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  1. I have a 12nm astronomik ha filter from the era 2007-2008 that had the issue of halos,contacted astro eu that I presume are the astronomik agents ..they won't replace it as it's out of warrenty but offered a new one at a discounted rate.. So before I go ahead I tried my 6nm clip in filter stuck in the filter wheel with electrical tape... so far no halos from even bright stars..
  2. Lost me totally too but I'm sure it makes sense to someone What was the first image,just a HA or a luminance stack? Fantastic image Adam
  3. newbie alert

    The Great Andromeda Galaxy

    Just superb...well done
  4. They certainly have a stigma attached to them..stunning images but on the flipside a good few can't get on with them collimation wise..maybe one day once I've gained a good bit of experience!
  5. newbie alert

    Astrodon vs... The rest.

    Astronomik or astro shop eu would replace them but..theyre out of warrenty now..
  6. newbie alert

    Astrodon vs... The rest.

    I'm in the same boat. I have a set of Astronomik Ha, SII and OIII. The Halos are terrible. I have a Chroma Ha arriving this week. I'm very pleased, and a bit relieved, to see the positive comments above. How old are they as they say the batch not up to scratch is between 2007-2008
  7. Lots of very good experienced imagers haven't got to grips with a RC...collimation has been described as the B swear word..
  8. newbie alert

    Obsy for a refractor

    A friend of mine images with a 200mm pds..his obsey is tiny and looks like a coal bunker...even thou it's camera up,it's best not to advertise what you have in there in today's society..
  9. newbie alert

    Celsetron CGX - Custom Tour

    Can't read the text of your question..far too dim on the screen on my phone
  10. newbie alert

    nasty reflections

    Are you near sodium streetlights?
  11. newbie alert

    Ha filters

    Cheers Adam..i look them up
  12. I had awful problems with my astronomik ha filter but it came from a bad batch of 2007-08 which they recognise..i did a test with my 6nm clip in filter and halos are now gone. This is Vega with dodgy filter
  13. newbie alert

    The Veil gets its tail!

    Superb image Olly...feint whispy parts I've never seen before..
  14. newbie alert

    Lunt LS50 or Solarmax?

    I was at herstmonceux end of Aug and was a few solar scopes setup and pointed at the sun..funny enough a pst,lunt 50 and a solarmax 60 ..for me the solarmax gave the best image..the lunt not that far behind and the pst in last place.. I'm sure if comparing a 60mm lunt with the 60mm solarmax there wouldn't be too much in it..

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