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  1. That's excellent! Looks like a nice big solid mount there - EQ5 Heavy?
  2. I was considering the mod too, but want to keep the original case, so may do the 'dead bug' instead but your picture gives me hope! I looked at fans like that in Maplin t'other day - how are your results with this one?
  3. Glad you got use of the clear skies... both my camera and my drives' batteries were flat! Got a good gawp at M42/3 in though...
  4. That is incredible!Big aperture? I had to be at a family gathering, but did see Jupiter on the walk home. Excellent work!
  5. Very nice. Just need some clear nights!
  6. Familiarity also helps... You'll pick out more as you spend more time on it.
  7. Looking forward to the results!Can't go too far wrong with a Cheshire!
  8. The 1145 is no good for AP, believe me, I tried! You will do 'ok' with a webcam on bright planets, but that's the limit. I got the 130PdS next, on an EQ5 - it is excellent - I use an ancient Pentax ist*DS camera, and get reasonably good results. My advice is get something with Liveview focusing and/or decent tethering functionality.
  9. @MrSpock, I agree. They're not bad in my local one (might have a chat, see how they do!). Helpfully, I pointed the mini dob at a ceiling fixture before I left! ;-)
  10. I know that feeling...Excellent work, by the way!
  11. JimFR


    That's fabulous!And welcome, too..
  12. It must be that time of year again... Maplin have started stocking Celestron!
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