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  1. almcl


    It's a feature of the Canon 750 and 760, apparently:
  2. For a detailed analysis of your guiding performance, it may be worth posting your guide and debug logs over on the PHD2 Google group (here). (Instructions for posting logs here: https://openphdguiding.org/getting-help/) Bruce and Andy are usually pretty responsive to requests for help and can point to where problems, if any, may lie and how to address them.
  3. almcl

    Noisy Headphones...

    Sorry it wasn't clear, I did mean the whole interior, very interested to hear it's OIII - been wondering whether to invest in an OIII filter! May just go for that now. Thanks!
  4. almcl

    Noisy Headphones...

    Very nice image, Gav. As you say it's very faint - I know, I've been working at it too, but my results are not nearly as good. A query if you don't mind? Did the blue in the centre of the nebula come from your RGB or was it from the OIII? I ask because it's almost completely absent from my captures so far.
  5. You might also like Exiflog http://www.covingtoninnovations.com/dslr/exiflog.html This is quite simple to use and very handy for comparing darks and lights temperatures.
  6. almcl

    AZEQ6 latitude bolt

    We are talking about this one, right? If so, then it's possible to undo the Allen bolt at the bottom and get the pivot off. I did this to insert some extra washers in a failed attempt to reduce the enormous amount of play. Not sure what the thread size is though, but be interested to see how you get on.
  7. almcl

    Capturing fainter data

    Perhaps longer exposures? This might/will probably burn out the core so when you have the outer arm image to your satisfaction, try layering it together with your core detail image? Hours of fun to be had with your image processing software of choice!
  8. almcl

    Deep sky imaging showcase 2018

    All taken with Canon 700d and either SW200P or Canon 200 mm EF 2.8 lens Whale and Fish Hook NGC 4631 & 4656 IC1396 including the Elephant's trunk Headphones nebula PK164+31.1 Spaghetti nebula Sh2-240 in Ha Lobster Claw, Bubble & M52
  9. almcl

    RA Runaway in PHD2

    Might be worth posting your guide and debug logs over in the PHD help section of Google Groups (here). Andy or Bruce are pretty quick to reply normally and may be able to shed some light on likely causes, although I agree with Kens: this looks mechanical - PHD is issuing maximum corrections (24 in all) and the mount doesn't respond.
  10. almcl

    Canon 200mm F2.8L

    I use that lens on my Canon 700d. Things I have had ago at include the Witches head nebula (NGC 1909), Spaghetti (Sh2-240), IC1396, Virgo cluster of galaxies, Lobster claw area (Sh2-157). There are a couple of examples in my album - not particularly good and could easily be improved, but imaging at 4 and a bit arc secs per pixel is quite forgiving of small guiding errors
  11. almcl


    Dave I think the problem is in your last line. In all my ini files the text reads angle_rotatez = 165 A throwback perhaps to the software's French (?) origins?
  12. almcl

    QHY5L-ii dead RIP

    Yes, I can see very little difference between the two in terms of sensitivity. Always several stars to choose from even when using my OAG at 909 mm F/L.
  13. almcl

    QHY5L-ii dead RIP

    I went with a ZWO ASI 120 mini which,so far, has been fine. It came with a much lighter USB cable with the reversible C plug on the cmera end. Thiscseems a much better idea.
  14. almcl

    QHY5L-ii dead RIP

    My QHY 5Lii mono died a while back. The USB socket connections to the circuit board broke and I wasn't able to repair them. The very heavy duty cable supplied with the camera may have been a contributing factor to the failure but the soldered connections on the socket mounts didn't look very good when I plucked up courage to open the camera case.
  15. almcl

    Anybody else keep a written log?

    Now into my 4th note book, mostly of Astro imaging sessions but any visual ones are recorded too. Location, equipment, thoughts on the target (if visual) and, in my pre-goto days, how the star hop was achieved. The notes are invaluable when trying to work out what equipment, which filter, what guiding arrangements &c.

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