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  1. Peco4321

    Lunar eclipse East Yorkshire

    Maybe part of stacking and processing. Didn’t notice before that.
  2. Peco4321

    Lunar eclipse East Yorkshire

    I set the moon on an old shot of mine of the Owl Cluster, I quite like this as a bit of Astro Art
  3. Peco4321

    Michael Foale talk last night

    That’s a shame, but at least your grand daughter is ok. There were a few more than that, but pretty much full. I’m still buzzing.
  4. Yeyyyyy, Astronomy in a dressing gown. Brrrrr but i got it. I’m really chuffed how the pics turned out, set up really quick, dodging the trees I was right up against the fence in a place I don’t normally set up. Didn’t have the battery for the motors as it was still on charge in the house, extremely rough polar alignment, bum perched on the edge of the guinea pig hutch, focus was trial and error as I couldn’t take long enough exposures to fine tune it due to no battery, so all in all, very happy my bladder is weak enough to make me get up at 05:00.
  5. Peco4321

    Live rocket launch

    Here’s some pics of another safe launch including a nosy bird.
  6. What an amazing bloke, inspirational, well educated, polite, humble, the list goes on. I feel privileged to have met him and listened to him.
  7. Peco4321

    Live rocket launch

    Another one tonight https://spaceflightnow.com/2019/01/19/live-coverage-delta-4-heavy-readied-for-launch-from-vandenberg-air-force-base/
  8. Peco4321

    Live rocket launch

    And here we go again. Ariane’s turn at 20:30 ish https://spaceflightnow.com/2018/12/04/ariane-5-va-246-mission-status-center/
  9. Peco4321

    Live rocket launch

    All seems fine. Xmas teddy hanging up
  10. Peco4321

    Live rocket launch

    A big one tomorrow 11:30, 1st with a crew since aborted launch last time: https://spaceflightnow.com/2018/12/02/live-coverage-russia-preps-for-first-crewed-mission-since-aborted-launch/
  11. Thanks. I just wish I had a more interesting landscape, it’s either that bit of tree for some perspective or my modern house. I do intend to get out onto Beverley Westwood later in the year when darker on an evening, there is an old mill, wide open view of the Minster so hopefully will make a better image.
  12. Friday night I got these, and the customary startrails of 250 images.
  13. Peco4321

    New dome...picture heavy.

    What a thing of beauty, blends in very well to the building, I think it not being white is a stroke of genius. Well done.
  14. Peco4321

    19 years ago

    19 years ago today (12th August- the glorious 12th) I proposed to my wife!! Can’t remember what I was doing through the day as I was all a bit nervous in case she said no! Luckily the answer was yes, I was not into astronomy then so had no interest in the eclipse or the Perseids. What a fool.
  15. Peco4321

    Live rocket launch

    Amazing, the power, the engineering, the science, dedication, what a spectacle. I was nervous but in the end awe struck again. Loved the coincidence of the commentary by Patrick Moore!!

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