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  1. Isn't it just typical that these past few nights of total cloud cover, all the neighbours must be in the front rooms of their houses as all the back is in total darkness!!
  2. I'd like to try dithering, can someone explain exactly how you do it. Do I take a few images, then press the buttons on the controller in RA and DEC, just one press each, take more, then press the buttons again.
  3. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    Will give it a go next time out, thanks. I thought that but can't find anything about one nearby, would have been a nice addition to the image.
  4. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    My attempt at Pacman Nebula, 1st attempt at this, 120 x 45 sec ISO 1600, plus darks, bias and flats, stacked in DSS, stretched in GIMP, 150p on eq3-2, dual motors, non guided, non modded Canon 1100d, not sure what the line is on the right, half way down?
  5. I need to do something as it is all taking too long to set up. Anyway, mojo back now,taking 45 sec subs of the Pacman Nebula, a new target for me.
  6. Another neighbor is at it now, hey ho, out with the light shield. A quick work around, new light shield, a double air bed that popped
  7. We're a weird bunch. What must go though our neighbours minds when they see these idiots out at all hours, in the freezing cold, eye patches on, red head torches, light shields erected or sat in toilet tents šŸ˜‚ Lights are out now but cloudy, think I may just have to adapt my observing time and push it all back a few hours. Little bit frustrating but I suppose it could be worse.
  8. I feel your pain. I cant believe I've reached my 1000th post with all my moaning, sorry everyone I'll try and be more positive from now on, still the best hobby I've ever had.
  9. I'm going to see how things pan out over the next week or so as I think they have just decorated and maybe finishing off. Good advice everyone.
  10. Cassini tribute

    My daughters tribute to a great mission to an amazing planet.
  11. It really is a problem, it illuminates up my whole house, ruins my night vision and emits a glow over the whole area.
  12. Thanks all. As ever feeling a bit more optimistic after getting this off my chest. Will go round over the weekend.
  13. Nail on the head there, once something is on my mind, that's it. And night vision keeps getting screwed every time a breeze wafts the curtains on my light shield.
  14. The last few nights have been clear but I am just not enjoying being in the garden and it's down to neighbours lights. I have a light shield contraption but one neighbor has a big conservatory which shines bright but the main culprit is a very bright upstairs chandelier in a room that seems empty. It illuminates my whole garden and bounces off my house. I am torn between seeing them or not, as if I was them, I wouldn't want to be asked to change my life for someone else, they have every right to do what they want in their own home. But also I would hopefully be sympathetic. I can not go to dark sites through the week as it all gets too late, weekends I like to relax with a beer as well. I almost feel like packing in I'm that fed up. Anyway, that's off my chest now, I may stroll round later for a chat with them, maybe take some wine.