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  1. You can't just guess the spacers needed, you have to measure. Measure 200mm back from the objective. Measure how far inside the camera the sensor is. With the focuser in midpoint of travel, mount the camera so that the sensor is at the 200mm point. Fine adjust focus with the focuser. Michael
  2. You can download 64bit versions of Zoombrowser EX, which will download and display images from the camera down the USB connection, and run DSLR Shutter ito fire the shutter. Michael
  3. In that case Spacehead has come up with the next-best method of displaying the sinusoidal shape of PE. Sorry I can't think of a way to improve his mount. Michael
  4. Periodic Error ? Redo your PA and then run PHD2 Guide Assistant for 10 minutes, that will demonstrate your unguided RA performance. Michael
  5. I agree with Starflyer that you have the guiderate too low, try at least 0.5X Sidereal. And before Calibrating you must remove any Dec backlash by pulsing the mount northwards until you see your guide star move. Michael
  6. On the original Stark Labs PHD website you can download DSLR Shutter for PC which will run your serial shutter. Michael
  7. Yes sounds like the lead is good but scope isn't responding, you've tried both RS232 ports on the scope? It may be that just switching on again with a handbox plugged in is all that's needed. As you sound DIY savvy you might consider my WiFi Autostar II Replacement post which uses an iPhone or iPad, cheapo WiFi RS232 card, and the ScopeBoss app. Michael
  8. You aren't displaying the PHD2 guide pulses on your graph so it's impossible to say if the guiding is optimum. Michael
  9. Your 200mm FL guidescope is fine, but focus wise you should aim for an HFD of 3 to 4 in PHD2 for your autoselected star. Defocusing was fine for PHD1, which back then was usually used with long FL guidescope yielding tiny stars. The PHD2 developers say not to defocus, or saturate which gives flat tops to the profile, and often cite poor guidescope focus in their fault-finding. If you're not getting that HFD with autoselected stars, then perhaps an IR filter is required. Michael
  10. While you wait for an offer, what are the symptoms? Are you connecting with the correct cable, Meade #507, or equivalent correctly wired cable? Michael
  11. Does a genuine "Starter with Imaging" look at your excellent image and think "I may as well give up if that's the sort of result a beginner should get !" ? DSO section I think. Michael
  12. Yes, most of the modders (and myself) do that so I should have qualified my warning with that. Michael
  13. The PHD2 developers say up to 5 arcmins is easily guided out. So no point spending time getting it spot-on. Michael
  14. I should have said a faulty cable. I could be wrong so try the Manual Guide test first. Michael
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