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  1. michael8554

    Still PHD issues!

    As Kens suggests. You could try setting the Star Mass Detection in the Guiding tab to OFF as an experiment, if that works use the Minimum HFD setting instead Google the PHD2 Advanced Settings help file. Michael
  2. michael8554

    Is this coma?

    AFAIK the Meade, Celestron etc F6.3 Focal Reducers/Field Flatteners only reduce the focal length, and flatten the highly curved focal plane, I've not seen any mention of correcting coma. Michael
  3. Two ways to image a small DSO: 2X Barlow will double your image size but will require longer exposures, with more chance of guide errors and camera noise. Cropping your non-Barlowed image, okay if you have a multi-megapixel image to play with. Michael
  4. michael8554

    Is this coma?

    Older SCT's do suffer from coma, the newer designs (Meade ACR etc) are better. Your small chip seems to be scanning up to the edge of just noticeable coma. Michael
  5. michael8554

    Celestron AVX mount with Maxim DL

    I googled "Celestron AVX Maxim DL" https://www.celestron.com/blogs/knowledgebase/can-i-control-my-celestron-goto-mount-with-programs-like-maxim-dl
  6. Baader UltraShort (2mm) Canon T2 (M42x0.75) Ring #2408318 Only adds 2mm to your image train, instead of the usual 10 to 11mm. So could solve an insufficient "In Focus" problem, or help with spacing a Reducer. In "Like New" condition The chrome peg spanner is required because there's nothing to get a hand-grip on to tighten or remove These are £29 new, selling for £20 plus £2.95 Royal Mail 2nd Class Postage UK Buyers Only Please Thanks for looking Michael
  7. michael8554

    Doomed Dome

    I have an earlier Pulsar, when the slit is pointing north, opposite to the south-facing door, the slit rail brackets prevent the door from opening ! But I put up with that because there are so many advantages to having a dome. Michael
  8. michael8554

    Celestron AVX mount with Maxim DL

    Hi Geoff It's not clear to me if the mount is not moving at all, or moving but less than 5 pixels? If the latter, the screen shots in Celestron's instructions for guiding with DL suggest to me you can increase some of the settings to make it move further. If the former, try this: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/612179-auto-guiding-celestron-avx-mount/ Michael
  9. michael8554

    PHD2 issues

    Four pins can't work as you need five - N, S, E, W, and Ground. You're sure everything is the same as before (apart from the laptop) ? I think you'll have to put a digital voltmeter onto the far end of the ST4 cable. There should be volts between Ground on pin 2, and 3 -RA, 4 -Dec, 5 +Dec, 6 +RA, when you click on the relevant Manual Guide button in PHD2, set the Guide Pulse Duration to a high setting such as 5000. With the plug facing you, the locking clip on top, 1 is on the left, 6 is on the right. And you could check for continuity end-to-end. Michael
  10. michael8554

    Canon 1100D or 100D for Imaging

    1100D DIGIC 4, 100D DIGIC 5, which usually means less noise at high ISO. 1100D oversamples with your 1000mm FL, 100D even more so. Michael
  11. michael8554

    Jupiter, but not like you've seen it before.

    Even got the Red Spot....... (On her nose :-} Michael
  12. michael8554

    Day time satellite solar passies program

    Did you means passes across the sun's disc ? Michael
  13. michael8554

    50 Shades of Grey

    Hi Louise The eye and brain can be satisfied with quite poor quality. For instance. 300dpi is good enough for a 6x4 print - that's 1800x1200 pixels. So why do we buy 20Mp cameras ? And 8bit is fine for a display. But for astro a heavy gamma stretch of an 8bit DSO image would not do, hence the need for 12, 14, 16 bit camera. Michael
  14. michael8554

    weird looking stars

    If you're positive that focus was spot on, then dew perhaps? But more likely focus wasn't . Michael
  15. Great image Matteo, but why the 0.5 Reducer ? Michael

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