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  1. nice image but just a bit green for me though.
  2. started this subject with the new Quattro 10s and wondered if anyone knows what this is it only shows up on the L-R-G-B but not on the HA. the image is 7x3minute red - 7x3minute green - 7x3minute blue - 9x3minute Lumin - 7x5minute HA i hope some one can help i have checked the scope for webs and the filters. i had a few from the other night but deleted them thinking they where cloud or plane trails but not after a couple of days and its still there ??. its a quick and dirty stack so please excuse the quality. thanks for looking
  3. toxic

    ET cluster

    thanks Sean the mount is the AZ EQ-gt its a great mount oh and my mistake is its not the 300 but the 250 i was going for the 300 but they dont have the baffle's but it is still a beast lol. 15 seconds is to keep the star bloating to a minimum but mainly it was to get the focusing and coma-corrector spacing fixed but still need to do a bit more tinkering as you will see in the corners of the double cluster.
  4. its all bean said but lovely image and superb processing
  5. finally getting to grips with the Aplanatic Super Coma Corrector on the quattro 300s its not very forgiving just a couple of miner adjustments and it should be done. 2 from last night NGC457 ET CLUSTER RGB 15 second subs 15 of each colour and the same for the Perseus double cluster. thanks for looking and all cc welcome
  6. did you use flats and or darks if so then try stacking without them and see what happens some times bad flats or not enough flats can cause this and if its darks then you need a lot more. if that dosnt work when stacking use median as the stacking method. hope this helps
  7. thanks Richard ye its nice to get back at it
  8. thanks john i have the standard 70-300 as well john and apart from the 70-300 part there is no comparison the standard lens for colour reproduction in astro is terrible and it has to be used at F15 or more for the corners to have round ish stars and still suffered chromatic aberration. where as the 70-300 L F4 has much better colour control and was used at F4 and the corners are not to bad and no chromatic aberration.
  9. hi John not the standard lens its the L so much better colour and much less chromatic aberration and thanks for the tips i just don't want to push it to much.
  10. not been about for a while i managed a couple of hours out the other night with my new lens the EF 70-300 F4-5.6 L and it gives much greater colour than any other lens i have. please let me know what you think. 35 subs at 2 minutes per sub = 1 hour 10 minutes no crop. canon eos 200d not moded AT ISO 6400 canon EF 70-300 F4-5.6 L IS USM AT 70MM AND F4. will need a lot more subs for noise and detail when i get the chance.
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