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Deep sky imaging showcase 2016


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Please use this thread to showcase your best images captured during 2016. Just one post per member but you can include up to 5 images if you want.

The thread is for all imagers novices and advanced.

Please keep details to a minimum - scope and camera possibly along with a few comments.

The thread needs to be packed with images so please don't respond to the postings


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NGC 2070 - Tarantula Nebula - 161220 - RE-PROCESSED 2 COMPRESSED.jpg

Tarantula Nebula ( NGC 2070 ) - Orion Optics CT12, Nikon D5300 unmodified


The Great Nebula in Orion ( Messier 42, NGC 1976 ) g compressed.jpg

The Great Orion Nebula ( Messier 42 ) - Skywatcher Quattro 10", Nikon D5300 unmodified


The Wishing Well Cluster ( NGC 3532 ) - small frame - compressed.jpg

The Wishing Well Cluster ( NGC 3532 ) - Skywatcher Quattro 10", Nikon D5300 unmodified


The Silver Coin in Sculptor ( NGC 253 ) - IPAD pro - compressed.jpg

The Silver Coin Galaxy in Sculptor ( NGC 253 ) - Skywatcher Quattro 10", Nikon D5300 unmodified

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All taken with the Atik 383L+

Gamma Cygni and Beyond: 16 panel mosaic, 56 hours (Star 71)



Pelican Ultra: 200pds



Dusty M45: Star 71



Belt to Sword - Mono version: Star 71



Virgo Supercluster annotated: 9 panel mosaic, Star 71 (click for fullsize, so you can read it)




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An unusual look and feel to this one. Sh2 126, 2 panel HaLRGB, twin Takashashi FSQ106/fill frame CCD, Mesu 200.

Sh2-126 HaLRGB 24 Hrs.jpg

The 'Breaking Wave' extension around Gamma Cass, down to the Pacman. 3 panel, twin Taks.

Breaking Wave with Pacman BEST smaller jpg.jpg


NGC 2170 using twin Tak and TEC 140 data. 35 hours.


NGC 2170 36 HRS 2FL WEB2.jpg


Beverly Hills here we come. A joint effort with Mr and Mrs Gnomus. HaOIIILRGB, 35 hours.

California HaOIII LRGB 35Hrs smaller.jpg


And finally IC447, LRGB TEC 140. An eleven hour quickie!

IC 447 11 HRS LRGB WEB.jpg



As ever, the kit is co-owned by myself, Tom O'Donoghue and Yves Van den Broek. Thanks guys and guests, a good year.


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Didn't do a huge number of images this year, these are probably the 5 best ones:

IC410 Tadpole Nebula (Taken from SE London)

Dual rig, ED80/Atik460EX & WOZS71/Atik314L


Pacman Nebula NGC281 (taken at an astro camp)

Dual rig (but put cameras on wrong scopes as was a bit out of practice):
Atik460 & WOZS71 
Atik 314 & ED80 


The Bubble Nebula NGC7635 (Taken at Kelling) 

ED120 & Atik314L


Melotte 15 (taken from SE London)

First Light with SW150P & Atik314L


M45 Pleiades Cluster 

First Light with SW130PDS & Atik460EX




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5 hours ago, ollypenrice said:


And finally IC447, LRGB TEC 140. An eleven hour quickie!


Have you any idea how annoying that sentence is?  Eleven hours takes about a month where I am.  :icon_salut:

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Here's mine from my first year in astrophotography, all with 150p on eq3-2, and canon 1100d, no tracking except the last 2 images of M42 and Bodes galaxy.  Looking forward to seeing my 2017 efforts now with tracking. IMG_0061.JPG






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Let's lower the mean:

2 taken with the ASI 1600 MMC and a Tair 3s lens, Ha only; 1min subs, guided. IC434 and NGC2237.
2 taken with both Canon 450D and 550D, both on their Tair 3s lens. 5min subs, guided. M31 and M45.
1 taken with both Canon 450D and 550D, on their Tair 3s lens, 30s subs, unguided (laptop battery went out) + some Ha addition taken with the ASI 120 MM with a 135 CZ lens and one Tair 3s. M42.







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It's not up to much, but as it's the only image I managed to bring to "completion" in 2016 I'll post it.

M33 in Trangulum. 

