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  1. Peco4321

    Live rocket launch

    Not the most exciting launch, camera was out of focus and no 1st stage landing. I guess we're getting a bit blasé about all this.
  2. Peco4321

    Live rocket launch

    And another tonight:
  3. Peco4321

    rECENT jOVES...

    Amazing. Think I might move to Oz.
  4. Peco4321

    The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    Crescent Nebula from Saturday night, 60 x 45 seconds ISO 1600 plus bias and darks. Stacked in DSS and stretched in GIMP and PS express. I have flats to add so will reprocess and see if there's any improvement.
  5. Peco4321

    Live rocket launch

    Antares 230 launch at 09:39 this morning https://spaceflightnow.com/2018/05/20/oa-9-mission-status-center/
  6. Peco4321

    Plans for tonight?

    I often think this but get dragged back to trying to improve on previous targets.
  7. Peco4321

    Sky Watcher 150p

    I use a screw in adapter onto the canon t Ring with a 6mm eyepiece in it, drop it into a 2 x Barlow then onto the scope where the eyepiece would go. All a bit long and focus difficult, but managed this recently.
  8. Peco4321

    Live rocket launch

    Shame about the coverage for the landing, think we were spoiled by Falcon Heavy double landing.
  9. Peco4321


    Wow, that's all I can say. Beautiful
  10. Peco4321

    Live rocket launch

    Delayed to Friday. I was actually outside looking at Jupiter so missed it anyway so will try again tomorrow
  11. Peco4321

    Live rocket launch

    Put back till 22:45
  12. Peco4321

    Sky Watcher 150p

    I use my canon 1100d on 150p and have got loads of images (nothing like the beautiful images on here with more suitable equipment but to me, I love them). Camera is attached with a t ring adapter at prime focus for deep sky stuff. I reach focus winding in to about 1 finger width of all the way in. Then I fine tune focus on a bright star using a bahtinov mask. For lunar imaging I use a 2 x Barlow. Here's a picture of about where I reach focus. Hope this helps.
  13. Peco4321

    Live rocket launch

    Another link for tonight. https://www.space.com/17933-nasa-television-webcasts-live-space-tv.html
  14. Peco4321

    Whale & Hockey Stick Galaxies

    This is beautiful. It's another one of those images that I love to zoom in and try and count the small fuzzies in there. Love it. Got about 30 I think.
  15. Peco4321

    Live rocket launch

    May 10th at 21:12 for the next launch

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