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  1. I was lucky enough to capture an ISS transit of the moon the other night but need some tips on processing please. I captured .ser, about 5100 frames, only 90 of them are the actual transit. What I have done so far is using PIPP is extract those 90 frames into tiffs, using an old version of GIMP, I have produced and image to show every frame of the ISS passing though it is not very sharp. For lunar my normal workflow is Autostakkert and Registax to produce a final sharp image, but stacking in AS takes out all the ISS as I guess it is seen as an anomaly, the purpose of stacking! I can't get as good an image if i try and process the tiff made from the 90 in GIMP, it just does not achieve anything loading it Registax and messing with it, as it is a non stacked image. Any thoughts what I can do, can I stack and keep the ISS on the final stacked image somehow. Here is the image produced in GIMP of the transit, and an image from AS and Registax that I would like to have the transit on, saved as Jpgs to upload quicker, but they are tiffs.
  2. Sorry for not replying to your messages, been offline for a while. I did buy it and so far not had much chance to really test it much except for a quick bit of lunar recently and a little go at the ring nebula. This is just 20 sec clip using the ASI capture software, Autostakkert and Registax6. The moon was low and I was not sure of settings but early signs promising. Polar alignment took a while but I think I know what I was doing wrong so no panic there yet. So next set of questions: 1. Is sharpcap or ASI software better 2. I tried deep sky, image on screen was colour of Ring nebula but saved images not colour and stacking took ages and also mono. I’ve read so many things about what settings and I’ve got myself confused. I’d appreciate any guidance on what to take images in, raw 8 raw 16 fits tiff etc. 3. How do you get colour through DSS.
  3. Knocked up a quick cardboard one.
  4. Cheers. I’m just happy to be doing something new again. Mojo is back
  5. Took delivery of a solar filter this week in preparation for the eclipse so fitted it and took my first proper image, 20 sec video through PIPP, Autostakkert and Registax to finish. Steep curve ahead but quite chuffed. Skywatcher 150p on Heq5 pro Canon 1100d Questions, how do you see what you’re all doing, so much reflection. Asi178mc at the ready as well, any tips?
  6. So I’m very close to purchasing above camera, I have Skywatcher 150p on Heq5 pro, just a couple of questions: 1. Can it be used at prime focus using sharpcap for precise polar alignment plate solving or does it need to be on a guide scope? 2. when at prime focus does the body of the camera sustain scratches from the screws on the focus tube Is it like 4 cameras in one? Planetary solar and lunar, polar alignment camera, deep sky, and all sky with the lens? Any other thoughts welcomed. TIA
  7. Always a nicer night with a Bombay Bramble gin.
  8. So last night I was lucky enough get video clips through my scope of the ISS lunar transit. Rough edit attached. I want to process into a single image but going round in circles. Currently I have run video through PIPP, got avi and TIFFS. How do I create a single image with the ISS going over the image. I use Gimp only. If I stack in Autostakkert it takes out the ISS!! IMG_4395.MP4
  9. I fully appreciate I am amongst some amazing solar imagers here, but here goes. Whilst clearing out the shed Saturday 13th March I set up my old 3” frac and did some solar projection and managed to see a sun spot, ignore all the marks on the old plate, it was definitely there. Can anyone confirm.
  10. Does this count. Set up polar aligned and it started raining. Handy cover though, it did clear up.
  11. Wow it was chilly last night. Still getting to grips with my Heq5, polar alignment seems ok, 3 star alignment a little more tricky with the stars it suggests. But still only getting 2 minutes exposure without trailing, any more and not so good. Also still only using GIMP so processing does let me down but still, I’m quite pleased with these. 21x120 for Rosette, 25x120 for NGC2903, iso 400 plus darks and bias. I had to discard about 10 lights each target as I think I need a longer gap between images to let the camera settle from the mirror movement, currently I set at 5 seconds between frames but may need to increase that. Skywatcher 150p on Heq5 pro Canon 1100d stacked in DSS stretched in GIMP
  12. Here’s some more including selfies. It seems ages since I started this thread, 37 pages later it’s great to see everyone’s set up. Included is my first scope with the kids, the reason I got back into astronomy.
  13. My new Heq5 pro with my 150p. The shower caps are for 2 reasons, mostly to keep creepy crawlies out in the shed, but I’ve also heard they may stop any stray light leaking onto the primary mirror. Not convinced but worth a go
  14. uploaded, not sure i have done it right though: 31 Aug 2019a.TIF (dropbox.com)
  15. Thanks olly I’ll try and send it over later. I only use GIMP so yes, processing is also a weak link in my astrophotography.
  16. Thanks for that. The problem I have I think is the 13 year old canon 1100d, there seems to be a line on images that I have to overly process out making images very dark. I think I will go down the route of an astro cam, to later be used as a guide cam when more funds are available. I’m quite taken with all I’m reading on the Altair GPCAM3 290c.
  17. So it’s been a while since I’ve been on here, apologies, life tends to get in the way! Here’s where I’m at, I have £300 currently saved to spend on my upgrade path. My backstory is: Skywatcher 150p, eq3-2 enhanced motors canon 1100d un modded, upgraded to Heq5 pro late December. Main interest is DSO imaging, but also lunar and planetary when possible. So my thoughts are to one day go down the guided route but not totally convinced I’ll gain enough as my processing skills and software are limited anyway. I’m thinking of a dedicated astro cam maybe or clip in filter and dew heaters etc etc. Later in the year I’ll have more funds so this is a staged approach. What would you do? Here’s some of my recent images that I’m proud of that I’d like to improve on now I have a good mount, based on your advise of what else I could throw in the mix as well.
  18. Yes all installed successfully just doesn’t open. Not set to read only. I’m going mad.
  19. Hi. When I click PIPP nothing happens. Nothing opens, no messages just nothing. I re-installed it, the same. So frustrating. Any ideas?? I’m on Windows 7, last used couple of months ago I guess.
  20. Some recent pictures of mine, all Skywatcher 150p on eq3-2 with enhanced dual motors canon 1100d. Tracking the progress of Comet PanSTARRS.
  21. I’ve been using eq3-2 with enhanced motors with a 150p on it for a while now. With good polar alignment I can get 30 sec easy and sometimes 45-55. Here’s a sample of my best unguided using an old canon 1100d un modded.
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