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Solar Imaging ShowCase 2016


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Please add your fav Solar Images from 2016.

seasoned or new to the hobby all are welcome to build up Sols story for 2016.

Drawings would be good too or anything what gives us a true picture of the year.

thanks for your data. clear skys . charl.

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heres a few of mine to get us started, I consider myself still a learner, 2016 was my first full year imaging sol in whitelight, my biggist step forward was getting a lunt solar wedge. everything I have learnt ive learnt from you guys on here and without the SGL communty id  still been thinking about it, thanks all, clear skys, thanks for looking.  charl.

12-4-16, the monster with a heart. pre solar wedge, taken with badder film.

4 Sol 12-4-16 10.30 c.png

19-7-16 this is my fav of the year. taken with solar wedge

7 sol 19-7-16 09.00 col.png

and a close up of the AR.

7 sol 19-7-16 09.00 close up.png

a close up nice spots but ive lost the dates.



9-10-16 taken with lunt solar wedge and AR127L.

sol 9-10-16 09.10.png

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added pics
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Well why not, twas my first year of Solar imaging too. Very much a learner so don't laugh. Or laugh if you like, I can take it, it very much boggles my brain that I'm capable of doing any of this imaging stuff :) Onwards to better things in 2017!

In no particular order.

11/07/16. My very first Solar image (not that you'd know if I didn't tell you what it was), iPhone up to the EP, took some video and somehow managed to get it to stack. 

sunspots copy.jpg


08/10/16 I think. AR2599 close up. My first decent close up.


09/08/16. Lots of spots, well, for me at the time anyway.

sol WL 09-08 Colour anotated.png


08/10/2016. Really good day for seeing.


Sol FD 08-10 Drizzled.png

01/09/16. Rather like this one too.

sol 01-09 0847am WL 92 of 198.png

And a closeup the same day.

Sol 01-09 CU 0841am AR2585.png







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On 2/21/2017 at 21:25, Kevstew said:

My first year too, got a Lunt ls50tha ds in march and a white light filter for my st80. 


Amazing shots.  I would aspire to get images like that in the future.

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A few of mine from last year. Lots to choose from hence being a bit late to the party! 2016 was really about picking up where I left off with my Ca-K imaging from 2015 but then I also added a Lunt white light wedge part way through the year.





And probably my favourite image of the year


Rarely do conditions allow you to capture all three lights reasonably well.


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Here is a selection of mine from 2016 all with either the Lunt 60, 130PDS (now sold) or ED80.

28 April 2016


26 July 2016


Mercury transit 8 x 15 minute intervals


30 July 2016


8 August 2016


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