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  1. I'll do it when I get home Not sure why you could not open it I downloaded it and opened in Windows viewer no problem. Strange
  2. this is the link to the original file from DSS https://www.dropbox.com/s/g6do98wq154uzc5/Autosave.tif?dl=0 Regards
  3. Hi guys spent some time last night on m81 I posted up a few weeks back with strange colour rings and noise on a different image which got a good bit of feedback . so last night i took 120 40 second subs of M 81 and moved the mount every 10 shots to dither it today spent some time processing them through dss and pixinsight but it seems poor to me with a lot of colour noise I can post up a link of the original file as it came out of DSS if anyone wants ago at it All comments and recommendations welcomed Regards Baz
  4. Thanks you have just saved me a few quid regards Baz
  5. I live in a class 5 bortle area and was thinking of putting a lp filter on to help out with the light pollution. But after reading a post on here im not sure it would help much as one if the posts said they only help with the cast from the sodium lamps which are no longer used around me . The lights near me are the led type . My question is is this correct so the lp filter would make little difference to my images . Regards Baz
  6. Hi guys a really simple question to those that know. When I set up my tripod scope etc this is how I do it . Set tripod and scope balanced then polar align. Then set the synscan to align 3 stars. Once aligned I then skew to object and start to image. . Question is do I still need to do that is I'm using apt PhD and plate solve with carte de sol or just point it rough Thanks in advance Regards Baz
  7. Ok ive succeeded in sorting out a home brew set up for the nikons that need the lead to run the camera with apt Works well and cheap to produce
  8. Exposure is 35 secs. Iso is 400. 85 lights and 25 of everything else bias etc. In dss I just allow it to use its defaults. And process in pixinsight . I think that there was thin high level cloud at some point and the site is hardly a dark site it seems worse after all these led lights started going up. Is the noise camera related or environmental related just seem to be struggling with it wheres a couple of years back with the same set up there seemed to be no where near as much noise . Regards
  9. Tried out this but unfortunately the nikon D90 isn't supported by it
  10. So I take all my lights darks flats etc and convert the lot to dng files and run it through thst program then process them
  11. Iso is the same as the old film speed in photography it relates to the sensitivity of the film or sensor in a digital so it picks up more light the faster the fim or higher iso. There's a home brew lead for the camera on the cloudy nights site so I'll be making that tomorrow when the parts come from amazon Regards
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