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  1. Hi guys my handset is getting a fault The screen is very slow to respond and I have to hold it at an angle to read the screen It also appears as the bottom of the screen is starting to leak into its self Can they be repaired or do I need a new handset Thanks in advance Regards Barrie
  2. It would appear as I need two leads to connect it one for exposure control the other to the pc slot I already have a long expose control set so after solving and setting up I may just use the remote set to control exposures Thanks guys
  3. To enter into bulb mode you switch the dial into m and then reduce the exposure until bulb is displayed Unless there is, a different way
  4. Hi guys OK I've kinda got somewhere I can solve and get it centered on an object so now I come to the camera I can set the plan and it works OK with 10 second exposure but above that it won't work and it I get exposure started followed immediately by exposure finished if I set the exposes as 10seconds it works fine where am I going wrong Regards Baz
  5. So I need to integrate plate solve into APT its a little confusing Regards Baz
  6. So correct me if I'm wrong with APT and PhD I don't need to bother polar alinging or star alignment all I need to do is level the mount pointing roughly northwards Regards Baz
  7. No the td5 engine is prone to the aluminium head cracking on the injector pockets and this allows the diesel to leak inside the rocker cover and into the oil because the injectors are inside the engine these days so unfortunately it's a new/secondhand head which has brought its own problems one of which was a rip off merchant on the well known auction site but heyho. no not heard of that one but I'll take a look at it Your right about pixinsight it's a very long work flow but I did like the stretch stf button it seemed to pull out a good bit of detail in one click
  8. sorry for delay ive been putting a new cylinder head on my crappy landrover had an issue with it filling up the sump with diesel back to the subject in hand i have so much to learn about imaging and then theres the processing side of it aswell the best results ive had was using pixinsight but its a pretty expensive program given i hardly have the conditions to use it
  9. Will have to read up on it I've seen the settings with dithering on phd2 but don't know what it is
  10. OK I've dropped that APT and it does seem as it a good easy bit of kit it also accepts my dslr and gives control over the camera as well and provides a range of tools suchaas collimation tools etc so I'm looking forward to trying the whole lot together Upto now I've had my dslr on the scope with a cheap attachment that gives you longer exposure times but not been using guiding so the whole setup should give some better results than I've had however forecast is not great up here living on the pennines it gets a whole lot of rain most of the time. I will put up my results as and when I can get some data collected in the meantime many thanks guys it is really appreciated kindest regards Barrie
  11. Now thers a load to take in before bed:) Thanks mark ill do a bit of reading and try to grt my head round it ......so much to learn Thanks again guys any help is welcomed Kind regards Baz
  12. no its not but i think it can do i need to take a look Apt?
  13. ahh ok so ive just downloaded platesolve so another software is sg pro is this correct also it may be an issue for me using a dslr camera
  14. Hi Mark yes I am ive not heard of platesolve , please forgive my newbi but how can the scope know where it is without aligning it to the stars
  15. Hi thanks ,yeah i got one of those . how does the scope align with carte du if i do not usethe handset to do a three star alignment
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