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  1. toxic


    adobe photoshop cs5 and fitsworks 4
  2. toxic


    thanks i only did 30 seconds as i have not figured out how to use the onboard intervalometer in the 90D lol
  3. 385 x 30 second exposures at iso 6400 total 3 hours 12 minutes 30 seconds. no darks or flats with the canon 70-300 f4/5.6 L at 300mm and F5.6 on the eos 90D (unmodified) and the SW Star adventurer. 4 different nights of capture. not very good seeing.
  4. they fitted them to the 0ne above my obsy but it didnt stop the light from going strait down lol
  5. yes you can use it wide open without any chromatic aberration remember it is F5.6 at 300mm.if you have or are getting a lens like this make sure you have a tripod mount on the lens you wont want the came supporting the weight of the lens and it has better balance with it you will also need an extra weight for the star adventurer.
  6. i have found with all the lenses i have that the best lens for astro work and day time photography has to be the L series lenses and the one i use the most is the ef 70-300 F4/5.6 L is usm and it will even auto focus on bright stars at 300mm hope this helps
  7. a lot of noise in my image though but no surprise there -- 3 hours , of clear sky in the same week not a chance in Darlington i think i picked the wrong hobby lol but i still love it. to bring the colour up a little bit i just add 20 percent L to each channel blend method is lighten then combine them to rgb then add the L to the rgb at 50 percent luminance.
  8. Messier 33 - 9th october 2020 Skywatcher quattro 250s and Atik 383l+ with the efw2 and 7 pce filter wheel with 36mm unmounted Baader filters all on the skywatcher azeq6. L-120 SEC TIMES 5 = 10 MINUTES R-120 SEC TIMES 5 = 10 MINUTES G-120 SEC TIMES 5 = 10 MINUTES B-120 SEC TIMES 5 = 10 MINUTES no darks or flats i did boost the colour a bit 40 minutes in all and its a bit noisy but all in all not to bad especially for Darlington uk
  9. they fitted a shade to the new led street light next to my obsy strait away but it was useless so i made my own with a small aluminium frame sandwiched in between 2 flooring mats and bolted it to the lamppost and used a long pole to push it up and it works great now.as seen above and behind the home made dome.
  10. oh just a bit mick and thanks ,the worst is the blue gradient from led street lights but i found a way to deal with it to some degree
  11. oops i forgot to balance the background oh well so much to remember hope this looks better ha ha.
  12. NGC 281 8th october 2020 L-120-SEC TIMES 20 R-120-SEC TIMES 20 G-120-SEC TIMES 20 B-120-SEC TIMES 20 HA-180-SEC TIMES 13 TOTAL 199 MINUTES OR 3 HOURS 31MINUTES ha used to lighten red and l added to chanels at 20 percent then combigned in photoshop and a few light stretches in levels at incriments of 10. Skywatcher quattro 250s atik 383l Az-Eq6gt. Messier 33 9th october 2020 L-120 SEC TIMES 5 = 10 MINUTES R-120 SEC TIMES 5 = 10 MINUTES G-120 SEC TIMES 5 = 10 MINUTES B-120 SEC TIMES 5 = 10 MINUTES 40 minutes in all and its a bit noisey but all in all not to bad especially for darlington uk its been a while since a could use the big one ,only been able to use the light setup but hopefully this is the way its going now lol.
  13. thanks Tom and all will be revealed when im finished even if it fails
  14. it is a real filter that screws in front of the lens
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