and soon corrected my messup and again arrivedthe following day..superb service..great prices,no complaints here
  13. Replacement mount for an lxd55

    I have a 8 inch sct on a avx mount..im about to try oag but expecting the mount not to handle it very well..some new found friends image with sct's but they all use eq6 sized mounts..think the eq5 size will be on or over the limit.
  14. Yes this is true..focal length divided by aperture equal focal ratio..but what scope has a f5 ratio with a long focal length that's different to what he already has? Unless it's a f2.8 epsilion
  15. The 80ed is a awesome scope for the money.. the esprit is prob the next stage up . You can't have a faster f ratio unless you shorten the focal length