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  1. I use Baader wonder fluid on lenses and Isopropyl alcohol on mirrors.
  2. My 16" Meade lightbridge Dob
  3. Thanks Roy. And I agree it looks so much better this way.
  4. Yes Mark it's the following paint. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VHT-BLACK-WRINKLE-FINISH-SPRAY-PAINT-SP201/251713042331?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  5. Done some more to the Fullerscope mount last week. I tried to blend the old paint with the new paint and to be honest it was a difficult job. In the end I mainly just painted most of the mount, to get a good finish on wrinkle paint I found you had to warm up the mount with a heat gun first and then apply two heavy coats. Then gently warm the paint until it cures and leaves a wrinkle finish. I replace the wood riser with metal columns as the wood began to bow. All that is left is a polar bracket/scope which I have designed but needs building and to get a control box to run the motors from via CduC. The mount is rock steady with the 120ED Esprit on board there is no dampning down time at all. Here is some photos.
  6. I used to clean my 16" Meade mirror with warm soapy water and rinsed of with isopropyl and it was always OK.
  7. The file solution is good how about a flap wheel in a drill as well. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ABRASIVE-FLAP-WHEEL-SANDING-SETS-60-80mm-DIAMETER-Drill-6mm-Shank-GRIT-40-80/192197827380?epid=1805410993&hash=item2cbfe21b34:g:UcwAAOSwX61ZAbaU
  8. I have plans to build a 6" F15 refractor to go on my Fullerscope IV Mount I'm restoring and adding Go-To . I would love to find a Clave 6" lens to go with the 80mm I have but I have more chance off going to the moon. So my next choice will be a Jeager 6" lens or one of those iStar Optical 150mm F15 lenses. This will be a big project for the future.
  9. What I would do is tap the top out and then find someone near you with a large enough lathe to machine the hole to the required diameter, and then tap the top back in.
  10. Thanks Alan, I just love tinkering in the shed it's very therapeutic.
  11. All belted up. Next step the controller.
  12. I've always used red dot finders, on my dobs I've had the telrad and on the refractors the Baader Sky surfer V. They now sell a night and day variety but even the night time one still works in the day but the smallest red dot is very hard to see in the daytime. https://www.baader-planetarium.com/en/baader-sky-surfer-v-red-dot-finder.html The smallest setting is pretty small I could not tell you how small but it's a very small pin prick of light about the same width as a small star. As for quality you pay more you get better quality, I've always used Baader as the quality is excellent.
  13. There is nothing like making your own mount it's extremely satisfying. I have made two Alt/AZ mounts one a clone of the DM6 and the other a clone of the panther mount both work extremely well. I'll look forward to following this thread ad hope everything goes well. If you can take a 1/4" cut in steel you are doing really well, my Myford struggles doing that, in aluminium it's pretty easy but not in steel.
  14. Today I made the plate and bracket to hold the Nema23 Declination motor and pulleys. The motor is the same as the RA one being a 2.8 amp, 1.26Nm, 2.5v, and 0.9° step angle type. Just like the RA motor the Dec motor requires a 105 tooth GT2 belt. The DEC housing drilled tapped perfectly this time so there was no need to make a copy out of aluminium like I did on the RA housing.
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