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  1. michael8554

    Dust bunnies

    But make sure that image Vliav suggests is not over exposed ! Michael
  2. michael8554

    Guiding help

    Looks like a much better session has occurred since. Michael
  3. michael8554

    Guiding help

    I would start over with a new Equipment Profile. This will take you through the settings step by step, including pixel size and focal length. Also your Star Profile is less than optimum. The top of the profile should never be flat, probably over exposure as you are using 3 seconds, 1 to 2 seconds is more normal. Then start guiding with the preset settings. Michael
  4. michael8554

    Problem with Lodestar and OAG

    Try rotating the camera 90 degrees. If it's the camera, you'll see an identical image, If it's the lightpath, the shadow should then be on the left or right side of the image. You could try in the day with the light input reduced somehow. Michael
  5. michael8554

    Guiding help

    You need more than 2 or 3 steps in the Calibration to get good guiding. Sounds like you don't have the correct guidescope focal length and the guidecam pixel size entered. Need to get those right, to give 8 to 13 or so steps in the Calibration, before trying the Guiding Assistant. Michael
  6. michael8554

    Guiness world record one!

    Wow ! What sensor temperature is the exif showing ? Don't forget to take some darks....... :-) Michael
  7. michael8554

    James webb telescope renamed?

    In a multiverse not far from here there's a steam-punk James Watt Space Telescope........ Michael
  8. michael8554

    First Horse.....

    Much better than my first attempts Paul. I prefer framing it with the camera rotated 90 degrees to yours. Michael
  9. michael8554

    Asking too much of a Sensor??

    I used to take my 450D exposures at 10 minutes quite regularly, with dither. I never considered the results world class, but certainly not that noisy. Michael
  10. Hi Peter Unlike the stars and DSO's, the positions of the moon and the planets are quite dynamic, what with retrograde motion and the like. So unless you have recently loaded new ephemeris, their positions are whatever Meade loaded into the firmware many years ago. Michael
  11. michael8554

    Canon 600D or 450D?

    I get X5 and X10 LiveView display on my PC..........? And it's 21inch so very easy to focus with Bat mask and Bat Grabber software. Michael
  12. michael8554

    Canon 600D or 450D?

    The swivel screen is indeed a nice feature, but if you're connected to a PC for imaging control you'll find you never use it. Best image quality should be your first priority. So if money is tight, the 450D is a worthy second best to the 600D. Michael
  13. michael8554

    Canon 600D or 450D?

    http://dslrmodifications.com/T3iReview/T3iReview.html This gives a pretty good comparison, the 450D still has merit and is inexpensive. Michael
  14. michael8554

    PHD2 - Not guiding after making adjustments

    Probably guiding on a hot pixel, so do as Louise suggests. Then set Star Minimum HFD (pixels) to say 1.5 so that PHD2 can't se!ect a single pixel to guide on. Michael
  15. michael8554

    ASI290mm Mini + Evoguide 50ED - PHD2 Settings

    Hi Andy I've seen setups with 200 snr and others with 30 snr, and both seem to guide well. So I think the hfd is more relevant, and 4.5 is okay, but if you didn't defocus you could probably reduce it, and avoid the flat top. But flat top could also be due to saturating, do you get a red Sat message on the stus bar? If so reduce the gain slightly. 1 sec exposure could be a bit short, 2secs would be less likely to be "chasing the seeing", with commensurate reduction in gain if necessary. Michael

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