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  1. Hmmmm, doesn't look correct to me. Your -1.566 longitude should be showing as 1 deg 34 min E At the moment it's set for somewhere in the USA!!
  2. I have the older version NEQ6PRO. One of the benefits of the latest mount is that it effectively has a EQDir module built into the mount. you can use a standard printer USB to connect and bypass the handcontroller. EQmod should see the connection (I think you have to set a higher Baud rate) and your off and running. I use EQMOD with CdC to run my NEQ6PRO, C11, spectrograph set up.
  3. I use the HEQ5 and NEQ6 mounts. For the past ten years I've used a car converter - 120W, 12V to 15V. Works very well for me. The SW mounts can safely take 15V, no issues.
  4. On my NEQ6 mount the central bolt is a M12 x 1.75. HTH
  5. As Alan says at the home position the Dec should equal your latitude. Do you have the correct lat/long values entered???
  6. Don’t Panic! Just position the scope pointing to the pole, with the counterweight straight down. This is the HOME position, which the electronics use at startup. Then power everything up. Should work OK.
  7. I use three ED80 scopes and a Genesis..... I feel uncomfortable (!!) after being so impressed with the Petzval design Genesis for so many years to admit that the performance of the ED80 is very (very) good. I would recommend the ED80 scopes to any amateur. Bang per buck they can’t be beat.
  8. Here some photos of my set-ups. 6mm MXL belt and 30 tooth pulley on the motor.
  9. +1 from me! I use it most days for solar imaging.... It did at one stage have the dual CometSeeker and ED80 mounted. No issues no drama.
  10. Back to basics.... Amateur Telescope Making, Volume 2, p623-647 The definition of the RTF = Richest-Field Telescope (note - not just a rich field telescope) to quote: "....every aperture could be made "a" RFT of that aperture, for a given observer and that there was one of all these which, in connection with the curve of star density against magnitude of stars, was uniquely "the" RFT for the observer, in respect to the maximum countable number of stars per apparent square degree" Note there's no real mention of field of view, just the maximum stars per square degree. B
  11. OK, on my HEQ5 mount the two small thumbscrews on the Dec circle are M2. The larger screw holding the RA circle is an M4. HTH https://www.amazon.com/FidgetFidget-Thumb-Screws-Screw-Stainless/dp/B07N41CC67#HLCXComparisonWidget_feature_div If you can't source replacement thumbscrews, try a M2 stainless socket head screw
  12. Mog3768, can you upload an image of the focuser setup you tried? I successfully use the SW motor with belt drive on all my solar scopes.
  13. I believe they are M2 screws. I’ll double check and confirm.
  14. I think the transmission is a poor comparison to a proper V photometric filter.
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