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  1. Can't argue with the results.. I'm an atik fan too..superb camera's
  2. Alain, any data released is very welcomed after so much anticipation.. naturally people are very cautious so hopefully the more mounts that are released , the more confident people get
  3. Look up what magnum does with his 135/533 setup in the deepsky imaging section to see what kind of results to expect Not really with you on the short exposure way of thinking as it's still narrowband
  4. Rms in arc sexonds and peak to peak is all you need to know
  5. As an option you could buy a ccd47 as a x.67 focal reducer and you're be imaging at 1072mm or f5.36 for the f ratio freaks...
  6. Most scopes will be back heavy with cameras/ filterwheel etc and those that you list are ample to do the job ..I use one myself on my sct.. decent balance is key to good guiding( assuming that you're imaging?) The dovetail you have looks like a vixen style so make sure that you get the one compatible with the dovetail Unless you want to go diy and bolt a weight to the front.. just need to find one that offsets the weight at the back You have pushed the scope up as far as you can? Looking at it the last one is for vixen dovetails.. V series
  7. Why? I'd expect the professionals to be abit more...Professional As a newbie it's confusing enough as it is
  8. A hoover is a brand name for a vacuum cleaner, and it's only a vacuum cleaner for people of a certain age.. anyway nothing to do with astro or camera's So why don't zwo or any other brand name call it what it actually is than call it what it totally isn't... why not call it a sausage glow ? It isn't glow from a sausage And it isn't glow from the amplifiers Why not call it what it actually is, it has a name /term, so why not use that than what it totally isn't
  9. Well I hope it warrants it's price tag for you.. and that's just 1 program...imagine all the others added to the bill.. good luck with PI
  10. Yes, it my point too, I don't use CDC, eqmod stellarium, or pixinsight.. can you imagine how complex( and expensive) a all in one package would be? I'd rather stick to how it is
  11. Yes as I've show here also.. but you've missed the point.. it's showing the starburst.. where's the amplifiers on a cmos camera???
  12. What's the ampglow from a 183 look like??
  13. I disagree with you there.. many of applications you quoted there I don't use.. Don't find the need for All these software's don't apply them they prompt them to be used... it doesn't plate solve it uses plate solving software such as ASTAP or platesolve2 to do it They're all standalone software's which APT and NINA uses.. it's not APT or NINA directly doing it
  14. I use both APT and NINA.. I use the framing and auto focus in NINA and APT for the actual capture..Nina seems all over the place, APT is simple
  15. Swapping usb ports around isn't a great idea... always connect to the same sub port.. Is it showing in the device manager?
  16. Thanks, yes I've seen those on the TS site, seems abit more reasonably priced
  17. Looks like a pretty decent flat field to me Clarkey The RC interests me but the collimation puts me off, what tools would you say is needed as a must?.. seems like buying a glatter , tiltplate etc is more expensive than the scope
  18. Yes, I know who you mean....cracking bloke
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