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  1. OK thanks didn't want to blow anything so thought I'd ask first. Does anyone know a work flow for setting up your scope with EQMOD and APT by this I mean how do you go about setting up because when I tried it it seemed way out and I had to use the handset to align and then it would plate solve but before this it was way off and would not solve. baz
  2. Just want to thank John for the old handset I managed to salvage the screen from it and I am up and running again Thanks john really appreciated Kind regards Baz
  3. Hi guys just a quick one can I connect my laptop to my EQ5 mount via the RJ45 through my Lan port RJ45 on the laptop . Reagrds Baz
  4. You are a life saver my friend I shall send my details to you thank you sooo very much
  5. I'd rather have the portability if the handset if I go the EQMOD it means lugging a laptop to the field more aggro than its worth
  6. Old thread I know but did anyone find a replacement screen
  7. OK does anyone have the connection diagram for the lead I need to make up
  8. Hi guys I'm on the look out for a synscan handset and even a spares or repair one My screen is almost unreadable when it's cold due to the lcd screen being shot so need a new set or a spares or repair mines v3 Regards Barrie
  9. Hi guys my handset is getting a fault The screen is very slow to respond and I have to hold it at an angle to read the screen It also appears as the bottom of the screen is starting to leak into its self Can they be repaired or do I need a new handset Thanks in advance Regards Barrie
  10. It would appear as I need two leads to connect it one for exposure control the other to the pc slot I already have a long expose control set so after solving and setting up I may just use the remote set to control exposures Thanks guys
  11. To enter into bulb mode you switch the dial into m and then reduce the exposure until bulb is displayed Unless there is, a different way
  12. Hi guys OK I've kinda got somewhere I can solve and get it centered on an object so now I come to the camera I can set the plan and it works OK with 10 second exposure but above that it won't work and it I get exposure started followed immediately by exposure finished if I set the exposes as 10seconds it works fine where am I going wrong Regards Baz
  13. So I need to integrate plate solve into APT its a little confusing Regards Baz
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