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  1. michael8554

    What’s your best space jokes?

    Helicopter pilot to Gus Grissom: "You weren't supposed to blow the bloody doors off ! " Michael
  2. michael8554

    Polar alignment questions

    If imaging DSO's can I assume you will image one target per night ? Then don't bother with star alignment to enable you to easily goto multiple targets per night ! Instead concentrate on polar aligning to not worse than 5 arc mins. Then SYNCH on a star close to your target, then goto your target. Michael
  3. Erm, seconds not minutes shurely ? Michael
  4. Download a Light Pollution map and investigate the dark regions ! Michael
  5. michael8554

    Program for camera control?

    Canon EOS Utility comes on the CD's, gives you full control of the camera and intervalometer. It's also the easiest to get on with. Michael
  6. Even Raw gets processed, just less than jpg. But unfortunately doesn't sound good. Michael
  7. So similar interference on short exposures (flats) and on long exposures (lights) suggests a problem in the on-camera processing. But it also looks like radio frequency intereference. So take the camera off the scope, set it to AV, point the camera without lens at a white surface, take a shot, and stretch like your example. If it's clean then investigate your cable runs and other scope power supplies. If dirty, last resort, clear all custom settings, try jpeg, try lowest ISO. Michael
  8. michael8554

    Calling all LX90 owners !!

    Plan B - buy used items, let someone else have the pain of sorting them from new! Michael
  9. michael8554

    Achieving Focus - How to work out?

    Hi again Tom I've been back over my old posts. If you have the lens closer than the precise back focus of 44mm, the lens will go through infinity focus. Sounds like you are spot on, or 1.45mm too much according to Martin, which might come good due to the refraction of the filters. Michael
  10. michael8554

    Achieving Focus - How to work out?

    Hi Tom If you're looking to get infinity focus using the lens's manual focus ring, then you will achieve that by either over, or under, spacing the lens - I forget which way, best to try both if you have a range of spacer rings available. You don't need to get it exactly right so long as the lens focus ring doesn't hit the end stop. If you go the wrong way with the spacing, you will hit the stop before getting focus on infinity. Michael
  11. Too vague. What software are you using to open the FITS ? Have you previously been able to open your FITS files with this software ? Can you view the FITS with other software such as FITSwork ? Michael
  12. michael8554

    Electrical layout for ROR observatory

    Not mentioned so far: What size conduit between warm room and scope room? I used 50mm with Slow 90 Degree Bends, and even then found some cables reluctant to go round the bends. Leave strong nylon cord in the conduit, twice as long as the run, then you can pull from either end without loosing the ends Michael
  13. michael8554

    Synscan GoTo issues

    Random GoTo scope behaviour is often due to low volts, and/or not enough amps, or poor/intermittant connection from the power supply. Michael

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