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  1. Check your secondary spider arms... could be that one is slightly twisted and causing excessive diffraction....
  2. I use the foam gym mat type.....
  3. I use the rubber interlocked tiles in the observatory here in Oz. They can get pretty warm in summer and they do expand!!! Mine are not glued and I have a 10-15mm gap at the walls.
  4. An 8" SCT sits and plays nicely with the HEQ5Pro. I used the wider Losmandy dovetail to mount mine. My write up on the deforking of an LX200 attached. No issues, no drama. Lx200_defork.doc
  5. Pete, I also use the T2 tilter for solar with my ASI 174 and ASI 1600 cameras. With the tilter installed, just in front od the camera, I find the easiest way to "tune" the tilt is live on the monitor... Apply a little tilt and look for the reduction in the NR...repeat until they just disappear... only takes a minute or two and then you very rarely have to re-set the tilt. HTH
  6. Not your mount but the older NEQ6Pro... I have mine loaded up (probably around 17-18Kg) with a C11, Spectroscope, four cameras, Electronic finder etc. I need five (!!!) counterweights to get good balance. I've been running this rig for almost ten years, no issues, no drama.
  7. Just open CdC then select the EQMOD scope. this should open just one copy of EQMod.
  8. In CdC, you can select the HEQ5 mount without the EQMod and goto the sun then just track at solar rate.
  9. When using CdC/ Eqmod just "select" the telescope type as "EQmod Ascom HEQ5/6" then Properties to set the comms etc. (The POTH is a minimal default - using the above settings gets you all the EQmod features)
  10. John, Thanks for that. Don't use an iPhone/ iPad so not much use to me but maybe helpful to others.
  11. John, Which website?? Solar Monitor does bring up anything for me....
  12. <Blushing>..... We're all here to help each other... "Hold hands in the traffic"
  13. That's exactly what I find...... I'll once again double/ triple check the PA - see if it can be improved.....
  14. A little OT but I use an NEQ6 mounted in an observatory with good PA. I have a consistent park position, but even then the first slew is always a degree or so out of position. I’ve tried retaining the old synch positions and deleting them all - still get a first slew error. Why???? If the modeling of the motor pulses to the arc min movements is correct and consistent, you’d think that EQMOd should be able to drop the scope exactly on the required RA/Dec.....but this never seems to be the case.......
  15. Peter, Hmmm, how do you then use a 1.25” eyepiece without an adaptor?
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