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  1. Herschel Wedge - does size matter?

    I used to have the Baader Herschal wedge in 2" format and it was excellent. As Stu mentions it could handle high magnifications very well indeed. I have never used the Lunt so cannot comment on that but if you can stretch to the Baader it's worth it.
  2. I have named my homemade mounts as "DocMount" and "RocketMount"
  3. Canon 5DM3

    What's the shutter count Daniel?
  4. Observing report 19.04.2018

    Thanks guys. Yes Stu it was using the new mount, I have nicknamed it "RocketMount" as it looks like a rocket silo. It performed very well indeed, very sturdy, hardly no dampening down time required. Silky smooth as well, well pleased with it.
  5. Observing report 19.04.2018

    Cheers for the info. I will recheck the Sissy Haas book and SkySafari later as it I'm sure neither mentions it as a triple.
  6. 19.4.18 Patio (home) Skywatcher Esprit 120ED Selection of Clave' eyepieces Warm 21.00 - 01.00 Cannot remember the last time I done any observing while wearing shorts and a T shirt. In fact it's been such a long time since I've been out. Decided to work through Sissy Haas book on double stars, and by doing so used my newly aquired 4mm Clave' plossl. Leo Alpha Leo - 1.4/8.2 - 176" - Very easy split - 12mm Clave - x70 mag - White/Grey 14 Leo - 3.5/10.8 - 96" - Hard split as the B component is very dim, only glimpsed occasionally - 12mm Clave' - x70 mag - White/Grey Iota leo - 4.1/11 - 1.7" - Sissy Haas book says B is 6.7mag, while SkySafari says it is 11 mag. I tend to believe SkySafari as this was pretty hard and only glimpsed - 4mm Clave - x210 mag - Yellow/Grey 90 Leo - 6.3/7.3/9.8 - 34"/67" - Medium difficulty, all three appeared in a line, very pretty - 4mm Clave - x210 mag - Yellow/white/grey 88 Leo - 6.3/9.1 - 15.4" - Medium difficulty - 12mm Clave - x70 mag - White/grey 81 Leo - 5.6/10.8 - 55" Medium difficulty due to B star being dim - 4mm Clave - x210 mag - White 6 Leo - 5.0/9.3 - 37.1" - Easy split - 12mm Clave - x70 mag - Orange/white Delta Leo - 2.6/8.6 - 203.9" - Very wide and easy split - 12mm Clave - x70 mag - yellow/white 54 Leo - 4.5/6.3 - 6.3" - Medium difficulty - 12mm Clave - x70 mag - Yellow/white Bootes Epsilon Bootes - 2.6/4.8 - 2.9" - Pretty hard split as glare was a problem - 4mm Clave - x210 mag - Yellow/white Rho Bootes - 3.5/11.5 - 34.7" - Did not split as I couldn't find the 11.5 mag star - 4mm Clave - x210 mag Delta Bootes - 3.6/7.9 - 103.8" - Very wide and easy split - 12mm Clave - x70 mag - Yellow/white Mu Bootes - 4.3/7.1/7.6 - 107"/2.2" - Excellent triple star system, clear gap between AB and BC - 4mm Clave - x210 mag - Yellow/white/Grey Ursa Major Xi Ursa Major - 3.7/4.8 - 2.0" - Clean split medium difficulty - 4mm clave - x210 mag Hercules Zeta Hercules - 2.8/5.4 - 1.3" - Only a peanut split managed - 4mm Clave - x210 mag - White
  7. I have used the Canon 10x42 IS before and they were pretty awesome, the stabilization really does work, I was impressed, the downsize was they felt awkward to hold and they are heavy. I bought a pair of Swarovski 10x50's instead and these are in a different league. I would imagine the 15x50's are heavier then the 10x42's so you really need to try a pair first.
  8. Broken HEQ5 pillar mount - fixable?

    If it's cast steel it should weld OK.
  9. My new mount set up.

    I like it Alan, you are the winner so far
  10. My new mount set up.

    It's a hedgehog feeding house Jeremy I built it a few months ago. It's got a few compartments in for food and a corner where it can sleep. We get three regular hedgehogs that come into the garden.
  11. Just spent the last few months designing and building myself a new Alt/Az mount. In case you have not seen the build thread it's on the following link https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/307728-my-new-diy-altaz-mount-a-panther-clone/ I'm really pleased with results, it's dead smooth and balances perfectly, even when the large 31 Nagler is used, there is no need to rebalance between eyepiece changes. All I need to do now is sort out the encoders. I called my first mount I made the "DocMount", I can't think of a name for this one at the moment, maybe someone will have a good name. Here's a few photo's and a video link via youtube, for some reason I can't seem to embed it. Video link is: https://youtu.be/vChMQ2Q8Q30
  12. No they are just bare cast iron, it's been a few days and they haven't rusted yet.
  13. I made the counterweights over the weekend, they are made from 5" diameter meehanite bar 1.5" thick. They weigh 4kg each and once fitted they balance the scope perfectly. Here's a couple of photo's of the finished mount. The only thing left to do is sort out the encoders and drill and tap some M3 holes for the top hat to be secured. I'll post more photo's and video in the members equipment section later.
  14. need help

    You are most likely focusing to quick and going past the sweet spot where the image comes into focus.
  15. My Mak - Intes Micro 815 Deluxe

    Basically Yes but the M815 has a secondary obstruction of only 24% compared to 34% for the C8