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  1. Thanks. I just wish I had a more interesting landscape, it’s either that bit of tree for some perspective or my modern house. I do intend to get out onto Beverley Westwood later in the year when darker on an evening, there is an old mill, wide open view of the Minster so hopefully will make a better image.
  2. Friday night I got these, and the customary startrails of 250 images.
  3. Peco4321

    New dome...picture heavy.

    What a thing of beauty, blends in very well to the building, I think it not being white is a stroke of genius. Well done.
  4. Peco4321

    19 years ago

    19 years ago today (12th August- the glorious 12th) I proposed to my wife!! Can’t remember what I was doing through the day as I was all a bit nervous in case she said no! Luckily the answer was yes, I was not into astronomy then so had no interest in the eclipse or the Perseids. What a fool.
  5. Peco4321

    Live rocket launch

    Amazing, the power, the engineering, the science, dedication, what a spectacle. I was nervous but in the end awe struck again. Loved the coincidence of the commentary by Patrick Moore!!
  6. Peco4321

    Live rocket launch

    Here we go again.
  7. Peco4321

    Live rocket launch

    One for the morning. My kids email addresses are on the memory card on this solar probe. https://spaceflightnow.com/2018/08/10/delta-4-heavy-parker-solar-probe-mission-status-center/
  8. Peco4321

    The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    Been very quiet on here recently, pesky summer. Anyway, I was so pleased to get back out a few nights ago, and I'm over the moon with my attempt at the pillars of creation in the Eagle Nebula. So low, and houses and trees limiting my time to just 80 x 20 sec exposures ISO 1600 plus bias. It's not Hubble, but it's mine. Bonus Wild Duck Cluster to round off a bird themed DSO few hours.
  9. No words needed. Great thunder storms but no moon.
  10. Peco4321

    Live rocket launch

    I was asleep during the launch, totally forgot after a late night waiting in vane for the clouds to clear. Watched the catch up but didn't seem to have the razzmatazz of recent launches.
  11. Peco4321

    The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    All set up, forecast was good but the clouds have rolled in. Neighbours are having a party as well so Blackpool illuminations! I was going to have my first attempt at the Eagle Nebula but it may have to wait.
  12. Peco4321

    Live rocket launch

    This time tomorrow, will find a link later
  13. Peco4321

    Live rocket launch

    All very straightforward, just what you'd expect from The Russians.
  14. Peco4321

    Live rocket launch

    Missed a few recently, but Soyuz going up in 20 mins or so
  15. ...the feeling of total insignificance amongst the size and beauty of the universe. ...sharing my journey with friends, colleagues, kids, and their school via outreach sessions I've done. ...inspiring such people to invest in their own equipment and start their own journey, or simply start looking up and wondering.

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