R+L, G+L, B+L (90 min each I think) no Ha (It was bloating out the red channel) gradient and vignetting removal, DDP and histogram stretch on each layer then final histo stretch and saturation boost. All done in AstroArt 5

RGB+L Total.png

TS Photoline 130 f/7 / Baader RGB filters / Trius 694, ASA DDM60 Pro, 5 min subs (LP). An object lesson on the futility of galaxy imaging from London.

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2016 for me was about getting to know my gear. Biggest improvement was setting up a permanent pier which i control from my living room meaning i can make the most of any clear skies.

All images taken with Skywatcher 80 ed and Asi 1600mm, mounted on an AZ EQ6.


flaming star copy 2.jpg








ngc1333fin copy 3.jpg





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NGC 1499, Jan 2016, SW EQ3 Pro, 135 mm @ f/5.6 Pentax K20D (unmodded) 4 minutes subexposures, unguided



M31, Jan 2016, SW EQ3 Pro, 135 mm lens, Pentax K20D, 3 and 4 minutes sub exposures, unguided



NGC 7000, Aug 2016, SW 150 PDS on AZ EQ6 with Pentax K20D (unmodded), 4 minutes subexposures, unguided



NGC 7635, Nov 2016, M52, SW 150 PDS on AZ EQ6 with Pentax K20D, 10 minutes subexposures, guided


On my drive I have data from a grand total of 41 imaging nights during 2016. That's an average of 5 nights per month (May - August it's too bright to do any imaging).

In August I upgraded my mount (from EQ3 to AZ EQ6) and in November I started guiding.

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1.5 years into AP now. For 2016 I ended up with 8 nebulas that I am rather pleased with and since I found it too difficult to select the best five, I take the liberty of posting all of them (hoping that it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission). Basically they are all RGB data from my Canon 60Da put on a ES 5" Apo on a EQ8 mount. Five are with additional NB data (primarily Ha) kindly provided by  friends on SGL and Astrobin: Ole Alexander Ødegård, Francois Theriault and Jim Matzger (as indicated in the signatures).





IMG2073-85+2193-2208 PS21sign.jpg

Wizard NB + HaRGB NyPS2sign.jpg


IMG1004-1012 NyPS13sign.jpg

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These are my two current best from the back end of 2016.

Both taken with an LX90 8", f6.3 reducer, sxvr-h9 and lodestar guidecam.

Sometime in 2017 I'm hoping to add colour filters and maybe narrow band but given how much cloud we've had of late it'll take me a while to be happy enough with my mono images to up the complexity.

M1 Crab Nebula - Link to Original thread


M27 Dumbbell Nebula - Link to original thread


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some blooming great images up there well done to you all.

i don't know where the rest of you get your skies from but i need some, its been a terrible year. i struggled to get 5 let alone complete them lol but here they are.


1-MonkeyHead-HOO-HaRGB 50-50 at 1X jpg-HLVG.jpg

christmas tree cluster.jpg


Rosette jpg.jpg

NGC-281-SEPTEMBER 2016-HOO-RGB-jpg.jpg

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Mainly WIP, but that's a given, weather in the UK and life getting in the way! :happy11:

HEQ5 used for all capture.

Orion's sword HaRGB, first taken with dual rig - QHY9M + Nikkor ed180 + Baader 7nm for HA, QHY8L + SMC Takumar 200 for RGB. M42 and B33 detail added from QHY8L and SW ED80 (approx 1 hour each plus lum on B33 from DSW) Base image around 2 hours so far...


M31 captured with QHY8L + SW ED80


Cygnus HA 9 panel mosaic WIP captured with QHY9 + Nikkor ed180, Tamron SP90 and Pentax 135, Baader 7nm

9 panel WIP.jpg

Elephant Trunk and Flying Bat HA captured with QHY9M, Nikkor ed180 and Baader 7nm





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My first full year of astro imaging. Not much compared to some of the crazy good images above, but not to bad considering I am using a very old DSLR.

Pelican Nebula 2017 feb reprocess v33.jpg

Bi-color Veil V4 copy.jpg

Autosave004-2 bicolor channels 3.jpg

m81 2017.png

m31 2017.jpg


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51 minutes ago, wimvb said:

Impressive. Never seen such a red pelican.

Thanks, not sure if that is good or bad then, what color is it normally lol.

Edit: Probably the CLS Filter clipping the green out.

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