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  1. If I was you I would try and find a padded case for your scope. My rerfractor has it's own flight case protects it very well indeed.
  2. Well I spent 1 1/2 hours tonight tracing this comet down. I star hopped via Iota Cancri which btw is a wonderful double star to Nu Cancri and then to the exact spot where both my planetarium software programs say the comet is. Appartently it's mag 10 now so with my sky conditions I think it's out of my reach. With a little averted vision and intense looking I did see some mottling of the background but not enough to say I saw it for sure. Will have to wait until the moons gone and maybe the comet is a little higher in the sky and try again.
  3. I had the Hawke Frontier 10x43 bins for a few years before I upgraded. They are pretty good, ideal for scanning the heavens. I bought them mainly for birding but did a fair bit of stargazing with them. From dark skies I could pick up M31, M13, quite a few clusters, even a hint of M81/82 and so I was pleased.
  4. Doc

    Fresh from the SD card

  5. Doc

    Most satisfying observations?

    Wow what a question, if I had to pick three they are: 1. Hale Bopp in 1997, the main reason I got into this hobby. 2. Cannot remember the exact date but I saw Saturn and 8 of it's moons in my 16" dob. I was amazed as they were all pretty much in a line and looked awesome. 3. Seeing G1 also known as Myall 11 in my 16" dob. G1 is a globular cluster within the Andromeda Galaxy. So I was observing a globular cluster outside of our own galaxy, even though it was only a very small faint smudge it was amazing. Read about it here: https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/79658-mayall-11-or-g1/?tab=comments#comment-775003
  6. No message has been sent on either AB&S or EMS so not sure where you have sent it Paul.
  7. My Televue 31mm T5 eyepiece is for sale I have moved over to Clave so haven't used this in a long time. It comes in it's original box with paperwork. Well looked after and in excellent condition. FLO sell these for £585 new so I'm asking £375 including postage to UK
  8. Only time I use a filter is to view the Veil nebula. I find the O111 really good for this object.
  9. Doc

    Sharpest binocular.

    I have the 10x50 Swarovski EL Swarovision and they are pretty damn sharp.
  10. Doc

    Nikon NAV HW 17mm eyepiece

    Can't wait for your report, I've always wanted to try one of these.
  11. I have the Esprit ED120 and splashed out on a APM Amici diagonal, all I can say it's one of my best buys ever. https://www.apm-telescopes.de/en/optical-accessories/stardiagonal-mirror--prism/apm-2-inch-erect-image-prism-fast-lock-ultra-broadband-coating
  12. I just bring mine in and leave all the caps off. When I wake up the dew is all gone and I then put it away.
  13. Doc

    The Alpine Valley

    The only scope I have seen the rille with is my 16" dob. I agree with the comment that the light has to be right and also the seeing needs to be steady.
  14. Doc

    Supernova in NGC3254 (SN2019np)

    Cracking capture Dave.

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