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  1. yes i agree but if it says will only stack 1 image then you need to select the lowest score as a reference frame so it will stack the rest.
  2. to register (under advanced select star detection 2 then register this will be find more stars.but dont select stack. then in the list click on score in the list and right click on the lowest score file and select use as reference frame then stack. if you want it to stack all then select 100 percent to stack . hope this helps
  3. the band pass of the altair triad filter is the same as the baader uhc-s/+L filter and i used the 2 inch version of the baader when we had sodium street lights and it worked great on an unmodded canon eos 1100d but the main difference is the baader is over £100 cheaper
  4. the 50 is great - in daytime photography its as sharp as you will get but in astrophotography you need to sop down to F5.4-for nearly sharp to-F7.1 for realy sharp stars in the corners. example single 120 sec at F7.1 canon 200D with 50mm on SA no processing just converted to jpeg for posting.
  5. why not go for the SW AZ EQ6 gt at £1,379 if you have 1500 to spend on a mount it is a superb mount.
  6. if your looking for used dslr then look here https://www.mpb.com/en-uk/used-equipment/used-photo-and-video/used-digital-slr-cameras/used-canon-digital-slr-cameras/ there are loads under £100
  7. toxic

    Messier 57

    ok will try ty
  8. toxic

    Messier 57

    have gave it a go to reduce the brightness and the green with hlvg please let me know if the green is gone .not sure about the brightness though
  9. toxic

    Messier 57

    will have a look at that thanks Rodd
  10. toxic


    its a nice M57 but i think you may have clipped the black just a bit to much but it may just be my monitor
  11. toxic


    wow very nice indeed Rodd
  12. another beaut image Peter
  13. very nice image Carol and nicely processed
  14. thats a beaut peter nice detail in the galaxy as well
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