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  1. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    Then there is some seriously wrong with our analysis of your problem. I don’t know what else to suggest.
  2. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    OK Last suggestion..... Move the focuser inwards about 25-30mm and see if the Lodestar will come to a focus. (Ignore the imaging camera for the moment.)
  3. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    Hmmm As everyone has already confirmed - you need a spacer between the OAG and the filter wheel. For testing, the 21.5mm spacer you mentioned would be a good start.
  4. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    Alex, A perfect addition to this discussion!! All we need now is for Rodd to submit an image of his set-up for comparison.
  5. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    Not my images, (from a previous SGL thread) but you can see how the OAG can be tested during the day......
  6. 6" PST Stage II progress.

    James, the focal length of the barlow is -200mm, that's where it needs to be relative to the prime focus - to give the required parallel beam though the etalon. The aperture of the barlow (20mm) at this -200mm then acts as as an aperture stop and forces the outcome to be an f10 "system" (200/20=10)
  7. I forgot it was even there!!!!!!!
  8. Try this one.... https://www.topwin-movie-maker.com/
  9. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/products/accessories/zwo-oag/ If the EFW is 20mm and the backfocus on the camera is 17.5 (assuming a T to T adaptor) this would infer a 37.5mm distance It could be that you need a spacer between the OAG and the filter wheel (or one between the filter wheel and the OAG) to bring this up to around 50-55mm to produce a focus at the guide camera. Sounds like the guide focus could be too close to the top of the OAG body to allow the Lodestar to go inward. The lodestar needs 12.5mm plus adaptor
  10. Trouble with AP Mach 1 mount

    Try a right click on the windows icon....... The Mickey Mouse App stuff etc comes up with the left click.......
  11. Trouble with AP Mach 1 mount

    I can only suggest trying the Windows/ Settings route......
  12. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    If you can get an acceptable image from the Lodestar using the main telescope focusser then other than verifying the distance - see my previous message - I don't know what to suggest.
  13. Trouble with AP Mach 1 mount

    This is what I get right clicking on the windoze icon.....
  14. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    Hmmmm If the focus travel is longer than the backfocus of your OAG>Fliterwheel>ASI 1600 then you should have found a Lodestar focus - somewhere. Have you tried the Lodestar on another telescope to verify the settings - exposure etc. I use the Lodestar (under PHD2 - Latest Ascom driver) to guide my spectroscope using a "similar" oag set-up on a C11 at f10.........
  15. Trouble with AP Mach 1 mount

    http://www.astro-physics.com/products/mounts/control/cp4-control.pdf The instructions I found infer you can control the mount directly with a USB connection (rather than using the serial) - is this an option? I use win10.... the Device Manager comes up in the listing if you right click on the windows icon. or Settings/ Devices and Printers