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  1. The image has helped a lot. Take it to a Welder. Michael
  2. Sorry vliav, the way I read your reply you seem to be agreeing with the Developers that it's not likely to be a problem at 20mS ? Michael
  3. Here's what the PHD2 Developers said: Hi Michael I was aware of this kind of restriction, but I think the quote is slightly ambiguous because it suggests 50ms is a strict minimum value. But I think 50ms is just the default value. There is a slider cotrol for this and at least on the version I’m running, it can be set as low as 20ms: I think it’s unlikely to be a problem in practice. An over-correction problem might occur when using a high guide speed like 0.9x sidereal and a very coarse guider image scale. For example, a guider image scale of 6 arc-sec/px and the lowest allowed min-move of 0.1px could result in guide commands as low as 44ms – still above the minimum limit above. We generally discourage a guiding image scale this coarse. In the time I’ve been looking at PHD2 logs, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a problem with ongoing over-corrections using EQMOD.
  4. That was never a replacement part, hopefully Steve has an old donor mount he can raid. Michael
  5. I'm not familiar with the power pack, but I'm guessing there are two cigar sockets under the flaps in this image, indicated by the yellow oval. The label says Output, this means it's where you plug in and get power for your mount, so plug in to either of those. The green circle is labeled Input, this is where you send power to the power pack battery, so I would say that's where you plug in your Mains Charger. Michael
  6. I wasn't aware of that setting, add that to the other setting that catches users out, the very low default Guide Rate. Michael
  7. Higher Guide Rate helps mounts with large Dec Backlash. Although the mount has belt drive which removes the backlash due to the gearbox, the worm backlash could be better according to the Calibrations so far. Michael
  8. Okay so you have a Cigar plug not a 2.5mm as in the image. Should be okay then, if the battery condition can supply enough current. Michael
  9. During the day use the sun reflecting off a ball bearing as an artificial star. Focus mid frame, then take shots with the "star" in each corner. Analyse, adjust, repeat. Michael
  10. The results on both nights were marred by the conditions I'd say, with RA motions mirroring the dips in Star Mass. You never got a good Calibration on either night, I guess time was pressing on the 6th. Otherwise you might try binning the ASI 290MM to get more sensitivity, and to up the image scale to 0.86arcsecs/pixel, still fairly low. That will hopefully reduce the Star Lost situations. HFD is never great with an OAG but HFD over 7 could be improved to 5's. Post again after a good night with a good Cal. Michael
  11. No point speculating, just post your Guidelog. Michael
  12. I think you're referring to the legend under the two 12V outputs. The legend indicates that the centre pin is +, the outer connection -, and that applies to both outputs. Does your power lead look like this? Then if the left connector in the image has the correct diameter centre pin, then your power connections are fine, but the available current may not be. Michael
  13. I agree with Celestron4, the guidescope Signal to Noise was very low, and that was probably the cause of most of the choppy RA. At one point you guided for 8 minutes on a Hot Pixel ! I would disable Star Mass Detection and instead set the Minimum HFD to 2.5. Otherwise, good Calibration. PA was 9.3 which is a tad high, about 5arcmins would be quite useable. You could improve your guidecope focus, 4.57pixels, use the Star Profile in PHD2 to get the HFD to a minimum, ideally between 3 and 4. Your mount connection doesn't tell PHD2 the RA and Dec position, so you will have to Calibrate on every new target. Michael
  14. Is the power plug the correct size for the power socket on the mount ? If it's one of those 2.5mm coaxial plugs, there are two sizes for the central positive pin. Michael
  15. A joke that needs explaining is a poor joke - my bad Michael
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