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  1. Did anyone else see the fireball in the SW at 22:59 hrs? It entered in Taurus and and ended south of Aries was bluish green and was about mag -7.
  2. I've tried for decades to see nebulosity around Merope visually and failed ,and I stay in a fairly dark site. Their has been times I think I've seen it but I think the best practice is that if your unsure about an observation it is to best to discount it.
  3. Les Ewan

    '19 Lunar eclipse

    Sorry to hear that Kenny it was a good one.
  4. Les Ewan

    Lunar Eclipse 21/01/19

    HI Paul, I was a bit worried before the eclipse as their was quite a bit of cloud in the western sky, however it stayed clear for most of the time and cloud was only a problem late into totality and the later partial stages. Here are some more images, this time taken through a driven Skywatcher 90mm f10 refractor and a Nikon Coolpix L29 compact digiscoped on a 40mm Celestron Omni plossl eyepiece. Taken at 03:44,04:05,04:30 and 04:59 hours respectively.
  5. Les Ewan

    Lunar Eclipse 21/01/19

    These two images taken at 05:11 with a old M42 threaded tele photo lens attached to a Cannon 1100 on a undriven tripod.Ex 10 seconds at 200ISO. PS Feel free to put your images on here if you wish.
  6. Les Ewan

    Shadow Filled Ptolemaeus

    Its been great fun watching isolated peaks coming into view earlier this evening. The rim mountains of Ptolemaeus were getting their first sunlight when this image was taken at just after 8pm while the crater floor was still flooded by freezing shadow. The image was taken with a Canon 1100D coupled to a 10mm Celestron Ultima Duo eyepiece.The scope is a 300mm f4.9 Newtonian.1/30th sec exposure at 100ISO.
  7. Les Ewan

    What's your favourite observing time?

    I don't mind really but I find the crispest clearest skies often occur in the early mornings. If observing starts say in the last couple of hours before dawn you have the added interest of seeing the constellations out of season.For example I've witnessed seeing Antares with frozen icy snow on the ground and the entire figure of Orion above the horizon in August.
  8. Les Ewan

    When you dislike electronics...

    I got my first GOTO about 3 months ago and 3 or even 2 star alignment started to become a chore. Once set up its great, getting the mount to slew to targets at the touch of a few buttons but once the novelty wore off it just made me feel a bit empty inside.Then on Monday evening I started swinging the scope around and star hopping again the fun is back. Its nice to know the GOTO is there should I need it but I don't think I'll use it much.
  9. Les Ewan

    Mars 24/12/18

    Really impressive under the circumstances.
  10. Hi David , I work outside as well, have done all my working life,I think it puts you in good stead for observational astronomy.
  11. Les Ewan

    Wonder Scopes On Ebay

    I saw these two gems on Ebay just look at the sellers claims; 650X on the 60mm refractor and 1000X on the 76mm reflector. The reflector further boasts (drumroll) 'Night Vision' and 'HD' (ca-ting) ! These scopes are selling new and are cheap, they may be OK for the price but why are scope sellers continuing to get away with this.
  12. I never wear gloves their just too cumbersome. Living in the countyside away from street lights,what I do if my fingers start to numb up is I pour a cup of tea from my flask and take a brisk walk up the farm track or in the neighbouring field with my hands wrapped around steaming cup. Its quite nice to get away from the camera and scope for a while and just admire the sky with the naked eye while getting the blood circulating again.
  13. Les Ewan

    Orion Nebula 08/01/19

    Great evening's viewing no dewing due to the low humidity and light breeze,not too cold either with the temperature hovering around zero. A bit of patchy cloud about but Orion was mainly free for long periods. I took several images of the Flame Nebula and even managed to bring out the Horse Head for the first time, but not well enough to submit. I use a Canon 1100D attached to my 300mm f 4.9 Newt on a EQ6R. The system works quite well with the Flame but as usual attention turned to our old friend The Great Nebula. The image was taken at 23:30 on the 8th.Exposure time was 60 seconds at 1600ISO. The image was a bit flat so gave it a bit of contrast using Faststone, apart from that the image (which is RAW) was unprocessed.
  14. Les Ewan


    I've been observing the skies for more years than I care to admit and I cant remember Venus looking as bright as it does now.
  15. Les Ewan

    Satisfying colours

    The last couple of days its been clear(or largely so)during daylight hours only to cloud over as soon as it gets dark.

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