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  1. In what way is this a problem ? Do you mean the motor will only run at this speed ? Can't open your link. Michael
  2. I would advise a mono guide camera. You've described the two ZWO's as "mm MC" mm is mono, MC is colour, so go for the MM version of either eg ZWO ASI290MM Mini. Michael
  3. For 100 Euro you could get a 450D, several generations better than the 350D, and it has LiveView. Use the 350D to gain experience of modding. Take anti-static precautions, and mark the insertion point of the ribbons with a thin Sharpie, so that you know you have re-inserted them square and all the way in. Michael
  4. That's a bit counter-intuitive. The HFD selection prevents PHD2 locking onto a hot pixel. So normally it's set to a figure bigger than 1, but less than the average HFD of your guidestar - is yours 1.5 ? In fact Lodestars often have close clusters of hot pixels, so lowering the HFD would get you close to guiding on a cluster. Michael
  5. I'm not sure any binning at all is a good idea. 2x2 will up your image scale from a sensible value to over 2arcsecs /pixel, and 3x3 and 4x4 would make it even worse ? Michael
  6. You initially entered an eyepiece into the FOV calculator instead of a camera, hence my confusion as to what you were asking for. Glad you got there in the end. Michael
  7. I'm not sure what you're asking for I'm afraid. Your 25mm eyepiece, the whiter circle, exactly frames the sun ? If you want a wider view than that, try a 32mm eyepiece. Michael
  8. Dave29292 is spot on, the Guide Rate of 0.10 is best upped to 0.50 to 0.80 of Sidereal. Exposure 2 to 3 seconds. And go back to the PHD2 default settings. Carry out a fresh Calibration. Run the Guide Assistant to get the MinMo settings, and to measure Dec Backlash and get a setting for the Backlash Compensation. Michael
  9. If you have not moved the mount or tripod, then incorrect Park/Unpark will only impact the accuracy of GoTos. PA is entirely down to the mechanical Az and Alt settings of the mount. Michael
  10. Many years ago SkyMap Pro was my very first planetarium, on Windows 98 !! A free version from what I remember (V3 ?) At the time an amazing piece of software I thought. Michael
  11. Yes good point from Alan, won't power up with the battery door off. Michael
  12. As you know a Barlow will extend the focal point further, so is often used to get focus with a camera on a Newtonian. So you're going to need more spacers. But even so the moon should have overexposed your camera, so something else wrong perhaps ? Michael
  13. So may things it could be after a complete disassembly. Could be one of the ribbons is not fully seated. Did you make a Sharpie mark across each ribbon so you knew how far to reinsert ? Did you take anti-static precautions ? Once I forgot to reinsert this one :
  14. Hi Secsio Not sure what you mean by "crashed" ? It closed down? Locked up ? Camera output disappeared ? Is this definitely the first guiding session, is PHD2 trying to use an old Calibration ? Hold down Shift when you hit the Guide button, to make a new Calibration. The autoselected star should already be in the centre of the PHD2 "square", which should then change to yellow cross-hairs on the same star as Calibration starts ? Post your PHD2 GuideLog so that we can check your settings etc, should be in the PHD2 folder. Michael
  15. Hi Siouxsie, If it's like most SCTs you don't need any extensions, as they have a very large focus range, maybe thirty hand-twists on the focus knob. This is probably why you think you can't focus it during the day So try again during the day with a very fast exposure, and don't be afraid to twist the focus knob many times ! Then move onto the moon and stars. Michael
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