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  1. Merlin66

    Lodestar, Lodestar X2, CoStar

    John, I understand your comparison, but it doesn’t take into account the larger pixel size of the Lodestar, which makes it ideal for guiding with longer focal lengths and OAG.
  2. Merlin66

    Motion of telescope on a wedge

    I successfully used a Meade 12” LX 200 on a reworked HD wedge and tripod for spectroscopy for many years. Proper balance was the key. only sold and replaced by the C11/ NEQ6 due to the fork restrictions with the larger spectroscope.
  3. Merlin66

    Lodestar, Lodestar X2, CoStar

    I use the Lodestar on my spectroscope guiding, mounted on a C11 at f10 and NEQ6 mount. Use PHD2 and AstroArt. It’s never let me down and works 100%.
  4. Merlin66

    Motion of telescope on a wedge

    If the OTA with the extender and camera fit between the rear cell and the base of the forks then you’ll be OK.
  5. Merlin66

    Canon D450 drivers

    My Win10, 64 bit laptop runs my 450D, no isssues. PhotoShop is an expensive option, only monthly subscription.... i find PaintShopPro has 99.9% the same capability and is very cost effective. Try the free download before you buy.
  6. Thanks for that Micheal, appreciated. I’m looking at the Meade x3 to use for solar imaging, it would give me a good plate scale, hopefully without newton rings.
  7. The ES ad makes the point that their design for the tele extender is like a telecentric- magnification doesn’t vary with spacing. Meade appear to offer the same design but don’t highlight the telecentric capabilities. Has anyone had practical experience with the Meade x3 and can confirm or not that it is a telecentric design. Thanks.
  8. I regularly use a FULL modded 1000D, both internal filters removed for spectroscopy - excellent performer. used occasionally for imaging, with a UV/IR filter up front. No issues, no drama.
  9. Sounds promising..... I use the solar noon transit, suncalc software, and a angle template to set up my HEQ5 for solar observing. works well for me.
  10. Merlin66

    Canon 1200D astromod

    Removing the one filter will give you more red sensitivity. Unless, like me you do spectroscopy, leave the dust/ anti- alias filter. I also use the CLS for focusing standard lenses, BUT you should be aware that the auto-focus will not work. This would require re-setting the position of the sensor in the body.
  11. Merlin66

    Mead LX 200 needs repair

    Did the one that failed damage the ribbon cable behind it? when you say power is back on....what do you see on the handcontroller? If the handcontroller is actually functioning......then I’d suggest replacing all the capacitors.
  12. Merlin66

    Mead LX 200 needs repair

    If the failed capacitor was in the “brick” handcontroller it usually is a fatal consequence. I was recommended to replace ALL the capacitors on my LX200 scopes, before they failed.......
  13. Merlin66

    TO Solarlite filter for visual?

    Looking at the comments on CN it appears to be a thicker version of the Baader polymer film with added “colour”. I can’t find any real technical detail.....
  14. Merlin66

    Meade tripod leg yoke

    I’m not home at the moment, so can’t upload some images of the tripod. This was done some years ago to allow the 12” LX200 and wedge to be easily lifted onto the tripod and to give a sturdier base. The internal legs were only a few inches extended. Sold this set up and went to a C11 on an NEQ6 for spectroscopy.
  15. Merlin66

    Meade tripod leg yoke

    Well done. l only needed to reduce the leg length of the HD tripod by 300mm and managed to achieve that without touching the lower sections.

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