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  1. WoW beaut image just love the little fuzies let alone the cigar great one Barry
  2. superb image and superb processing Peter
  3. thats a lovely image Barry keep em coming
  4. this is the single exposure image with a single levels stretch and flattened the back ground in photo shop i just converted it to 16 bit tiff sorry that i couldn't do any thing with the stacked image all i can say is that for me i find it better to apply changes to the finished stack and save as 16 bit tif it seems to work better than the 32 bit. the 1 thing i do in DSS is to line up the colour levels and to set the saturation to 20% then save it with all changes applied to image.then do the rest in your photo editor.i use photoshop and paintshop pro but you can use what ever you like.
  5. co blimey thats awesome
  6. what dslr do you have -if it is an canon eos then you dont need a remote release if you have a smart phone or a tablet you can use the canon remote capture app (free) via USB or eos utility from a laptop to control the camera also you can experiment with the lenses you have at different F stops to find the best for your lens . the best things i have got to go with my SA is a mobile power bank usb1 - 5v 1amp - usb2 - 2.1amp and a power adapter for the camera (eos 200d) with this the power bank will power the mount (via usb1) and the camera (via usb2) so no batterie change over during shooting this is the adapter for the eos 200d https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0749LXCBD/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and this is the power bank https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Powerful-SilverCrest-power-bank-10-000-mAh-lithium-battery-LED-display-/152951893498 hope this helps ps; if you dont use the usb 1 to power the mount you can use that port to power the tablet all night and the camera as well.
  7. oh i had a long look at your website images Barry awesome dont seem to cover them top notch
  8. this is a beaut Richard plenty of dust in there
  9. use any lens just get the f ratio sweet spot unless the F-stop is all your interested in, but the 50mm F1.8 is great at F7 for pin point stars. they each have there good and bad points but if you have lens's try them first.
  10. erm thank you Tooth_Dr but there is no comparison between your images and mine yours blow mine out of the water
  11. thanks a lot Mars i wish we had the Magellanic clouds up here instead of the other clouds we get ?
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