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  1. baader film

    My Baader film is almost ten years old as still as good as new..... Safety stored in dust proof container between uses.
  2. Seeing Red

    Named by the Italian Astronomer Angelo Secchi ( also well known for his work in spectroscopy and solar) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Superba
  3. Just to illustrate the uselessness of the camera frame size.... Not a good frame of reference (excuse the pun!)
  4. Star Atlas

    Davy, Unfortunately those books are written for Northern Hemisphere observers.
  5. Star Atlas

    A starting point would be something like Norton’s Star Atlas, then the Uranometria set. The electronic version would be the Carte du Ciel - with the additional catalogues it’s all you need.
  6. Would EQMOD affect PHD?

    Using the ST4 connections and PHD; the only thing EQMod could influence would be the guide speed (Check EQmod Ascom Setup Pulse v's ST-4) "Autoguider Port (ST-4) Guide rate" - this is usually set to x0.5
  7. Would EQMOD affect PHD?

    Must be a PHD set-up/ communication issue. EQMod has nothing to do with guiding.
  8. Star Catalogues

    "Colour Star Atlas" by Cox and Monkhouse (if you can find a copy) is an excellent starting point - a wealth of information on the H-R diagram and a colour coded atlas of the brighter stars. Follow that with Kaler's "Stars and their Spectra", and if you really want the nuts and bolts detail the new Richard Walker's " Spectral Atlas"
  9. APT & All sky plate solver

    I don’t have to use plate solving that often, but when I do ASPS works very well for me.
  10. Would EQMOD affect PHD?

    No, I regularly use EQMod/PHD with no issues.
  11. Star Catalogues

    It's just the latest freeware download of V4 CdC and the standard in-built catalogues.
  12. Teamviewer or VNC

    +1 for Teamviewer. Works very well for me.
  13. I use the Shoestring FCUSB focuser interface to drive my SW electronic focus motor from the PC. http://www.store.shoestringastronomy.com/products_fc.htm
  14. Star Catalogues

    Screen shot of CdC star info.
  15. Star Catalogues

    +1 for Vizier and Simbad. They contain all the info you'll ever need. I use CdC with the various catalogues added (UCAC4 etc) and you can right click on any star to get all the info.