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  1. Merlin66

    Splitting the Double Double...

    While in Brussels a few years ago I used the Genesis (100mm f5) with a 10.5mm TV Plossl to split the double double - x48 mag. With practise and good seeing anything is possible. Others have achieve splitting of the double double at even less magnification.....
  2. Merlin66

    Featureless sleeping Sun..

    Images added to my message.......
  3. Merlin66

    Featureless sleeping Sun..

    Today, 17th Aug with the SM60/ED80 and the ASI 1600, a couple of interesting small filaments visible and a small "core" in the AR......no significant proms. Image to follow... Sun_111632_crop.bmp Sun_111902_rg.tif
  4. No additional filters are required with a Herschel wedge - this should be fitted with the ND3 already. A continuum filter will improve the contrast. OIII filters has also been used with success.
  5. Merlin66

    Platesolving works best

    I was pleasantly surprised when Astrometry.net could plate solve an objective grating image. The field of view contained many spectra (and stars) and it solved with no problems...
  6. I have a very good Genesis.... just stick with it!!
  7. Merlin66

    The Solar Chromosphere (Ca-K) - 05 Aug 2018

    David, I've sent you a PM.....
  8. The "standard" O ring on the SW/Orion etc finders seems to measure 1.7mm diameter x 45mm internal diameter. Probably actually an Imperial size?
  9. David, What's your typical exposure(s) for the CaK proms???
  10. Merlin66

    Another scratched off my bucket list

    http://adsabs.harvard.edu/full/1997BaltA...6...97S The details of Galileo's observations.....
  11. Merlin66

    Modding my 600D

    Based on the description I can say with 100% confidence that the colour correction filter has been removed to enhance the red (Ha) response. The second dust shake and UV-IR filter has been retained. it should still be usable with standard lenses.... (my 1000D has the FULL mod ie both filters removed and I need an Astonomik’s clear clip in filter to use standard lenses.)
  12. Merlin66

    Modding my 600D

    Alan, Not necessarily... I use my FULL modded 1000D with a Astronomik clear clip in filter to allow the use of camera lenses for objective spectroscopy. With the 85mm prime and 60sec exposures there's little noticable bloating (I agree, however that a UV-IR filter is probably the way to go.) the response out in the NIR is interesting!!! In one field close to Crux there were some 12 faint (mag>10) IR stars noted!!
  13. Merlin66

    Modded PST 05-08-18

    A successful Stage 1 mod.....
  14. Merlin66

    Modded PST 05-08-18

    Nice catch! Well done....
  15. Merlin66

    autofocus question

    I use one with a reflective slit on the spectrograph- just adjust until we have a tight Spectral image. This is on a C11 @ f10.

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