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  1. Star trails at sycamore gap, located along Hadrian’s wall. Equipment canon 6d, samyang 14mm lens and a tri pod. Thanks for looking.
  2. Wide field image using canon 6d and 14mm samyang lens. Location just west of Alnwick in Northumberland.
  3. In apt there’s also a magnifier under the tools tab, to get a closer look at the stars
  4. In deep sky stacker you need to go into fits settings, then there’s a box near the top of the page you tick ( mono chrome something, I can’t remember ) this allows you to select debayer rggb. Then you stack as normal, save as tiff so you can then work on it in photoshop. Hope this helps.
  5. Combining all the subs helped but these were all taken while the moon was up, so there was some moonlight to light the foreground. I did use the light on my phone to light a sub on the Dunstanburgh castle one
  6. Here’s a selection of star trail pictures I captured a few weeks ago. They are all between 1 and 3 hours of exposures. The first one is the entrance to dunstanburgh castle. The second is Alnmouth viaduct, known locally as the 18 arches. The third is the bathing house, located on the Howick coast and finally the cross at the top of church hill, just south of Alnmouth. All pictures where taken with a canon 550d and a sigma 10-20mm lens at 10mm. Processed with startrails.de and slightly tweaked on my phone. Thanks for looking.
  7. Thanks and yes your right, it gives a good sense of scale to it
  8. Thanks. I’ve only ever seen two (seen one a couple of years ago) this one is the best I’ve seen. Was lucky to capture it, by the time I got to the beach it was already fading.
  9. Old picture of an amazing moon halo I saw the day before the super, blue, blood moon happened. Taken from boulmer on the Northumberland Coast. Been busy moving house so forgot to post at the time.
  10. Thanks. I will try and explain how I processed this. Open both pictures as layers in whatever software your using, with the tracked image on top. Set the tracked image as darken only. Using lasso draw around the ground to select it, then using levels move the middle arrow to the left. You should see the background layer come through. Select the align tool, to fine tune the alignment, then crop and flatten the image. Hopefully that will make some sense
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