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  1. I had had an EQ5 (rebadged as Bresser MON-2), worked fine for visual and Solar System imaging with a SW Mak 180 and even with a SW Explorer 150PL (150 mm f/8 Newt).
  2. Jupiter with Ganymede and Io from 2023-09-07. The dark area on Ganymede is Galileo Regio; Io looks a bit flattened due to dark polar areas (cf. this Io transit animation). Telescope: SW 250PDS (10" f/4.8 Newtonian), camera: Blackfly S (IMX 273), ZWO ADC, Meade Barlow 3x, Baader UV/IR-cut filter, processed with AS!3 and ImPPG. 7 ms exposure, 140 fps, approx. 7600 frames per video (5% stacked), 1-minute animation intervals, duration: 1:30 h. (right-click a video for the looping option) j_lum.mp4
  3. Here's the Moon from 2 nights ago, during the break in between Jupiter captures: Seeing illustration (slowed down from 140 to 24 fps): Telescope: SW 250PDS (254 mm f/4.8 Newtonian), Meade Barlow 3x, camera: Blackfly S (IMX 273), Baader orange >570 nm filter. Processed in AS!3 and ImPPG.
  4. Very good start (and definitely beats my initial attempts)! Remember to sharpen with care; in your image it's a bit "overcooked", as can be seen e.g. from the ringing artifact along the limb. Here's another full disc for reference (only 50 mm aperture): https://astrob.in/full/105799/0/?real=
  5. AR 3363 from 2023-07-11 in good seeing. Telescope: Sky-Watcher 250PDS (250 mm f/4.8 Newtonian) with Baader ND 5 solar film, Baader planetary green + UV/IR-cut filters. Camera: FLIR Blackfly S (IMX 273). 3390 frames (7% stacked), exposure 3 ms, gain 13.2 dB. Stacked in AS!3, processed in ImPPG.
  6. AR 3354 from 2023-06-29 in good seeing. Telescope: Intes M715 (180 mm f/15 MCT) with Baader ND 3.8 solar film, Baader Solar Continuum + UV/IR-cut filters. Camera: FLIR Blackfly S (IMX 273). 3390 frames (7% stacked), exposure 3 ms, gain 14 dB.Stacked in AS!3, processed in ImPPG.
  7. Lively limb activity in Hα captured on 2022-06-13 in average seeing. Telescope: Intes M715 (180 mm f/15 MCT) with Aries ERF and Lunt 50 etalon. Camera: FLIR Blackfly S (IMX 273). 4500 frames per video (5% stacked), exposure 1 ms, gain 7.8 dB. 20-second animation intervals, 23 minutes total. Stacked in AS!3, processed in ImPPG.
  8. On Wednesday I tested the Intes M715+Aries ERF+Lunt 50 etalon combination. Even though the seeing wasn't exceptional, taking a lot of frames helped. Everything captured with Blackfly S (IMX 273), processed in AS!3 and ImPPG. Note: right-click a video for looping and fullscreen options. M4.7 flare in AR 3327 (20-second intervals, 2:48 h total, with breaks due to clouds): ha5.mp4 Prominence animation (25-second intervals, 0:42 h total): ha4.mp4 Minor activity in AR 3329 - a microflare? There was nothing in the NOAA solar event list (15-second intervals, 0:25 h total): ha2.mp4
  9. On Monday I left my setup recording for 6 hours, hoping for the forecast possible X-class flare, but to no avail. Among the few lesser flares there was an interesting "unfurling" one (30 s intervals, 1:20 h total; right-click the video for looping option): anim2.mp4 Some more activity (30 s intervals, 1:06 h total): anim1.mp4 Overview of AR 3313 & 3311: 90 mm refractor + Lunt 50 etalon, Blackfly S (IMX 273), processed in AS!3 + ImPPG. Statistics: 722 videos (1800 frames each, 10% stacked), 985 GB, stacked with AS!3 in 7:48 h (Ryzen 2700 8C/16T CPU), batch-processed with ImPPG 1:45 min.
  10. ImPPG v. 1.9.1-beta is out with the following bug fixes: Invalid channel order when loading 8-bit RGB images Cannot enable adaptive unsharp mask Crash when using adaptive unsharp mask in CPU & bitmaps mode Homepage: https://greatattract...ithub.io/imppg/ Download: https://github.com/G...tag/v1.9.1-beta
  11. ImPPG v. 1.9.0-beta is out with the following new features: Scripting support (Lua); see the documentation for details Multiple unsharp masks RGB processing Note that some UI strings do not have translations yet. If you encounter any other problems, please report them via GitHub, e-mail or a PM. Homepage: https://greatattractor.github.io/imppg/ Download from: https://github.com/GreatAttractor/imppg/releases/tag/v1.9.0-beta
  12. I had very good seeing at my high-altitude location on 30.08, here are a few animations with different filters. Telescope: Intes M715, camera: Blackfly S (IMX 273). 1-minute intervals between frames (55 s of recording, 5 s breaks); processed in AS!3 and ImPPG. Note: videos can be looped via right-click. I recommend narrowing the browser window a bit, so they don't display so large. 1) Baader red >610 nm filter; 1:30 h: red_610_nm_p1.mp4 2) Baader UV/IR-cut (part 1) and switching back to the red filter (part 2); 1:41 h: lum_red.mp4 Finally, an OSC video made with ZWO ASI 462MC a few days before (I need to work on my RGB processing); 0:28 h: j_osc.mp4
  13. Unsharp mask sigma around 1.3, amount 6-8; but as usual, you should fine-tune the parameters to your images. Select a small area (e.g., just the granulation), temporarily stretch the contrast, and play with the sliders until the features starts looking unnatural/"overcooked".
  14. I've noticed L-R deconvolution doesn't work that well on WL - but applying just some unsharp masking is quite alright (link, link). (I might investigate R6-style wavelets for future inclusion in ImPPG).
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