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  1. Merlin66

    M50 male to 2" nosepiece (PST)

    I was hoping to find a suitable nosepiece on Astroboot - no success.... Anyone have a 2" to M50 male adaptor. Needed for yet another PST Mod. If you can help, let me know. Ken
  2. I notice that Synscan V4 has the option of camera control (See Sect 11.4 of the manual). If your mount ( a newer AltAz or EQ8 version) has the SNAP port the camera cable can be routed from the SNAP port and controlled by the hand controller. Using an older mount (HEQ5 or NEQ6 etc) the camera can be wired to the hand controller and used that way...... Has anyone used this feature?? If so which actual cable and connections were used.
  3. I’ve been using the HEQ5 for the past ten years with a car voltage converter 120W 12v to 15 v . No issues, no dramas.
  4. Having spent a couple of years in Bracebridge, I know how you must feel.
  5. Sean, Obtaining a good calibration is mandatory for any guiding software...... The software needs to understand the cause and effect of issuing the guide commands to the mount. Optimum calibration settings will vary with the declination of the target object.
  6. Introduced last year the SolarMax III was supposed to be "the latest and greatest" I haven't heard much, well nothing really about this series. Does anyone have any practical experience with the SolarMax III
  7. Sean, PHD2 can "remember" your previous calibration and use it in future runs. 'Shift-click to force calibration.' just starts a new, up to date calibration....I'd recommend using this option.
  8. Merlin66

    Jan Timmerman's web page

    http://www.thefirmament.nl/astro/main_screen.html There may be many of us who fondly remember the excellent work done by Jan with his modest solar equipment.... I just checked, to find the webpage is no longer supported....bumma! He had loads of very interesting images and equipment on his page.... It's a timely reminder to all of us, some things just get lost to future generations......made me think also of Maurice Gavin's excellent contributions to amateur astronomy RIP [Edit] It appears that Maurice's webpage (astroman.fsnet.co.uk/spectro.htm) has also been lost......
  9. Merlin66

    Polemaster problem

    SharpCap V2.9 (freeware) allows you to do the polar alignment....not as "fancy" as the V3 pro but does the job.
  10. Merlin66

    Comets in Cartes du Ciel - Help Needed

    I'm using CdC 4.1.1 beta 3763. Shows Wirtanen - no extra image??? Check Solar system,. MPC maintenance and check you don't have an older download still active....
  11. Any update on this issue??????
  12. Merlin66

    CCD Dust Spots

    Looks like they may be on the sensor cover plate.... Dust Bunnies Distance from chip surface (mm) = (P x Fr x d)/1000 where P = Pixel size (micron) Fr = Focal ratio of telescope/ lens d= Diameter of Dust Bunny (in pixels)
  13. Merlin66

    Primary Mirror Clips

    Anthony, the black blocks which have the front clips at the mirror surface, usually also gently touch the side of the mirror to prevent it sliding within the cell. I don’t know your particular telescope, but I hope another user can comment.
  14. Merlin66

    Primary Mirror Clips

    Sounds like the radial (edge) supports are not restraining the mirror. Are there any adjustable stops around the edge of the mirror cell??

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