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  1. Great image I love this target. Been trying on this with 30 sec exposures, but the weather is not on my side. Got a nice image from 45 sec exposures from last week but obviously can't submit it here šŸ˜¬ This hobby is great for just simply taking over your thoughts, and in your case, in a really positive way, well done. I love having an interest like this, I can research, read, browse, then observe, and basic imaging on top. Keep looking up.
  2. I was trying 30 sec exposures of Dumbbell Nebula last night for the Imaging challenge based on my success last week on this target with 45sec exposures, clouds kept drifting over and the wind got up at about 23:30 so I packed away, as soon as I closed the shed doors, the heavens opened, perfect timing but I don't think I'll have much to process. Forecast not good for the rest of the week so probably no more entries for the challenge sadly.
  3. Thanks, I love the different star colours in this area.
  4. Another 1st attempt at a new object, the Veil Nebula, 100 x 30 sec ISO 800, 20 darks and 20 Bias, no flats, would have like some more colour but un modded canon 1100d maybe not possible. I have stretched and stretched again to draw out as much as possible. Skywatcher 150p on eq3-2 dual motors.
  5. First ever time I've "seen" this lovely object, couldn't make it out at the eyepiece but found it through live view after a few attempts. 80 x 20 sec exposures, ISO 3200, 20 x darks, 15 x bias, Skywatcher 150p on eq3-2 canon 1100d. Stacked in DSS and stretched in GIMP
  6. Clear here but big CEO over from Belgium tomorrow so don't want a late night. Good forecast for tomorrow night hopefully.
  7. Thanks all. Can't wait for winter targets to come around again, Orion, flame Nebula Horsehead Nebula etc.
  8. So much has changed in the year or so I've been at this and here's my 1st attempt and recent attempts at this lovely target the Dumbbell Nebula. Same set up except I now have dual motors so exposures have gone from 3 or 4 seconds to 45 seconds. Processing has improved as well. Skywatcher 150 on eq3-2, canon 1100d
  9. M27 Dumbbell Nebula, my best yet, really pleased with this, approx. 55 mins of data of mostly 45 sec exposures, some 60 sec, ISO 800, darks and bias, from last Thursday, been away so only processed tonight, tried Startools but just used Photoshop Express for post processing this time. No flats, still struggling with them!
  10. ???
  11. I had a good couple of hours on The Dumbbell Nebula and was comfortable with my 45 sec and some 60 sec subs, some nights balance and polar alignment just seem to click. Away now for the weekend in Guildford at family so can't process till Sunday night maybe even Monday. The anticipation.
  12. Forgot to mention, canon 1100d non modded.
  13. Only 20 x 30 sec lights , darks and bias on a moon lit night a week or so ago, and 1st time on this since I got my motors for 150p on eq3-2 so looking forward to capture again later in the year. Stacked in DSS and processed in GIMP.
  14. As the sky darkens I feel I can increase the ISO as eatlier in the evening the sky is just too bright. Can DSS cope with varying ISO settings, I'm sure I see red warnings if it is different but does it matter.