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  1. Could be the alignment of the focuser to the optical axis?
  2. Merlin66

    JTW Astronomy - rival to MESU?

    I understand your position. My comments were based on the reality of my relationship with JTW and in response to a question/ comment raised by Andrew on the forum. I will continue to attempt to communicate with Mark at JTW. Ken
  3. Derek, Peter has outlined the basics..... An f10 donor scope, an ERF and various adaptors - I have a write-up available on the PST Mod, drop me an email address for a copy. Ken
  4. Merlin66

    ZWO ASI 178MC - IR Cut protector

    Goran, Only if you don’t refocus to the target wavelength..... We in spectroscopy, regularly image at all wavelengths from UV to the NIR.
  5. Merlin66

    ZWO ASI 178MC - IR Cut protector

    I agree.... But shining a TV IR remote is like shining a searchlight at the telescope - much much more powerful than IR recorded in astronomical objects.......
  6. I've used AstroArt for the past ten years on various machines - no issues.... The website says " Fully compatible from Windows XP to Windows 10. "
  7. Merlin66

    M51 Hypercam 183 firstlight

    The latest CMOS cameras , like the 183/ 1600 etc. are designed for USB3 - fast down load of large amounts of data.... I ended up upgrading to a "Hot" MSI gaming machine, i7, USB3, 16Gb memory and a 1Tb SSD drive to handle my solar images.... (I do have a basic ol' Compaq laptop win7 in the observatory which easily handles CdC/ EQMod/ PHD2/ Astroart the spectrograph and three CCD cameras.....)
  8. I'm about to receive an ASI 1600MM (primarily for solar imaging/ spectroheliograph) and intend to use FireCapture.....it has worked very well for me with other ZWO camera - ASI 174 and ASI 183.
  9. Merlin66

    Best astrophotography software

    Which camera are you using?
  10. Merlin66

    M51 Hypercam 183 firstlight

    Lookin' good! Have you tried the 183 with FireCapture? I was using the ASI 183MM for solar imaging and found FireCapture to work very well for me.
  11. Merlin66

    DIY Parabolic

    Angel and his team is the US have been spin casting 4m telescope Mirrors for the past twenty years. Don’t know about the potential for amateur sized optics.....
  12. Merlin66

    DIY Parabolic

    More success has been achieved using thin optical sheets of glass vacuum distorted....limitation seems to be around f8 parabolic curves.
  13. Merlin66

    DIY Parabolic

    The Mylar mirror has been a subject of investigation for the last twenty years!! many suggestions have been trialed, without success. not a quality optical solution......... sorry.
  14. Merlin66


    He'll be sadly missed by the astronomical community - especially the spectroscope guys.... I had the pleasure of meeting with him many times while living in Cobham. Great guy. Condolences to the family, RIP
  15. Merlin66

    Quark advice

    Surprised to hear that.... The optical and transmission qualities of the Baader 35nm CCD filter should have no, or very minimal effect on the image. Was this visual or imaging???

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