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After a break of some years, and having sold my equipment,  I am being drawn back into doing some deep sky imaging. The thing that stopped me before was the long cold nights with usb connections meaning I had to be near the scope.

I have been looking at wifi control and the ASIAIR system looks really good but it is expensive (on top of re-equipping with scope and camera etc.) and nobody seems to have stock. So I am trying to find out about the Skywatcher synscan wifi adapter.  However, I cannot see a way of connecting a guide camera without a usb cable to the laptop, which rather defeats the object.  I do not really want to leave a laptop out and connect via TeamViewer.

On the FLO site it says that the wifi adapter supports ASCOM guiding. How does the camera connect?

Thanks in advance and apologies for the ramble!



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The Synscan wifi adapter is just a wireless connection between the computer/phone and mount, replacing the normal cable and handset. Guiding signals are sent from the guiding software on the computer back to the mount via the wifi adapter. You still need to connect the camera to the computer.

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