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  1. I know that it should be like that and have no trouble with my Newtonian with two mirrors to align, but when I tried to do the same with the SCT in the dark with my screwdriver perilously near the corrector plate it didn't work out so well. At the time the star I was using also refused to stay in the middle of the fov, which didn't help, I am happy to leave the dark art of SCT collimation to those who know what they are doing. Barry
  2. Lockie: Yes it is cheap and deliberately so. I bought it secondhand some years ago as part of a bundle which included a mount I wanted. I am much happier at F5 than F10 and could not get my head round how to set this up. I think that I effectively dis-collimated it and so a new owner has some work to do - hence the price. Barry
  3. John The last session I had was a year ago - which is most of the reason why I am selling my kit. I have attached one sub from that and also a pseudo flat frame take this morning (no lens 1/250 shutter) which should show that the sensor is clean. IMG_0030_1.CR2 _MG_3401.CR2
  4. Asad I am not willing to post the C6 but if it works for you I could meet you halfway, say at Cobham Services? That way you could check the scope over first. Barry
  5. John I would prefer not to post because I would like the buyer to inspect the camera before committing to buy it, but you are probably too far away to do that. I can pack and post it safely but you are taking a risk buying it unseen. Barry
  6. Highburymark - I am now splitting (I didn't last very long on that one) I have added prices to my original post. Barry
  7. For Sale, my complete Astro photography Kit: Remaining items...... Astronomik EOS CLS APS-C CLS Clip Filter £50 inc Postage SW150P Newtonian OTA £50 COLLECT ONLY SW Autofocus with extended cable (Can be removed; I have the original knobs and screws. Bahtinov Mask Various Eyepieces and Barlows including originals supplied with OTA Celestron C6 SCT
  8. This image of the Leo Triplet was taken on 25 Feb using a Skywalker Skywatcher 150P (without a Coma Corrector) on an HEQ5. The camera was a modded Canon 600D with an Astronomik Visual CLS Clip filter. Guiding was with a QHY5l II and SW 50mm Finderguider using PHD2. 16 x 360s subs were stacked in DSS and stretched in Photoshop. The 25th was not the best of nights for DSOs due to a very bright moon and the gradient remains! Thanks for looking Barry
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