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  1. I think all this is a stark reminder that landing on the moon is not easy. I hope the Americans don’t get too carried away in all the bravado that just because they did it 50 years ago, it must be straight forward!!
  2. Like others say, it’s fine not to go out. I do get it though, the feeling of a lost opportunity when it’s clear, especially on a weekend or a night when you don’t have to be up early the next day. I’ve found if I force it, it’s a bad session, clumsy alignment, basic errors setting up and frustration trying to find your targets. Tonight looks great, but it’s my wedding anniversary tomorrow, I’m off work for the week, and I’m torn between setting up or not bothering so I’m not tired tomorrow. I know what I should do, so I think I’ll just give it a miss. Camping in North Yorkshire later in the week so time for a bit of wide field imaging. Hopefully I’ll match last weeks picture of our tent at night. Whatever you decide, don’t beat yourself up, winters on the way.
  3. Here's a couple of single images from an imaging run with the finished stacked processed image for comparison. Hope this helps.
  4. I got the enhanced dual motors, at the time 18 months ago, think they were about £115, thanks for comments as well.
  5. Sure, I’ll do it later when back home. Typically they are 25-45 sec exposures, plus bias frames stacked in DSS and stretched in GIMP. I would say they are only about 30-60 minutes worth, as I've said I know my limitations so adding hour after hour of data does not make significant differences to my images. Its a great feeling when you first start with DSS, moving the sliders to bring out the detail from what at first sight was a picture showing not much at all, gets me every time.
  6. 150p sit’s fine on this mount. Maybe not the 150pl though
  7. And don’t forget all the solar system imaging you can get with this set up.
  8. Thanks for your kind words. It still amazes me that a humble set up, extremely limited photography skills and light polluted skies in East Yorkshire can give me images of things trillions of miles away. Don't be terrified, get a t ring for your camera, about £15, attach it, trial and error, you’ll have deep sky images in no time.
  9. No guiding, that would maybe be my next investment, if my wife lets me
  10. Cheers. All deep sky stuff is using the camera attached to the scope at prime focus, no lens or Barlow. Take multiple images with the tracking motors running and stack in DSS.
  11. Thanks. I’m totally self taught as well, with loads of help from this site in the early days obviously. There is nothing more satisfying than trying to star hop to where you think a dim DSO is located, hope for the best and start imaging. I’ve been at this hobby for 4 years now, just wish the skies were darker in my town. So to anyone getting into this, I again stress that expectations are the key, you get what you pay for but that doesn’t mean entry level equipment cannot bring great enjoyment.
  12. I disagree, yes ok it is not the best, but if like me, budget, experience and dedication to this fantastic hobby are in limited supply, great results are achievable. I have managed 60 seconds exposures when everything goes well, polar alignment, balance, focus and objects in a favourable position. It has brought to me objects that are invisible to the naked eye and very difficult to even see through the scope. Here’s just a sample of what I’ve imaged with this set up using a non modded canon 1100d, no filters. If like me, you have set your expectations at an achievable level, this set up is great. I love it.
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