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  1. Merlin66

    Manipulating darks

    Robin, Download the demo copy of AstroArt - it's fully functional and the manual has various tutorial sections to give guidance and get you started. http://www.msb-astroart.com/down_en.htm
  2. Merlin66

    Daystar Solar Scout 60mm

    Hmmmm I feel the Quark is a good solution to H alpha observing, narrow fields of view compared with Lunt or Coronado offerings. Both have their place in the hobby.
  3. Merlin66

    EQMOD meridian flip?

    Hmm, on the windows version of the App (V1.13.0) it does seem to control meridian "flipping" Equatorial Mount Settings Guiding Rate: Configure the guiding rate of the autoguider interface on the mount. Flipping: Configure the meridian-flipping mode (for GOTO) of an equatorial mount. Defaulted to “Auto” mode after each GOTO
  4. Merlin66

    EQMOD meridian flip?

    Hmmm I think this mount is "sold" as an easy "wireless" controlled Alt-Az mount..... Mounting it on a wedge - how does the mount perform? I'd think without guiding the RA/ Dec motions may be compromised??? Interesting...... [Edit] Just found the Synscan Pro App. The "advanced version" seems to handle EQ configurations????? Android App: SynScan Pro App, Version 1.14.0 This is the Android version of the SynScan Pro app and it is recommended for experienced users. It supports not only alt-az mounts for visual observing, but also equatorial mounts for astrophotography. The mount should be equipped with a build-in Wi-Fi module or an external SynScan Wi-Fi adapter. This app supports ASCOM platform and SkySafari Plus/Pro.
  5. Merlin66

    EQMOD meridian flip?

    Did you get a Synscan hand controller with the mount? I think this or a EQDir cable may allow connection to the mount....don't know however if the motors/ motherboard are compatible with the SW EQ mounts (which use EQMod)
  6. Merlin66

    EQMOD meridian flip?

    Looking at the manual for the mini AZ-GT mount I'm not sure it is compatible with EQMod........ Have anyone had experience with this new mount???
  7. Merlin66

    EQMOD meridian flip?

    It's covered in the manual, downloaded with EQMod (the the EQmod folder). Pier flip option, p47
  8. Merlin66

    Lunt LS80THa and eyepieces/accesories

    Hmmm I'd expect there may be minor marking from "factory testing" The only new Crayford I bought was on a TS102 scope - a Baader steeltrack design....I've just checked it, it's about 5 years old - the track marks are visible but do not break through the anodising - just a faint visible mark..... [edit] Tried to photo the faint tracks but they are too faint to show........
  9. Merlin66

    Lunt LS80THa and eyepieces/accesories

    What you see is typical tracking marks from the roller bearings in the Crayford. Nothing to worry about, all Crayford show similar marks......
  10. Merlin66

    Contemplating Obsy.....

    It made the front cover of the popular Japanese astronomy magazine....
  11. Merlin66

    Contemplating Obsy.....

    Thanks! Yes, it was one I designed and built....worked very well......
  12. Merlin66

    Contemplating Obsy.....

    Back in the 80's I built an Octodome on a 3 x 3 mtr , 1.5mtr high wall base. Plenty of roof height (2.7mtr) and space to move.... The sliding top also used those industrial sliding door rails (excellent!) and it has a couple of doors on one face to view low objects without sliding the roof back. I also "acquired" a couple of reject double gazed windows from the high speed train and added them. This housed my 12" f5 used for visual SN search. Worked 110%.
  13. I mount my PST exactly the same way on an old AZ3 mount. They obviously forgot your mount already had the camera adaptor and 1/4" thread to fit the PST.... You don't need the dovetail.
  14. I've just repaired a PST which came in fitted with this focus knob, so there doesn't seem to be any issues with that company.....
  15. Paul, The stage 0.5 involves replacing the PST "black box" with a conventional (usually short Crayford focuser) and either the "re-used" BF5 from the PST or a larger BF10 blocker. Still a 40mm aperture but none of the hassles of the pentaprism.......
  16. All the mods I do generally involve adding the PST etalon to larger apertures. A Stage 0.5 involves removing the PST “Black Box” and replacing it with a “proper “ focuser. Stage 1 is removing the Gold tube and replacing it with a larger aperture scope (up to 150mm) and adding an ERF (energy rejection filter) Stage 2 mod is when the etalon is removed, added behind a large aperture scope with ERF and a proper focuser and upgraded blocking filter. I have a write up available.... just PM me your email details. Adding a double stack unfortunately is limited to adding $$$$ commercial external filters.
  17. Merlin66

    Moon in IR

    Yeah, looks like from very low geostationary Earth orbit....
  18. Merlin66

    Moon in IR

    Amazing!!!! Fantastic result, you should be proud.
  19. Having owned and modded PST's since 2007, they are part of the family. Bang per buck they do well. Never had any issues/ concerns with the plastic eyepiece screw. I would recommend you get a Vegemite (in the US????) lid, or a Peanut butter (probably easier in the US ) lid, drill a central hole 11mm diameter and slip it over the PST focus knob; gives much better and precise control. Enjoy!
  20. Hmmmm I. Must be missing something here... I use an ASI 1600 camera for solar....regularly take 1000 frames (up to a 3Gb SER file), the frames are said to be 12 bit files....when they are summed the final result is still a 12 bit file - not a 48 bit file??????
  21. Can you try the same exercise with PSP??
  22. I think you and others who are more active in AP are in a better position to verify the capabilities. I’m of the opinion that if your needs can be met in PS then PSP will also do the job. A quick run through the demo version will confirm or otherwise........
  23. Mark, I believe it would meet your needs.... Download the demo version and try it out.
  24. Looking at the contents listing.....Secchi and his solar work appears to be mentioned but nothing (???) on Sir William Huggins???
  25. As an alternative the highly capable PaintShopPro comes in 32 and 64 bit.......certainly come a long way from its sketching beginnings. https://www.paintshoppro.com/en/ Does 99% of all the stuff PS does for a fraction of the cost!

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